Monday, 11 December 2017

Preparing for Christ's Coming!

Learning Intention :Understanding Christ's coming in history and how he come today.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Graduation Speech 2017

St Patrick’s School, a school that has given us various opportunities, enabling to us to be the people we are today. The school most of us have been attending for the past 8 years. A journey that we will be sad to leave behind, but its memories will never be forgotten.
During this experience we have learned that the best thing about this school is the people here. This school has created a positive future for me and no doubt, my fellow classmates. It has opened many opportunities for us to take in our lives as we move on to College.
Since the day we first started at St Pats, we were greeted and filled with love and open hands not only from the students but from the teachers.
Throughout this journey, the year 8 students have made progress and met intelligent and unique friends who respect us and listen to our opinions. Who support us through rough times, who cheer us up when we are down and who allow us to be ourselves no matter what. We have had numerous opportunities to take on leadership roles, which we all have accepted. These roles range from being mediators and road patrol monitors, to house leaders in athletics and altar servers. But our most cherished role, as seniors, is being the role model for our younger students.
First of all on behalf of the Year 8s of 2017, we want to acknowledge all the teachers who have supported us through our journey at Saint Patrick’s School. Our list of thanks goes on; we begin with thanks to the teachers. We want to thank Sister Evalesi for putting up with us and our behaviour including the fun times we had together as a class.
Miss Craig for filling us with good vibes, we really appreciate all your work for us.
Mrs Twomey for your efforts in working with us to help us recognise and change our some of our more interesting, and you could say ‘naughty’ behaviour.
Miss Chao, thank you for organizing our sports, giving up your lunch time to prepare kiwi sport, interschool and after school competitions.
And to our most precious principal, Miss Bullot, we would like to thank you for being a good role model, leader and last of all an inspirational principal.
We greatly value the staff, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Foden, Mrs Dance, Sister Lorraine and Mrs Yumul for being with us throughout these years. We appreciate the relievers: Mrs Mansfield and Mrs Kneebone, we thank you for your time and effort throughout our learning process.
Last but not least we would like to share our deep appreciation for our teacher Mrs Dines, for preparing us for college and leading us to a brighter future. Thank you for giving us numerous opportunities that have enabled us to become good role models and leaders like you.

To conclude, we couldn’t have asked for a better school. Our past 8 years together has been a phenomenal journey. And the lessons we’ve learned best come from the journey, not the destination. We started with a simple hello but end with a complicated goodbye. And to our fellow students who will soon take our role as leaders in 2018. Ki te puku mahi, kia u te angitu, work hard to succeed. We will always treasure being a part of this astonishing family of St Patrick’s School.

Thank you.