Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Virtuous by Nature

Rosa Parks 🙏

Rosa Parks 🙏
Rosa Parks was an activist in the Civil Rights movements. She was known for refusing to give up her seat to a white man. This took place on the Montgomery city bus in Alabama in 1955. She also helped commence the civil rights movement in the United States and she became part of the large African-American Community. During this time the black and white people were separated and the blacks were treated very differently and were only told to do specific things, for example they could only attend certain schools, could only drink from certain water fountains and they could only borrow books from the "black" library, among their restrictions. It was a Thursday when Parks was coming home from a long day of work, on the Montgomery bus. The law was that the front seats on the bus were always reserved for the white people and the seats behind were for the black citizens. A white man had no seat to take in the bus at because the white section because was all taken. The driver told the four riders in the front row of the "coloured" section to move for the white man to sit there. Three of the passengers obeyed, but Rosa didn't. Eventually two police officers approached her and placed her in custody.  In her biography she recalled that people said she was tired. Her reply was that she wasn't tired physically but she the only tired she was, was tired of giving in to others. She is a virtuous leader because she was thoughtful, courageous and most importantly she stood up for her rights and the rights of others.

WALT: Identify the qualities of a virtuous person that they've done in their life.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Reviewing the structure and features of Recount Writing.

People - Oliver - Richard
Where Panmure rugby pitch

Bike Ride.

One day my cousin and I went on a bike ride down to the playground. It took a little while for me
because I didn't have any gears but my cousin did.  Once we got there I was all hot and sticky because
of having my helmet on, and the sweltering heat didn't help much either.
When we got there me and Richard looked at each other and then we gunned it down to the swings
(our favourite part of a playground).  It was so much fun I love the momentum of swings and also the
soft cool air rushing past your face.

We then made it back to our bikes and decided to go all the way around the rugby pitch but by
the time we got half way we were both panting and exhausted so we stopped at a water fountain
to get a drink and then decided to go back home.  On the way back a bird poop landed on my hand.
I was horrified and Richard and I had a good laugh before our bike ride ended.

A Wednesday to remember

On Wednesday I was chosen to bake some cookies, we were supposed to be last but I was leaving
earlier so we went first. So straight after morning tea we ran down to the staffroom. That's when I
remembered we had to wash our hands, so went down the hall and into the sickbay to wash our
hands. When we got back the teachers were talking in the staffroom so we talked to Ms Yumul and
she told us to sit down. After about two minutes the teachers cleared out and the rest of the students
appeared they washed their hands and found a place to sit down.

When Ms Yumul came in she asked us all if we were ready we said yes then she told us to sit on
the other side of the room. When we were all comfortable we waited, then Ms Yumul told us what
we would be doing I would be putting in the coconut so everyone did there things some of us got to
put in the rolled oats and some of us did the flour when It was my turn I caught a glimpse of the recipe.

                                                             Anzac Biscuits

You will need:
½  a cup of flour
½  a cup of sugar
¾ cup of rolled oats
¾ cup of coconut
100 grams of butter
1 tablespoon of golden syrup
½ teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons of boiling water

  1. Mix the flour sugar, rolled oats, and coconuts in a bowl.
  2. Melt the butter on a low heat saucepan or in a microwave.
  3. Put the baking soda in a cup and add the hot water in and it will rise up add this to the golden syrup and butter.
  4. Pour this into the bowl with the flower and the sugar and etc.
  5. Grease a baking tray and the tablespoons of the themixture about 3 - 4 centimeters apart.
  6. Bake at 180 c for 15 minutes.

We had done all of this and were now watching them inside the oven I asked when we would
eat them and she said lunchtime I was sad because I left before that. When we were back in the
classroom we got the phone call saying my mom was here so I put away all my stuff and went to the
office my mum was talking with the office lady. I went over to my dog who was outside when my mum
came back we walked home.

It's now Friday and I still have not received my cookie so I'm probably not going to get one even
though I made it which I think is a bit unfair.

My Favourite part was making the cookies and even though I didn't get one which made me sad I
still had a good time.