Saturday, 2 July 2016

Spider research

Walht:  Read and identify key information to take notes and use these to inform an audience.

Ahhh, a spider!

Yum Yum Yum!

Yummy Apple Crumble (Ummm!)

Today Room 8 and I ate apple crumble and the thing I liked about it was the cinnamon because it’s sweet and it so delicious. I think it could be better by adding ice cream, malted chocolate and also cream.

It was made by Ingrid and Ella.
Check their blog to learn how to make one.

Focused Learning - Goals help us to achieve.

My Goals For This Year!

These are my goals for Maths, Reading, Writing! I'm am trying my best to achieve these goals, then aim higher.

Sweet ... Maybe not?

Do you know how to make sugar look like glass?

Melting sugar

Today at technicraft we melted different types of sugar and tasted it, some of them were not so nice and some of them were, here is how.

What you will need:

  • Tripod
  • Gauze mat
  • Meths burner
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Types of sugar
  • Damp cloth
  • Tin foil
  • Toothpick


  1. Place your tripod on a flat surface
  2. Add your gauze mat onto the top of the tripod.
  3. Curve the sides of the tin foil and place over gauze mat
  4. Pour what type of your sugar you want into the middle of the tin foil
  5. Move the meths burner underneath the tripod
  6. Light up one of the matches and light up the  meths burner
  7. Mix the sugar around with the side of the toothpick (When the consistency is much like liquid then it is done)
  8. Take it off of the tripod and place it down
  9. Let it turn back into a solid, and the consistency will then be like glass, but edible

Making a Circuit

Walht: Follow instructions to make a circuit.

Do you know how to make a circuit?

Connecting wires to generate power to light a bulb!

Things you will need:
Batteries +(spares in case)
Light bulb
Three negative/ positive wires
Battery holder

1. First you will have to put 2 batteries into the battery holder.
2. Then, you will need to have your switch and light bulb set and ready to tape.
3. Tape the red wire to the switch and then tape the black wire onto the light bulb.
4. After that, tape the other wire to the switch and then to the light bulb.
5. When the light bulb is set, turn on the switch and the light bulb will light.
6. If you're light bulb does not light, then use your spare batteries and watch.

Bringing Birds to Our Garden

This way bird!

L:I: My group created a presentation on how to build a simple structure to attract birds.

This was the result after our inquiry this term where we built our knowledge about helping our garden to become pest free.  One of these ideas was to bring birds into the garden to eat the pests.
The above is the result of our research.

Final Product Pending

Today at technicraft, we had to make a stand for our Quiz Game. First our teacher went to the other room and cut us a special type of wood. Then he mark 12 cm or more on the wood and he wrote our essential name down on the wood that is measure 12 cm. We need to wood so he mark our name down on two wood that is 12 cm and 24 cm.

Then we went back into our room and cut out the lines that our teacher had drawn. After cutting it, we had to get a sandpaper to make the sides and the top smooth.

Then we went and glued our wood down on the line we drew on the wood with a glue gun. After gluing the wood, we flip the Quiz game around and it looks like it is floating.  

Come back next week to see my finished product.