Monday, 11 December 2017

Preparing for Christ's Coming!

Learning Intention :Understanding Christ's coming in history and how he come today.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Graduation Speech 2017

St Patrick’s School, a school that has given us various opportunities, enabling to us to be the people we are today. The school most of us have been attending for the past 8 years. A journey that we will be sad to leave behind, but its memories will never be forgotten.
During this experience we have learned that the best thing about this school is the people here. This school has created a positive future for me and no doubt, my fellow classmates. It has opened many opportunities for us to take in our lives as we move on to College.
Since the day we first started at St Pats, we were greeted and filled with love and open hands not only from the students but from the teachers.
Throughout this journey, the year 8 students have made progress and met intelligent and unique friends who respect us and listen to our opinions. Who support us through rough times, who cheer us up when we are down and who allow us to be ourselves no matter what. We have had numerous opportunities to take on leadership roles, which we all have accepted. These roles range from being mediators and road patrol monitors, to house leaders in athletics and altar servers. But our most cherished role, as seniors, is being the role model for our younger students.
First of all on behalf of the Year 8s of 2017, we want to acknowledge all the teachers who have supported us through our journey at Saint Patrick’s School. Our list of thanks goes on; we begin with thanks to the teachers. We want to thank Sister Evalesi for putting up with us and our behaviour including the fun times we had together as a class.
Miss Craig for filling us with good vibes, we really appreciate all your work for us.
Mrs Twomey for your efforts in working with us to help us recognise and change our some of our more interesting, and you could say ‘naughty’ behaviour.
Miss Chao, thank you for organizing our sports, giving up your lunch time to prepare kiwi sport, interschool and after school competitions.
And to our most precious principal, Miss Bullot, we would like to thank you for being a good role model, leader and last of all an inspirational principal.
We greatly value the staff, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Foden, Mrs Dance, Sister Lorraine and Mrs Yumul for being with us throughout these years. We appreciate the relievers: Mrs Mansfield and Mrs Kneebone, we thank you for your time and effort throughout our learning process.
Last but not least we would like to share our deep appreciation for our teacher Mrs Dines, for preparing us for college and leading us to a brighter future. Thank you for giving us numerous opportunities that have enabled us to become good role models and leaders like you.

To conclude, we couldn’t have asked for a better school. Our past 8 years together has been a phenomenal journey. And the lessons we’ve learned best come from the journey, not the destination. We started with a simple hello but end with a complicated goodbye. And to our fellow students who will soon take our role as leaders in 2018. Ki te puku mahi, kia u te angitu, work hard to succeed. We will always treasure being a part of this astonishing family of St Patrick’s School.

Thank you.

Monday, 13 November 2017

The Gifts and Soul

Through the gifts given from God, I have realised that these gifts are truly precious and has enabled me to live my life

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Room 8 Film 2017 - It's Our World.

Contamination, Pollution and Climate Change are some key issues impacting on our world today.
We are the children of today and that makes us the adults of the future.
We have a definite role to play in this world.
It's my world, it's your world, its OUR WORLD .. Keep it Safe.

Monday, 6 November 2017

A definite event on our calendar at Saint Patrick's School

  • Annual Event
  • Beginning of Term 4
  • Reaching out to help people
  • Raise money for the people in need
  • Creating games and activity to raise money
  • For Holy Angels in India
  • Every year on the same day and the same time

Saint Patrick’s School is a Mission School.  We have a direct link with the Sisters of the Missions and we learn across our time at Saint Patrick’s about the Mission Charism which is Prayer Community and Service.

Mission Day is an annual event held at Saint Patrick’s School Panmure every year in the beginning of Term 4. It is held on the same day and starts on the same time every year, it is always fun and functioning due to the creativity of the children who create games, activities and more to help raise over one thousand dollars for the Holy angels orphanage in India that is run by the Mission Sisters.

