Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Technicraft experiments


 WALHT: Observe what happens when the constants are combined.

As I catch up with my experience at Tech, our experiment was to combine all constanttogether to observe the reaction that affects the icing sugar, sodium bicarbonate, vita fresh, citric acid, tartaric acid and when their all combined.

When the sodium bicarbonate (which was baking soda) was tasted, it was bland and could not smell it because it wasn’t very strong to make the smell visible. Icing sugar looked crystalline and slightly powdery. It tasted like sugar a bit sweet. It was then mixed into the sodium bicarbonate using a rod. Following that, it was then combined together into one big container mixed.

Then vitafresh was pink orangish colour and tasted exactly like raro. It was sweet then the after taste was sour. It was also poured into the other mixture together with the 3 constituent (icing sugar, sodium bicarbonate). Citric acid had a similar look like sugar but smaller. Once it was tasted it was extremely sour that the vita fresh. The tartaric acid was the same as the citric acid but more sour. It was very white but opaque which wasn’t translucent enough to be able to see through like a window.

When all constant was combined it tasted sour then sweet, after it was fizzing. When they were mixed there was no reaction until water was added.

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