Sunday, 30 November 2014

Marshmellow Challenge

Marshmallow Challenge                                                                              Vine.

In Room 8, we have been doing a challenge. The challenge we were doing was whoever could make the tallest structure by using 20 raw spaghetti, 1 string, 1 masking tape, and a marshmallow. We only had 10 minutes on the timer.

The Challenge was to try and make the highest tower out of spaghetti sticks and place the marshmallow on top no where else but on top of your group tower.

There were 5 groups. Then when the timer start everyone in each group were in a rush. A lot of our towers kept on falling and falling but luckily, my group and some other groups had made theirs stand a bit longer. Then the timer rang. We all stopped what we were doing.

Some of the groups failed. My group tower had collapsed. The last groups tower standing was Soana’s group. They  won and that meant they were rewarded a marshmallow.  However we  all of us received a marshmallow for working hard on our towers.  It was a fun challenge.  



There was this grown girl called Skyler. She was very scared of clowns. Every time she sees one, she starts to cry and she sometimes panics. One day she moved to a brand new house. Inside it, she saw red blood on the floor. It was dry but easy to see. She didn't care because she thought it was just red paint.

After a few months, it was her time for bed then suddenly she heard a laugh. She thought it was just a person laughing at a video walking past her house but it wasn't. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. A horrible scary clown just appeared in the mirror. The clown was laughing and was holding a knife on his hand. The clown she saw had a big smile on his face, blood running down his face, sharp teeth and one of his eyes was just white and the other eye was red. She dropped everything she was holding and screamed loud as she could but no one couldn't hear her. The clown disappeared. She rushed to her bedroom and locked the door immediately. She tried to sleep.

No one else lived near her house. All you could see was just a road, bushes across the road and a mansion. The mansion was on her left but you wouldn't be able to see it clearly because it was a far distance. Not much cars pass by her house.

Next morning she went to get her newspaper and a newsletter, she first opened the newsletter. She saw her family photo. All those people in the photo was circled on their faces except her. She read how they died. Then she finally saw the word ‘clown’. She was frightened. Then she opened up the newspaper. She saw a big writing on it made of blood. The message said “YOU ARE NEXT”. She was shaking. When she was young, she thought that clowns never exist but now she believes that clowns now exist in that year.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Digital Learning

Screenshot 2014-10-22 at 09.53.33.png

              Digital Learning
With chrome books / netbooks we can develop our learning,We can search things that  we don’t know,We can do educational games,write faster,and you can continue your learning OUTSIDE of school!

Having netbooks may be fun but, you must take good care of your device.You have to make sure that you hold it with both of your hands,because if you don’t you might drop it and it could get a broken screen. This is expensive to get fixed.

Doing maths is...FUN. I’m not one of those kids who hates math. Doing math is fun but playing math?
.... Are you kidding me? That is totally fun!

If you take your netbook home, you must use it  for studying  not playing games or things that’s not educational you should stop doing that and study because studying is fun and you should be thankful because you are educated.

You can do things easier through working on a netbook. In my class, we do writing,spelling and maths on the netbook. We can even draw on the computer and the drawings are really good too.

Doing writing,spelling and reading in books is a bit slower but typing everything down is faster.

Developing your writing skills,You can write like an expert on chromebooks and like I said you can write faster! You don’t have to worry about things that you don’t know because you can just search it. Research or finding out about things you don’t know using the Internet is fast and you can look for lots of information and pictures that link to your learning.

Using netbooks for learning is neat.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival: It's not my fault

Our movie this year is about a boy called Johnnie who tries to complete his homework, but something terrible goes wrong. Check out our movie to meet Johnnie and his mysterious neighbour.

SPS Dines ItsNotMyFault from Manaiakalani Film Festival on Vimeo.