Mission Day is an exciting event not only for the customers but the children who put their effort into arranging the activities as it is a great time to test the creativity side of the brain. Not only do people from Saint Patrick’s come to participate in the event but the outside people like the librarians in the libraries and other people who get interested by the posters and advertisements come and enjoy their time.

It is a really great way of raising money for Holy Angels orphanage and also helping those at home here in our community by donating food to the local food bank. It is fun and there are in fact prizes that are won every year from the raffle as there are cool prizes which have included:lego, and one year even  bikes.  All this makes the whole day very exciting  to spend your money  and hope to win.

The interest of everyone drags them to have respect for others in need and to help them have a better life which makes Mission Day a very special event where no one is left out.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mission Day

Mission Day 2017

Mission Day is an event that is held at St Patrick’s School Panmure.  It   is celebrated by parish members, parents,  teachers and children. Mission Day is a special day for all students and teachers to help fundraise for the orphanage in India known as the Holy Angels which is run by the Mission Sisters.  It is part of reaching out, not only for those in need but for those who are suffering for thirst, shelter, food and warmth and also those who may not get the opportunity to go to school and have education that will give them better opportunities in the future.

Our Mission Day, includes fun activities suggested by students in each class, raffles by teachers and food. It’s a significant day because Mission Day is part of our Mission Charism, which includes Prayer, Community and Service. Every student have the opportunity to  wear mufti. At the end of the day there are prizes to win and to take home which makes it much more interesting.  It is a day that draws people’s attention into Mission Day.

The key reason behind having Mission Day is that it is a way of reaching out to help others. The event was always a memorial day that reminds most of us that the importance of this day was to reach others because no matter what their belief is, age and their culture they will always be loved. Which indeed links to the golden rule “Love thy neighbour as you love yourself!”

Mission Day to St Patrick’s students has always been  a special part of them and been going on for years now. It was less than an event and more of a lifetime which helps us reach out to those in need.  

Monday, 30 October 2017

Friday, 27 October 2017

Mathematics is exciting


Earths Systems

Walht:  Identify and explain Earth’s Systems
Earth’s system:

There are four systems existing on earth which include Hydrosphere which is the study of water involving precipitation (rain), rivers, beaches etc. The second system of Earth, is Biosphere which explains the interaction of living things such as humans, plants and trees. Next incorporates, Geosphere justifying Earth’s creation as land ,soil and rocks. The last element or system of the earth involves the atmosphere that indicates the oxygen and/or air surrounding earth.

A diagram of Earth’s system:

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Wow it has sprouted!


Wow, it has sprouted!

Planting a Seed: 21.9.2017

  • Find a yoghurt pot or a ordinary container
  • Using a sharp compass, place holes on the bottom of the yoghurt pot or the container
  • Then test your yoghurt pot under water
  • Add one layer of the stones into the yoghurt pot/container
  • Add into the yoghurt pot, fertilizer soil.
  • Poke a hole in the centre of the soil and add in your seed (make sure the hole in the centre so it doesn't grow crooked.
  • Cover it up with the soil that you've pushed to the side, gently but not hard.

29 Sep 2017 12:31:10.jpgOne week later!

Geo Doc


Do you Know what a Geologist does?


Rock Doc

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Mini Billard - Advertisment

Advertising for Mission Day

Advertising for Mission day!

Advertising for Mission Day

Come and try your luck! Advertising for Mission Day

Try your luck with our lucky dip!
Location: Outside Room 6

Advertising for Mission Day 2017

Advertising For Mission Day

Planting Procedure



Advertising for Mission Day.


Come and get lucky! Advertising for Mission Day

As a Mission School, every year we set aside time to run a variety of activities to raise money to support the Mission Sisters who run the Holy Angles orphanage in India.  We set up several fun stalls and there is lots of eating, laughing and fun.  Part of this involves advertising and managing a stall.  It is great fun and its also for a great cause too, It is one way we reach out to help others.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Computer programming at Technicraft

My Hour of Code

This term at technicraft our class was based on computer coding.  It has been very interesting and also lots of fun. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Human Rights

Human Rights Speech

As part of our classroom learning we have presented and shared our speeches based on a topic I have personally chosen.

