Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Proud of my Cousin

My cousin made the Auckland rugby team!

It was a cold windy day, just fine for the rugby trial game. All the best players from each and every under 14 rugby union teams in auckland had to go to varsity rugby club for the auckland trials.

The Auckland trials is a rugby game where the best under 14's players from every team in Auckland came together and made a rugby game to see who would be picked to make a team to represent Auckland.

My cousin Patelesio was nominated to try out for the trials because he was a very good player. He was set into a position, right winger. The right winger is all about pace, the right winger and the left winger are the fastest in the team.

It was kick off time(the starting of the match) The ball went flying up in the air, a tall big boy caught it but immediately he was tackled so hard that he was sent off straight away. A couple of tackles went by then finally my cousin gets a hold of the ball he sprints down the sideline and cuts back in when the half back in the other team dives in for a tackle, my cousin then sprints and dives for an incredible try. After that amazing try the whole of the other team was just aiming for my cousin.

It was a hard game for my cousin because he was being targeted but it all payed of when it was time to choose the team that was going to represent Auckland. The first pick of the team was my cousin. It was a great game, I was proud, my mum was proud, my aunty was proud, pretty much everyone was proud.

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