Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Room 8 at MERC

SPS_Dines_Room 8 at MERC 2015 from Manaiakalani Film Festival on Vimeo.

This year we had our camp at Merc Longbay. We learnt new skills found our limits and pushed past them. It was a Challenging opportunity we would never forget.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Using Te Reo in our everyday lives - Caesar

Te Reo

WALHT : To use Te Reo in our everyday

Mathematical Investigation - Gabby

No matter what form, what size, a triangle's angles will always add up to 180°

Image result for triangle shapes 180 degreesThis morning in maths, we investigated the angles of triangles. Firstly, I drew an isosceles triangle and cut out the 3 corners and make connect them to create a straight line. I have learnt that the angles of triangles add up 180° because 180° is a straight line. We repeated this rule but used corners used from different shaped triangles. They too, had angles that added up to 180°

Reading is Important - Giovanni

Reading Is Important

Being a mechanic or a teacher requires a lot of skills. But without knowing how to read, it won't matter if you have the skills for that job, your chances of being hired are exceedingly low. So I firmly believe that learning to read is very essential.

Reading is compulsory. But why? Well firstly without knowing how to read, filling out applications or documenting things would be nearly impossible.

Reading is a huge part in our daily lives.  Imagine if your parents/caregivers couldn't follow instructions off a medicine bottle or knowing directions off road signs. Imagine the consequences of these events and how effective they are not only to yourself but others as well.

Without knowing how to read, you’ll have scarce options in life. Reading helps you develop a range of words. It'll  increase your level of vocabulary which is extremely helpful in most subjects at school. All knowledge is gained by reading. We read to gain a deeper understanding of things and it adapts our language skills.

“I have a dream” These were the words from Martin Luther King. He was famous for using nonviolence to fight for civil rights and for his inspiring speeches. But how was he good at saying speeches? Because he read. So do you think all those world leaders, all those famous well known advocates got to where they are now without reading?

If you cannot read at a young age, school tasks would be a struggle. It would prevent you from finishing assessments. Because most school work must be read, if you can't read it you can't answer it as a result of this problem, you'll be well below standards.

Applying for any job involves reading. Aiming for higher grades involves reading. Even Playing sport involves reading So really, reading is like a key component in our lives. Opportunities are rare but out of reading it will enable you to receive them and be successful.

Reading Is Important - Speech - Avishek

Reading Is Important - Speech


Reading Helps You learn
You learn new words that you can use to improve your own work/exams.
For future jobs you need to know how to read
You don’t learn to read you read to learn
Knowing how to read is the one of the most extremely important things to know in the whole entire world. How do you think world leaders like Barack Obama, Martin Luther King etc, became famous people. They had to know how to read to know how to to do there jobs properly. If I didn’t know how to read I would not be able to write this persuasive writing to convince you that reading is important.

Reason one of why reading is important, reading helps you gain knowledge and knowledge is very important in today's world (knowledge about weather, traffic etc.). You learn a variety of words that can expand your vocabulary which will help improve your grades in English and other subjects. It will also help improve your own personal job/work whether it be an author, journalist, businessman or newspaper writer.

My second reason why, is because you can experience different things/emotions, for example if you're reading an action book and it starts getting really interesting (fighting, explosions,)  you feel thrilled and possibly (if it is extremely interesting) you start to feel the adrenaline that the characters are feeling. If you're reading a story about love (romeo and Juliet etc.) you feel sadness and other emotions alike. There are also comedy books that can be quite amusing. When you read comedy stories they make you laugh and cheer you up.

My third reason is looking at theft, documents and contracts. If you sign a contract for a dodgy person without reading and understanding what you are reading, you could be signing away your life or life’s money away. Then you would not have enough money to pay bills, mortgage,debts and in the worst case scenarios you might end up living on the streets.

No matter what situation you're in, language you speak, hieroglyphics your decoding or music notes your learning/teaching you will still have to know how read (unless you're Illiterate). You can also gain wisdom (from the Bible etc.) that you can pass down to generation to generation. Therefore reading is one of the most extremely important things in the world second to maths.

