Saturday, 4 March 2017

Rubbish is it a problem - By Cheska

Rubbish is it a problem?


  1. Kia ora Cheska! My name is Raphaela and I love your poster! I agree with you, Rubbish Is a HUGE problem! I wonder is you have thought of upcycling? I had fun last time I did it with Junk I hated. I love love love your poster but maybe next time could you change the color of the letters to a diffrent color? it was a bit hard to read...I hope lots of people see this it's awesome!!!
    Bye for now

    1. Hi Rapahaela,
      Thank you and yes, sadly rubbish is one of the severe disasters caused by human activity. Hopefully, people make a change.

  2. Hello Saint Patrick's school
    I really like this bit of work and how you had a lot of good and different reasons why rubbish is bad for the environment. I like the way you told us about what you did to help with less rubbish in environment. I think this work is really well decorated but next time you could make the text a different colour so its easier to read.Good job

  3. Bonjour Cheska
    I really like the way you explained why rubbish is a problem. Rubbish is really a problem that all of us must make an effort to stop. I did a similar thing about Global Warming and Pollution last year but never had the time to present. Maybe next time you can make the font colours stand out cause I couldn't read a bit of it.

    Sincerely: Mackissah Kispa

  4. Kia ora my name is Curtis and I just want to say that I agree with all of your facts and think that rubbish is a problem and i'm happy to see that you're taking a stand and stopping people from littering

  5. Kia ora Saint Patrick's Auckland,
    I see that you are learning about litter,
    and that you chose a beautiful lay out and put interesting facts,
    Next time maybe you could change the colour of the writing because I couldn't really see your beautiful facts.

  6. Hello, I like the way you explained it but maybe next time you could get better colours because it is a bit hard to read it but the rest is good. :)

  7. Ki Ora Saint Patrick's it is Oliver and Maya. We really really like your blog post that you did. The thing that we like the most is how you put a pitcher in and the way you explained it but maybe next time you guys should add a little bit more writing in.
    How long did it take to do this?
    Why did you chose this topic?

  8. Hey there Room 8 its Kaleb and Deklan here from Mamaku Hub Grey Main School. Maybe next time you could use better color for some of the writing because we can't see
    it , the other writing is great we can see that greatly. Good work!!! Tino pai tue mahi.

  9. Kia ora Room 8
    Great work but maybe next time could you change the colour so that people can read it.

  10. Kia Ora. My name is Alex and I am a student from grey main school. Your facts about rubbish are awesome i never knew that some rubbish can be good.
    How are some rubbishes good and some deadly?

  11. Hi my name is Losalio and I really liked the colour choice of your work and your wonderful writing that you did but I think that you should make the words stand out because I had a little hard time reading it.

  12. Kia ora Saint Patrick's Auckland
    my name is Joel im 13 from Greymouth.
    Littering is not good its killing all our native animals like Finsch's duck, Giant moa and more. We should all stop.

  13. Hello, I really like how you put the backgrounds and everything, maybe next time you could change the text color so I can read it.

  14. Hello my name is Scarlett. I agree that the facts you told are true, that all the rubbish is bad for the environment and is killing lots of animals around the world.Next time check the colour of your text as it was difficult to read

  15. Kia ora Cheska! My name is Anthony and I go to Tautoro School. I really enjoyed reading your work about rubbish, it was interesting. But maybe next time you could add a highlight around your words? I found it a little hard to read. But other than that, I really enjoyed reading your work.
    Until next time,


  16. Hello my name is Heaven. I go to Tautoro school, I am in room 4 and I am a year 7. I really support your writing about rubbish left lying around in the world. Your facts about rubbish are awesome. We should make a difference in the world. Did you know that if animals eat just some little pieces of rubbish then there is a small chance that can cause death. Our cow died because "someone" left rubbish lying around the paddock. Also you should maybe change the background color because its difficult to see the writing. But other that I really enjoyed reading that. Blog Ya later

  17. Kia ora saint patricians school hi i'm seamus i like how you guys don't want rubbish everywhere i do to! how did you get the picture? it looks really cool!