Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Year 7 Church Strand - Analysing the way Jesus taught his disciples and those that came to see him

Church Strand: Jesus as a teacher
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This padlet identifies why Jesus was seen as a model teacher.


  1. Good Morning Room 8,
    My name is Lusia and i'm a year 8 student from St Pius X Catholic School.
    Wow! amazing pad-let! I can see your LEARN, CREATE SHARE Pathway! So Unique! My class has been focusing on A Community of disciples. Our strand we are focusing on this term is the Church. Anyways, Keep up the outstanding Work!

    Special Regards,
    Lusia xx

  2. Hi Room 8 from Saint Patrick’s School, My name is Mikaela and I am a Year 7 Intermediate student from Saint Pius X Catholic School.
    I like the padlet that you made with the various information about Jesus as a teacher. I think your post word look more interesting if you added some photo’s of him doing those things. To help you I recommend you filling the padlet and making it a link to click on so that people can read the words clearly.
    If you would like to visit my Blog the link is below:

  3. Good morning room 8,
    My name is Lini and I am a year 7 student from st pius x catholic school.
    This is a very amazing pad-let!! I really loved how you explained how Jesus shared many values

    Regards Lini

  4. Hi Room 8,

    My name is Katelyn and I am a year 7 student from St Pius X Catholic School.
    Great pad-let! I liked how you guys explained the different ways he taught his disciples.
    Maybe next time you could add more information about why he was seen as a role model.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

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  6. Malo lelei Room 8,

    I'm Von a year 8 student from St Pius X Catholic School. It’s great to see that your class is involved with church strand and learning about Jesus as a Role Model. I agree with Mikaela that you should post the link to the padlet so your viewers can have a clear reading of what you have written down on the padlet.

    Keep up the great effort!

  7. Hi My name is Lau,

    I go to Saint Pius X Catholic School, I love everything in it especially the he showed many values one, he is very humble he is everything good that is why he is our saviour. I learnt to be a teacher, so we have to be patient , humble and many more.
    But somethings I did not understand.


  8. I really liked how you described Jesus.