Our teacher also tells us this from time to time, you don’t learn to read you read to learn.

Mathematics investigation - Johnnie

Square Skill-Maths

WALHT: Apply the formula to find the area and perimeter of given shapes.

30 x 2=60cm
80 x 2=160cm
160 + 60 =220cm

80 x 30 = 2400cm

In this Investigation I had to use my multiplication skills to find the area of this rectangle!

Te Wairua Tapu - Johnnie

Holy spirit

Te Reo Tupu He Reo Ora - Kolio

Te Reo Tupu - He Reo Ora



Karakia - Lectio Divina - reflection by Anna

Lectio Divina!!!

Scripture Reference - Psalm 4:5 - A Prayer for Protection

Learning Intention: At the end of this lesson we will be able to use  the steps of Lectio Divina to analyse the message in scripture .

From the scripture the words that stand out for me . . .
  • Distress . . . “ You gave me room when I was in Distress
  • Gracious . . . “ Be Gracious to me, and hear my prayer”
  • Honor, Shame  . . . “ How long, you people shall my Honor suffer Shame
  • Seek . . . “ How long will you vain words, and Seek after lies”
  • Faithful . . . “ But know that the LORD has set apart the Faithful for himself  
  • Ponder . . . “ When you are disturbed, do not sin; Ponder  it on your beds.
  • Trust . . . “ Offer right sacrifices, and put your Trust  in the LORD   

Being Prepared - Tajai


P.M.I Chart about Awesome Forces

  • It shows what is safe Where to go during a natural disasters like tsunamis

  • The game tell us what types of food and electronics you need to survive
  • They tell us how to keep our belongings safe by tying it so it doesn’t get damaged and so nothing will collapse on you.
  • there were no minus parts about this interactive game
  • It shows us the be ready kit that has pictures of what you need like water and radios.

  • They also give examples of what you shouldn't be taking like hair brushes and phones.

  • Both of these examples won’t help you because if everyone is using phones at the same time the system will break down

Today I completed  awesome forces interactive game about earthquakes and other natural disasters then completed the P.M.I Chart above.

Being Prepared - Shakeout 2015 By Natalia

Get Ready For The Big One.

Getting Ready For The Big One:

Today I completed the awesome forces interactive game about earthquakes and other natural disasters and then completed the P.M.I Chart below.
Link to activity website:Get Ready For The Big One

Very Interesting
  • The activity can show you many ways to survive a tsunami,earthquake and a volcanic eruption.
  • There are many important tips about what you will need to do if your in any of the situations above and also what you should pack away if you are in a situation like an earthquake in the future.
  • At the end of a game you play on surviving a disaster in the future they will give you tips on what you should and shouldn’t after you have been struck by a situation listed before.
  • I think there is no minuses in this activity that I played today.
  • The website gives you many stories on how earthquakes,tsunamis and volcanic explosions came to be.

Mathematical investigation about Angles

Triangles & 180 Degrees

Image result for triangles
This morning in Maths we investigated the angles of triangles.
1) Firstly I drew an equilateral triangle.
2) I tore off each point of the triangle leaving three equal parts.
3) I connected them like puzzle pieces and that formed a line.
4) This time we drew and cut a isosceles triangle.
5) Tearing off the angles again, I repeated the process and found that they too formed a line. 
6) 180 degree is also known as a straight line.
The angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees.  

The Weekend

The Weekend

 The Weekend

On the weekend, my older brother didn’t come home from his work and my mum was getting worried. My dad told her that he was going to be alright because he was with my little  brothers and they will take care of him. Mum said, “okay, it’s alright then”.

For church on Sunday morning, dad asked us if we would like to go to St Bernadette’s or St Patrick’s. All of  us picked St Patrick’s Church , of course! But for some reason, dad still decided that we go to St Bernadette’s and  mum agreed. They told us that we can go to St Patrick’s Church  for mass the following Sunday. After church we came home and found that my  brother and my uncle also just came back from church too. But my brother had a broken leg and was in pain.

