Monday, 31 August 2015

Don't Get Caught! Yummmmm

LI: Write an advertising critique using ethos, pathos and logos

The ad writer uses the phrase “Don’t get caught”
to really grab the attention and repeatedly used
their phrase throughout the ad.

The writer mentioned the phrase about the
little girl “this little angel has a secret love”.
And used the phrase “this little devious boy” for the boy in the ad.

Because the creme eggs look delicious on
the ad it makes people watching want to buy it.

In the advertisement at the end it says
“can’t resist ‘em, double chocolate coated creme
egg or in other words their irresistible.  Using adjectives like this
makes your mouth water, because it was double coated eggs
with creme on the inside with

caramel in the middle.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ripple Art

Ripple Art

Should we pay for Plastic Bags

Should we pay for plastic bags?

LI: Analyse text to identify examples of: Ethos, Pathos and Logos.
Persuasive Reading Analysis:
Take another look at the persuasive piece of reading/ writing.      Should we pay for plastic bags
What strategies does the author use to try to persuade you?
Below are strategies writers often use for this form of writing.  Read through each
strategy and decide whether the author used that strategy by writing yes or no in the second column. If you write yes, then explain how the author used that strategy.
Persuasive strategy
Yes No
How the author used it?
Claim – States the main  
point or stance
It says that “people should pay for plastic bags”.It's explaining its main point straight away so we could know what it's about.
Big Names –  Mentions experts and
important people to support the argument
It does say in it that there are experts, but it doesn't have the name of the people who actually are the experts. But what it does say is “according to experts”, during the sentence.
Logos – Uses logic, numbers, or  
facts to support the argument
A fact that it tells us in the story is that “Australia uses over six billion plastic bags a year” or “some plastic bags can last in the environment for up to a thousand years”.
Pathos – Appeals to the audience’s emotions
It talks about wild life getting killed which really gets to the audience's emotion.                                               
Ethos – Tries to build trust and
It does indeed it uses experts in it because experts a really good a stuff like this so it does build up trust.
Kairos – Builds a sense of urgency  for the cause
I really dont know.
Research – Uses studies and  
information to make the  
argument seem more convincing;  
this can be in the form of words,
graphs, tables, or illustrations
Some parts of it do talk about information saying should we pay for plastic bags like saying “plastic bags could last up to thousand years”

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Buddy Blogging

My Term 3 Buddy Blogger

Hello this my new buddy blogger for term 3 this year. Her name is Estherose. Today she drew pictures on Sumo Paint. These are the pictures she drew. She drew shapes, lines and I helped her draw a flower.


Trust - sometimes its a real challenge!

Trust your Partner

Walht work collaboratively and to trust each other

Room 8 has been given a tough challenge. I call it “Trust your Partner”. The point of the challenge was to trust your partner on where they are leading you. This involved 3 similar tasks and one of them is pairing up with someone else. Our teacher chose our buddy. My buddy was too tall for me so we swapped sides. I was the one who had to guide her all the way to the school gate/entrance. She was who had to keep her eyes shut while I say the directions.

When almost all of us were back in class she gave us all another challenging challenge. She called one of us up to face the board with their eyes closed. She whispered quietly to us to create a obstacle course for him so it’ll be tricky. When he was told to start and find his way to the entrance/exit which was at the other side of the room, he bumped onto the first desk he felt. It looked like we made the obstacle a bit hard for him. Our teacher had to guide him in case he falls. Once he had made it to the end we all cheered and cheered for him. After he completed the obstacle, we all had a go before we go to morning tea.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Creating an endless ripple...

Creating an endless ripple....

LI: Analyse a video clip and answer the questions. 
If you would like to watch the video clip, here is the link to it: Brought tears to my eyes

Monday, 24 August 2015

Buddy Blogging with room 2

Today My Room 2 buddy (Sione) came and visited me at my class Room 8. I first commented on some on his work on his blog and after took photos with him. 
The photo on the bottom is us being Sione's favourite movie character, Shrek.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Te Reo Maori

Let's eat using Maori!

LI: Understand and use some familiar food vocabulary.  
tote - salt
tōhi - toast
tīhi - cheese
pāreti - porridge
kāpeti - cabbage
kāroti - carrot
paukena - pumpkin
merengi - melon
wai - water

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Fantastic Opportunity for the senior and junior classes to celebrate learning

Me and My Buddy

"I was your buddy before!" my buddy said. My awesome buddy Cruzihno  visited my class. He was telling about his lunch time and his time at the movies watching Ant Man. See more of My awesome buddy and his work here -Cruzihno's Blog

Buddy Blogging

Buddy Blogging

Today My Buddy Willietony and I looked at his Blog and Commented on his Post we Looked at some funny video's on my blog.

