Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Azonto Crew by Reitz

The movie that I mostly recommend is 'Azonto"  by Tamaki College

'Azonto' is a movie that features kids running around the city dancing with lots of amazing talents. This movie plays a song called 'Azonto', it was very catchy and it got me hooked as a fish! All of them were wearing white masks, black pants and black shirt. This movie encourages people to dance and entertain  viewers.These kids can enter a dance competition!I can't wait to watch Tamaki College next movie. 

"Today my life begins" by Monique

"Today My Life Begins" is an awesome movie because the background is interesting. They really did a great job on this movie. I think the students had fun because of their cool dance movements.  I like how they lip sync the song. I also had fun watching the movie because of their costumes. They also chose the right song. Manaiakalani Film Festival is great because it let the students from different schools show their talents.

I Angel

I recommend this video because, the effects, animating,and acting was good. Their lip syncing is realistic that I thought they were actually singing the song. Great choice of music too. It was good how they express their emotion to the song which fits in.

"Honesty is the best policy" by Maria

I would  recommend 'Busted' from Room 7 at Tamaki Primary school. This movie features a boy who is dishonest with his mother about money. After receiving lunch money, he uses it to buy lollies from the shop and then tells his teacher that he has no lunch. Later on, his mother finds out from the principal that he has been buying lollies. After the mother has a good talk to her son he promises not to lie again. When he gets home and he's actually telling the truth, his mother doesn't believe him. The movie teaches us an essential lesson that lying is not good and  'honesty is the best policy!'

Friday, 16 November 2012

Black and White by Nia

 I recommend Azonto By Tamaki College

 I would recommend this film  because there are fantastic dance  movements involved within it, and the way the actors/actresses put themselves in different parts of the background is very effective.

Highly Recommended Movie - Three Words by Angela B

I recommend "Three Words" by Room 3 at Saint Pius X School because it has a nice meaning behind the movie. It was very simple but it was also very good. The students from Room 3 had three or two pieces of paper that said something with only three words. Some of these three words were 'Learn Create Share' and 'We Use Netbooks'. I have 3 words for this movie which are 'Highly Recommended Movie'.

One Direction on a Journey by Clarade

I recommend  you to watch "One Direction - Tamaki College" simply because it is amazing. They travel from time to time, being a child, to being an adult, and the music that's involved behind the film is phenomenal!

Film Festival Review by Luisa

My recommendation is 'One Direction' by Tamaki College, simply because the planning and setting of the film was well structured and a specific scene that had different generations of ages going through it with the ongoing amazing music behind it was persuasive to watch.

One one of the funniest by Jose

I thought this movie was one of the funniest because there was a twist at the end of the story. Thanks for the well constructed movie!

"Today my life begins" by Benjamin

I liked the song the film makers added to their movie, it was so catchy! Thanks and well done!

Today My Life Begins from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

"Today my Life Begins" by Angela O

Today my life begins  was one of the best Manaiakalani films that I have viewed, they have definitely set the bar high for next year.Their acting and animation was awesome. We have competition!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

There's Something in the Water by Jose

"Are we swimming today Mrs Dines?" This had to be the most frequently asked question at Saint Patrick's School during the third term. Having a portable pool definitely raised the enthusiasm of students and teachers. Not only were we learning to swim, but also water survival techniques. We found out too how important it was for the pool water to be tested to ensure that it was safe to swim in.

We discussed and wrote about the importance of learning to swim and presented these as persuasive writing on our blogs. We created Wordles to emphasise and give more detail to our blog posts and had fun creating animation movies for the first time on our netbooks.

Correcting the water and chlorine balance took over a week. "Are we swimming today?" "Are we swimming today?" "Are we swimming today?" These questions haunted our teacher until finally it was all go!

Our movie for the film festival was inspired by our learning about the chemicals and daily testing that was carried out on the pool water. Sometime up to three times a day!

We wondered...could children shrink only to grow back to size all as a result of chemical imbalance in the water? Thanks to the support of Mr Major and Tamaki College, we were also able to include a realistic scene in the science lab to create our entertaining movie. Also a big thanks to Mrs Bullot for her support in production. The movie making team included Clarade, Angela B, Angel, Aaron, Kit, Jose, Ben, Reitz, Maxine, Vitor and Christopher.

Water from St Patrick's School on Vimeo.

Saint Patrick's students have also been reviewing film festival movies on their blogs. Do you agree with their recommendations?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Learn to Swim! by Aaron

We are learning to use the features of explanation writing to inform and persuade our audience.

Learn to Swim
Swimming is essential in many ways not just for exercise but it will also help our New Zealand citizens and tourists to be safe in the water. I believe this because the rate of children drowning is increasing.One reason for this is because of the lack of the swimming that many children do.  This reduces the opportunity for these essential skills to develop. This also means that children and in some cases adults too, do not learn how to keep safe in the water. People underestimate what water can do to them at a beach or at a pool, while many think it is all about splashing and diving and having fun, water can be dangerous if you don’t know how to swim or what to do it you get into trouble. Swimming is a very good exercise for your lungs.  Learning to  swim and water safety skills can help you survive and if one day you fell into the water.  Would you know what would to do? If you were at the beach and got into trouble, would you know how to signal for help to alert the lifeguards.

In conclusion swimming is an important and fun thing you do in life not just for physical benefits but also to help you keep safe in water’ because once you lose your life you can’t take it back so Learn to Swim.  It will not only help save your life, but the skills you learn could also save the life of another person.  Learn to Swim!

Next by Maxine

 Heart thumping, chest pounding, anxiety growing. “Next”. My heart stopped, I showed her my Rainbow’s End wrist band and the teller welcomed me into the Fear Fall entrance. Before my turn I had read the Notice Board of DO NOT stuff and if you have the following conditions please exit this ride
18-storeys-high-fearfall-at.jpg (120×160)Suddenly I felt as if I had all of those things. I walked to the yellow seat and pulled down a black Styrofoam belt with a metal handle bar. Beside me were people I did not know which made my fear grow larger like a tumour growing inside me and ate all of my bravery cells. As the woman who had welcomed me in left and the ride started.

At once I was taken up 18 stories high. Opening my eyes and closing them rapidly at the same time I had suddenly noticed that the ride had froze and took the time to stare at the blurred motorway and the many vehicles that had travelled upon it. Three seconds later, gravity betrayed me and I was invited into the pressure zone, so pressured that my bottom could not even sit down.

Finally it was over but when I stood up to leave I was so light headed that I fell onto the concrete and I needed my dad to pick me up and carry me across the ride exit and the last thing I remember saying was, “ Again!”

Friday, 2 November 2012

Change a Child’s Life by Reitz

Have you imagined innocent kids drowning in that big piece of water? That’s why kids in New Zealand need to learn how to swim.

The most special thing that can help us how to swim is a pool,a pool can help us how to be confident in the water. Swimming Pools can help New Zealand kids know what to do if there was a real wave heading our way, kids can be taught where and when to swim. A pool is similar to an ocean but only shallow, so New Zealand kids can be cured of drowning if the New Zealand Government change their mind and let each school have a turn with a swimming pool.
A swimming instructor can change a child’s life too, a swimming instructor encourages kids to learn how to swim in different and helpful styles. There’s lots of swimming styles that helps us how to save ourselves from the unpredictable waves that can kill us in a second but the problem is that we don’t know all the swimming styles needed, that’s why we need a swimming pool and a swimming instructor.