My mum was getting worried again and she asked my brother, “What happened?”. My brother replied, “I fell down from a tree”.  “How?”, my mum asked. My brother’s answer was, “I climbed up to get little Ivan’s ball but the branch of the tree that I was standing on broke”. I can see that my mum was really, really worried when she took a good look at my brother’s broken leg. I didn’t care about him, I just looked at him and laughed!

My brother didn’t know why I was laughing at him. I can’t stop laughing because he looked so funny limping.  He also laughed but he still didn’t get what I was laughing about.  When I finally told him that he was the reason why I’m laughing my head off,  he said, “ oh, you are a really mean sister!”.

I said  sorry to him and promised not to do it again.
On that Sunday my brother forgave me and  I felt really happy. Malea and Jay came outside from their room and they asked my dad for help in their work. I  looked at them to get their attention then looked back at my brother. He laughed at me and I told me, “oh no!!!!!!! you are sad, Miriama!” He said that what I did to him was not funny. I felt that I just needed a good laugh at my brother’s expense! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!       

He growled at me and said,”So now stop it because I don’t like it when you start over to laugh at me because it hurts my feelings”.  I will be sad and I will  cry and you know  that girls cry too. You going to get a hiding from dad aye?, he said.  I told him that I will stop teasing him now.

So all about my weekend is saddddddddddd!!!!!!! and funny because it was about between me and my older brother.

Me and my older brother is always been making funny stuff and if my brothers I am getting cry because it is make feel boring if my brothers and my sisters gone too sleeping over to uncle and my aunty houses.

I really felt sad and when we like altogether at our is like make us feel happy, excited because they are the one older then me and they are the one makes us happy and when they all over their my family is like a happy family and so if all of my family is felt really happily family.

My weekend it was really fun.

Reading is Important!

Why Is Reading Important?

What do you think about reading?
Knowing how to read is really important because it can prepare you for everything in life and you can be a successful person. When you start to read you can increase your brain to think even more. You can read and discover heaps of ideas and big words. If you read a lot you can develop your reading skills and your thinking skills.

When you get a job you have to be a successful person in reading because if not you’ll never know if that job has of paper work there and you have to read them. So if I wasn’t a person that didn’t like to read I’ll start reading. Reading gives us information, reading helps us gain knowledge. The reason why we read every day is because it entertains ourselves.

People read fiction and nonfiction, fiction means those books are made up and nonfiction's is real life events or true story. Books can bring us to a very scary place or it depends what kind of book you’re reading. People read and they work hard. When you read you could go to college, university and get a job, people get those things because they read in their daily lives.

Everybody wants to drive somewhere but you have to read the signs, if you don’t you might get lost,most importantly the stop sign because if we don’t stop we might cause an accident or we could die or get injured including the people that you had a accident with. Reading can be your key to unlock everything in life. When you write you have to go over your writing but you can’t because you can’t read it. When you go shopping you have to read the signs and if you can’t read the labels you don’t know where you’re going.

People can’t play any instruments because they can’t read the notes. Celebrities that are famous wouldn't be the artists they are without reading.  

So what do you guys think about reading?


The Big One - by Irene

The Big One

Today I completed the awesome forces interactive game about earthquakes and other disasters and then completed the P.M.I - Above

Reading is Important

Reading is Important

People are thinking that, why is reading important?
The reason why reading is important is to build your knowledge and to improve our education. People read everyday to develop their skills to be prepared for the future, because people want to be a scientist, a lawyer and all other jobs that you can think of. People are good at those things because they work hard for it. They keep on practising and they have all the knowledge to do all these things because they read a lot.

When people read novels, fictions and things like, is because they entertain us. They make us feel scared, sad, shocked and happy. The reason why reading entertains us because they have different genres, interesting stories and the message behind. Reading can be interesting if it has a writer or author. Writers and authors make reading interesting. They make us inspired by them and made us want to read more. Believe it or not reading gives more information rather than watching movies and tv. Reading gives more information because the writers and authors extended the story to let people know more all about.