For my Speech I have chosen the topic Human Rights, which links to our Religious Education strand.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Staying in touch with what's happening in the world.

As part of our independent reading programme we use Kiwikidsnews to learn about news in New Zealand (national news) and around the world (international news).
WALHT: Read closely to analyse an article and to think critically about the messages within them.

1. Find a quote from the main person in this news article?
The quote is, 'Computers in have been locked by a programme, WannaCry, the demands $300 ($NZD430) in bitcoin currency.
2. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
In this article, various hackers decided to hack the systems around the world to gain money called bitcoins. (300 bit coins = $782,147.06 NZD) This affected many people around the world and governments are now trying to find a solution of protecting the country's' systems.

Image result for hacked computers

3. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.
This prominent event took place from around the world, where everyone lives in peacefully with mostly no harm intended.
4. Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.
This event occurred in the 14th of May 2017 and personally think that governments from around the world are going to protect their systems to defend any cyberattacks in the future.

5. Explain in your own words why this event took place.
This event took place for hackers to gain and steal money from other people through technology.
6. Use the Dictionary in the bottom right hand corner to find the meaning of 3 words from the article.
demand - strongly request for something
infection - the contamination involving germs, diseases or viruses

deliberately - purposefully or intentionally

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Mission Day 2017

Mission Day is an annual event held by the Saint Patrick's Students. This is held to make money for those in need in India. The money is specifically raised for the Holy Angels Orphanage in India.

To raise money, students from the whole school and some teachers had stalls either selling goods such as food, candy and a range of other activities that target and invite students from 5 years olds through to 13. There were also students who made activity stalls with a variety of games children could choose from. All these activities and stalls were all around 20-50c each.

Activities like this are, Karaoke, Face painting, Selling Sweets, Dance Competition, Lucky Dip, Plants and selling Cakes. Other foods such as Popsicles, drinks and chips were sold to children to help make money for the Holy angels orphanage.  

Another way the students give to the Holy Angels Orphanage is that the students give food baskets or bags of food in. These food consist of canned food, sweets, packaged food and other food sources.

Mission Day is all about Saint Patrick's Charism where the students learn to give and help the people who are in need. Mission Day also is a way to show one of the most important Charism of Saint Patrick's School which is Community and Service to Others.
How to take a core sample of the Earth

You will need:

  • A wooden Dowel
  • A pipe( with cap)
  • Sledge Hammer


  1. Place the the pipe with the capp facing upwards and hammer the pipe into the ground.
  2. Once you think you have filled the pipe hammer the sides of the pipe so that it would be easier to pull out.
  3. When you have pulled the pipe out, take off the cap and use the wooden dowel to push out the contents out.
  4. The soil will then show the different layers and colours of the soil based on how old the soil is.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Agriculture Planting procedure

Agriculture/Plants Procedure

Agriculture is the process of reproducing resources that supports human life. For example, plants, fungi and different animals like chickens and cows. However plants seem to be one of the most well recognised agriculture.

You will need
  • A yoghurt pot
  • Small rocks
  • A seed
  • Soil
  • Water

List of steps

  1. Poke 4 to 6 small holes into the yoghurt pot using a compass or pen.
  2. Pour water into the pot to make sure water can pass through the holes.
  3. Find small rocks and place them into the pot and repeat step 2 with the rocks.
  4. Dig up some soil and place them into the pot.
  5. Push a finger into the middle of the soil in the pot and place a seed.
  6. Cover the Seed up
  7. Water it Daily

Computer programming at Technicraft

Scary Maze Game - Last Day Of Tech Term 3

Scary Maze Game!
The last day of technicraft was the best day as it was the day of making games, the game I focused on making for the day was ‘The Scary Maze Game’, I was inspired by the original scary maze game created by ‘Micro Worlds’ but mine however  was a little different. The game includes three maze levels and one jumpscare level. Red needs to get to all the green squares in order to move on to the next level but there is something horrific following him! This game was created using scratch and will be public soon for all to play! But sadly this was the last lesson of coding but not the end of my interest in making games.