Being cybersmart - self assessment opportunity


Yesterday we had a quick quiz about being cybersmart. As you can see above I completed this test with a 100%  score (25/25). I really enjoyed this quiz, I found it fun and I really learned some stuff about being cybersmart.

Buddy Blogging with our junior buddies

Buddy blogging

My name is Chester and I am in Saint Patrick's school.
I am in room 2 and the color that I like is black because my superhero  is Batman.
I am having fun in room 8 doing buddy blogging. 
My favourite sport is soccer , I like to play with my friends.

Analysing advertisements - Kurt


Multimedia - Merc Experience

Me At MERC!!

I made a video about what I did at MERC using WeVideo.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Red Lights - Persuasive text

Red Lights!!

WALT use ethos, pathos and logos in a persuasive writing.

I truly believe that people that it is  so inconsiderate  when  they run a red light.  They  should think twice about what their doing. Running a red light is very dangerous.
Firstly, when you think it won't get worse it mostly will. You might hit or bump into a car then bump into another and another. You might swerve and crash into a building with an abundance of people in it. The driver might hit or crash into an important structure.
Secondly, if something bad does happen (most likely) the driver isn't the only person involved. Their is a 75% chance that you will hit a car. You could swerve and hit someone or something. The car you hit might have more than one passenger e.g their kid, friend and parent.
Third of all you can get really injured or you could injure someone else. Their is a very high chance you will crash. A very high percent of deaths are caused by car crashes. People do die because of car crashes.

Running a red light is very dangerous. Many, many things can go wrong.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Ripple Art

Ripple Art

Lectio Divina Irene

LI: Use the steps of Lectio Divina

Scripture reference Psalm 4:5 - A Prayer for Protection
From the scripture the words that stand out for me are:
Listen, Help, Thinking, Answer, Pray, Lord, Live, My words.
psalm 5.png

Buddy Blogging

Buddy Blogging

Hi my name it's Lolenese and I am 6 years old.  I go  at  St Patrick School. Today I came in room 8 for buddy blogging with Miriama.

Reflection on Karakia

Reflection on Prayer

Walt  Identify the number of petitions in the our father and what they are about

  1. Give us this day our daily bread
We are asking Jesus to feed us food so we are full

  1. Forgive us our trespasses
We ask Jesus to forgive our sins and things we have done wrong

  1. As we forgive those who trespass against us
We ask Jesus to forgive those who also made a sin

  1. Lead us not into temptation
We ask the Lord to help us make right choices

Don't Get Caught!

Advertising Critique

Cadbury Caramel Eggs:

LI: Write an advertising critique about an advertisement using ethos,pathos and logos.

The writer very cleverly gains the audience’s attention by using the phrase ‘Don’t get caught’ and repeats it throughout the whole ad. This phrase miraculously grabs our attention.

The advertisement had the big name Cadbury which is New Zealand's famous worlds renounced chocolate company.

The director also used the phrase ‘little angel’ to make the audience think that she is sweet and innocent.  

When the writer says in the clip that it is ‘irresistibly tasty’ it persuades you to go out and buy it because once you go in it’s going to be too late.  

The phrase ‘Can’t resist them’ was mentioned in written form. The smooth double coated chocolate with creamy caramel was said as irresistibly tasty and good.  

The writer added that everybody should go and buy a caramel egg because once you go to get one it’s suddenly gone!

An Endless Ripple

An Endless Ripple...

We are analysing a video clip and answering questions about it. It's a very emotional video and it has a message that will make your heart fill. If you want to watch the video, here's the link:
======> Brought Tears To My Eyes....

Te Reo Maori

Maori Sentences.

Ko te Rapare 30 o te Hongongoi tenei ra

Te mahi kai - Preparing Food

Nga Kupu
Te Reo Maori
Te Reo Pakeha
Te Mahi Kai
Preparing Food  

Homai e Pereti
Pass a Plate
Anei he Pereti
Here’s a Plate
Homai he Paraora
Pass some bread
Anei te Paraora
Here’s some bread
He Pata
Some butter
He Pata
Some butter!
He Tihi
Some cheese
Here (it is)
Homai te Retihi
Pass some lettuce
Anei te Retihi
Here’s some lettuce
He miti . . . He Tomato . . . He tote
Some meat...Some tomato...some salt
Here (it is)
He Pepa? He Paraoa ano
Some pepper? some more bread
Mmmmmmmm he tino reka!
Mmmmmmmm very delicious
Engari ma te manuhiri tenei
But this is for the visitors
Manaakitia o manuhiri i nga wa katoa
Look after your visitors

Te Mahi Kai
Anei he Pereti

Anei he paraoa
Anei he Pata
Anei he tihi
Anei he Retihi
Anei he Miti
Anei he Tomato
Anei he Pepa and Tote