Reading can help us with our education because it can build up our writing and literacy. It can help you understand new vocabulary that you have not learned before. Reading can also help you improve your memory and concentration. That is good for developing the skills from the future. Reading can be everything and everywhere. No matter where we go, there will always be reading.

You must read all the time, cause if you don’t your life will get worst. People at schools or at public will tell you to read a book and try understand it, and understanding is one of the things that got to do will reading. Also if you don’t read you will not have the knowledge to get job and do things in the future. Imagine what will happen without reading.

So that’s why reading is important and I recommend you to read at home!


Are you Cybersmart enough to get all these questions correct?

Today Room 8 were learning to understand to be safe around unsafe sites and ignore entertainmetns that say you won some money so that you don't get charged to pay for the site or game you just clicked on. There were 11 questions that you had to answer and get correct. If you got a incorrect answer you would get a chance to start again.


Angles in a Triangle Quiz

Today I have been practising  my numeracy skills in subtraction and addition, as I solve problems involving finding the unknown value of pro numerals with the angles in triangles.

Link to - Quiz

Reading is Important

Why is Reading Important?

Reading. People love it and people don’t. But the most important thing is that we all need it!
   First of all we do it every day and it’s everywhere. We wake up, read the newspaper or cereal and go to work or school there we read papers, books, charts and worksheets. People read road signs to drive safely and to know which way to go. There is always something to read if it's on the wall, in a book, on a building or by the road.
   Second reading gives us important skills. Reading helps you increase your vocabulary. Sitting down reading a  book takes long periods of focus and concentration. Being engaged to your book requires you to close out the outside world. Reading also helps people improve their imagination because reading a writing that is describing a place or event creates an image in your head instead of having the image in front of you. It increases your writing skills because in your memory you have an example of a writing.
   Third, without reading there would be no schools. Reading is a ginormous part of education, reading is in every subject. Especially in high school going over what you have written making sure you didn’t miss anything. Even though in maths there a mostly numbers and symbols you still have to read. Especially in writing it might take you more than 5 times to read it to make it almost perfect.
   Fourth, where would we be without reading? No one would know how to drive because they wouldn’t know what the road signs meant. Everything people would ever write will make no sense because they can’t go over it. There would be no buildings or they might have a fault. Blueprints might be just drawings with numbers, but they are actually how construction builders know what to do, without it buildings would be crumbling and tilting.
   I 100% believe that reading is important. Do you want to be someone then start reading? Do you think successful people go to where they are without education and reading is a very big part of that! Think about it.

Persuasive writing - using advertisements!

Mmmmmm chocolate eggs

LI: Write an advertising critique using ethos, pathos and logos

The ad writer uses the phrase “Don’t get caught”
to really grab the attention and repeatedly used
their phrase throughout the ad.

The writer mentioned the phrase about the
little girl “this little angel has a secret love”.
And used the phrase “this little devious boy” for the boy in the ad.

Because the creme eggs look delicious on
the ad it makes people watching want to buy it.

In the advertisement at the end it says
“can’t resist ‘em, double chocolate coated creme
egg or in other words their irresistible.  Using adjectives like this
makes your mouth water, because it was double coated eggs
with creme on the inside with
caramel in the middle.

Being Prepared

Be Prepared for 'The Big One'!

Interesting Facts
  • Learning how to be prepared.
  • Learning what may happen during a natural disaster.
  • Learning what to do if a natural disaster strikes.
  • It has activities to participate in and help you realize about natural disasters
There is not a negative side to this website.
  • If not able to keep your pet with you, you may let them run away freely.
  • Earthquakes occur because of Ruaumoko who is known as the God of Earthquakes.
  • Volcano's involve fire and that fire is all from Mahuika who creates volcanic eruptions.
Today I completed a activity called ‘The Big One’. This was a interactive activity about Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions and Tsunamis. This website helped me complete the P.M.I chart above.