Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival: Room 8 at MERC

SPS_Dines_Room 8 at MERC 2015 from Manaiakalani Film Festival on Vimeo.

This year we had our camp at Merc Longbay. We learnt new skills found our limits and pushed past them. It was a Challenging opportunity we would never forget.


  1. Kia ora, Room 8. We really enjoyed your movie. It looks like you had lots of fun at camp. It looks cool how you were all working as a team walking on the plank. Left, right, left, right!
    From Room 10 @ Ruapotaka

  2. Hi Room 8 that is a cool movie, because you need to help people and trust people, I like this movie. Did you everyday play with each other at school?

  3. Hi room 8, I love your movie. Is it a real bow and arrow

  4. Hi St Patrick's school,

    I love your movie and it looked like you all had fun.My favourite part was when you all were helping other people.Keep up the amazing movies


  5. Hi St Patrick's school

    We love your film. Your film made me cry and I was laughting to.

    From Shelley Holden in room 8 at Point England School

  6. Hi Room 8! This is Greshka! I love your film, and I really miss you guys!

  7. Hello Saint Patrick's. I enjoyed watching your lovely movie that you have made and created.
    I also I really enjoyed your pictures. May you keep up your good work !!!!

  8. Hi Room 8! It looks like that you had so much fun at camp. Merc looks like a fun place to spend time there! Although I enjoyed your movie because you guys worked as a team and also you guys are so lucky to have the opportunity to spend time at Merc. Well done and keep up the great work!

  9. Hi Room 8.

    My name is Jonathon I am from P.T England witch is point England I liked your movie and are those weapons real or is it plastic


  10. Hi Room 8,
    I hope you had fun at Camp. Good teamwork too. Keep up the good work. From Mitchell at Pt England School Room 9 and 10.

  11. Ki ora hi my name Is Ana from pt england school I wished i could go to merc I loved your movie i liked the bow i want a turn

  12. Kia ora
    My name is Raechal and im from TPS
    I really enjoyed your movie I loved all of the things that you did at MERC
    My favourite part of the movie was seeing you's shoot a bow and arrow that was cool :)
    I tried looking for mistakes but couldn't find any
    Keep up with the good work :)

  13. Kia Ora,

    Your guys movie looks really cool! The voice over was really inspiring and set the mood quite quickly. Your guys camp looks really cool at Long bay. Keep it up! :)


  14. Ki ora room 8 , I like the way you guys worked together and had lots of fun!


  15. Room 8, I love your film about MERC. It was very cool, because it was about camping and about having fun.

  16. Hello room 8. I like all your pictures when you were at camp. I like how you guys did team work to get your job done.

  17. I think that you did very well. You were cool because you were very brave at the camp.

  18. Hi Room 8, I liked your movie because you shot you did lots of cool things there.My favourite part was when you's going and there to surf out on the sea.I will look forward to your next post.

  19. Hi room 8
    I really like your movie because it is all about what you did at camp it looks so fun and creative keep up the work.

  20. Hi Room8

    I really love your movie because how there were like camps and some more things that was put inside the movie

  21. Hey Saint Patricks,
    I like your movie and i also like your picture that you have used.
    Keep it up

  22. Kia ora room 8, We are from glenbrae school room 7,
    I really like the part at the end when does kids
    were playing in the water. Great work.
    Make sure to watch our movies

  23. Hello Room 8,
    I really love your movie. At first I thought you went and camped at Piha!! It looked liked you had fun... I remember when the year 7 & 8 went to their first camp!! Keep it up...

    Saint Pius X Catholic School

  24. Kia Ora room 8, I enjoyed watching your movie. Looks like you's had fun. Keep it up Room 8

  25. Hi Room 8,

    I enjoyed looking at your movie. It is a wonderful memory of your camping trip. The narration gave a wonderful insight of your camping experience. You sure packed in a lot of fun activities within a short time. How long were you in MERC Long Bay for? School camps are the best. I still remember my school camps trying out abseiling and rock climbing for the first time.

    Keep up the great learning,

    Miss Paton

  26. Hi Room 8,
    Wow, what a wonderful movie you have made. It is a credit to all of you and Mrs Dines. We like the way you met your challenges, particularly the rock climbing challenge. We know that you are all going to be very responsible leaders in the future. You are all good role models for us. Well done people!

    Room 1

  27. this is so nice and fun and good you 1 of my 100%

  28. Hi Room 8 =)
    Wow, what a wonderful movie SPS I hope you guys had fun at MERC, I really like the way you guy showed team work, I like the way you guys used songs to go with the movie. Keep Up The Good Work SPS.

    Take care and God Bless =)

  29. Kia Ora Room 8,

    I like the video is because it all about cooperate and helping each other.