Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Holidays Recount

School Holidays

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School Holidays
On a very rainy day, I went to Tita Terry's to stay there until 6:00. When I woke up I got dressed as fast as I could, because I was so excited to bring my Mac Book. When I got there, it was so rainy it felt like the rain was going in my body like tiny little ants tickling me. I walked up to the door and knocked, I took of my shoes and went in. I could feel the warm feeling inside the house, The warm feeling inside attacked the coldness in my body and finally I felt so warm. I took my Mac Book and I Pad and sat next to my friends, played some games and watched videos. After that I ate my morning tea, and while eating I was watching videos, I microwaved my food because it was cold. I waited for 1 minute, it felt like an hour. Then I ate my food and watched the videos I wanted. Following that we decided to play basketball at Panmure Bridge School. I went outside, put on my shoes and headed for the school. went to

Every time I see the ground so wet, I always think that it would rain again. I ran to Panmure Bridge as fast I could. Every time I ran I could feel the wind pushing me back. It was like it didn't want me to run. Finally we were there and suddenly everything became so peaceful which was great because everything was so quiet. We went in the court and play 2 on 2. My team was named Kobi and our opponents were Kyle and Karlo (also one of my good friends). It was so tough because Richard (an adult) was so tall and trying not to let him get the ball was a real challenge. My tactic was to pass it every time so that he couldn't get it.

But suddenly I got pushed and got a bruise on my knee. I couldn't play until someone wins. My bruise got so sore but I asked my friends, "Can I still play?" then they said if you are alright. So I kept on playing, every time I drove in, the bruise kept on getting worse, it felt like a dangerous insect had bitten me. Eventually we won the game.

I came back to the house to rest, after awhile I fell asleep, after around 20 minutes my friends started to wake me up like there were a situation going on or something, but they asked me to play the Xbox 360. And it was so much fun!!! And we were going to take it old school The Game was called Ben 10 Racing and it was made around the 2001 or 2004. in the game I kept losing to the bombs in the game but that didn't stop me from getting a win. So I got boosters every time from the power ups in the middle of the roads. eventually I won and got 1st place on it, I was very surprised that I had my first win in the game I haven't played. And I had lots of fun staying there!

That was one of the best holidays I wouldn't forget!

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