The Game Is Now Out:
Scary Maze Game

Screenshots of the game:

Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 12.29.54.pngScreenshot 2017-09-28 at 10.13.45.png

Friday, 8 September 2017

The day my teacher was away...

The day my teacher was away, a student died, his name was Connor. This student was loved by everyone in his school. The news of his untimely death flashed through the school like lightning. The whole school was saddened by this death..

A student in room 8 suddenly said,"he's not dead, he's right there, in good health. See", other students suddenly followed,"he's not dead", even the teacher agreed, so did the principal, the principal said,"Connor is not dead, he's in good health and you should continue to work as a team and enjoy the rest of your days at school until the summer break."

As the day went on students still went on, pretending that Connor was still alive, the school's gates closed by themselves and the day seemed to freeze in time, the clocks stayed frozen, showing the same time, 12:26. Then suddenly books were flying everywhere, one book hit a student's head, that student was Eugene. Unfortunately, he fell unconscious, the books still flew everywhere and the pupils ducked under their tables for some form of protection.

Many people were scared, four students managed to get out of the classroom. Another event of hysteria began.  The doors shut and were locked tight and all of the students of room 8 were trapped in their room, along with students with them. This chaos didn't stop. People in the classroom tried to figure out methods to stop this, countermeasures to be exact.

The events started to get worse.  Outside the classroom, the ground was shaking and the playground suddenly fell apart. The fields started to open. Then a person soon shouted out,"WE NEED TO STOP PRETENDING THAT CONNOR  IS ALIVE." His name was Tristan. The idea struck through everyone that they had to accept the cruel reality that he really was dead. So, that stopped the pretending. There was a bright light, everyone's vision went white and couldn't see anything.

The thing with this light was that it changed the entire atmosphere of the students, it made everyone, not scared, instead, they seemed very relaxed, the light somehow was soothing. As everyone's vision returned to normal, the classroom, field, and playground looked new, it was like nothing had happened. The gates were open and books were back on the shelf and time went back to normal.

Students were dumbfounded as to what had occurred. They carried on with the day. As the school day came to an end, students went home with mixed emotions, 'What happened' they thought and then life returned to normal as if the event and anxiety had never happened.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Green house effect

The Greenhouse effect

We are learning how to identify key information in text and use that understanding to inform others. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Green house gas

Green House Gas affects economy!

Have you ever wondered how greenhouse affect a country's’ economy? If so read more!

As you know, the main news in local newspapers or on the television, greenhouse gases causes global warming which can lead to horrifying consequences. From higher sea levels, confusing temperatures in water and land dehydration, but did you know that global warming drastically affects economy which may cause poverty and hunger for already struggling countries and this is how.

Global warming melts the ice caps of the Arctic leaking cold and frosty waters onto the equator or the tropic regions damaging the biological sea life found in the ocean due to the immense temperature change. Killing fishes which disrupt the food chain that can lead to dire outcomes. No fish to sell and export, thus ruining sea life dependent countries’ economy.

Higher sea levels mean lesser land, sinking isolated islands in the process. Lessening the land space drastically may affect tourism that can devastate countries that require tourism for their nation to grow.

The hotter temperature, the more delay the crops growing due to the dehydration of the land. Preventing them from selling their native fruit to more wealthy countries, this will ravage exportation dependent countries’ wealth.

Now you know the effects of global warming, from slowing down progress for some struggling countries to ruining their economy. Greenhouse gas is a grim process which leads people to poverty.

Walht: write the features and structures of an explanation.