Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Term 3 2013

It's going to be a busy and exciting term.   Our classroom is transforming into a new and increasingly exciting learning environment. Our individual desks are disappearing! 'Tables' of various shapes, sizes and colours are appearing. 

 Exciting times however, are not limited to the transformation of our class because in just over 7 weeks it will be time for our annual Cultural Festival. This is always both challenging and exciting. Learning music and movement and combining these for a live audience is a real challenge, one that we all just love. For our year 8 students, this will be their last Cultural Festival at St Pat's. For our five year old's it will be their first time to experience the Lights, Camera and Action!

 This term our sports code is Badminton. We are going to have an inter-school football tournament in a few weeks and this afternoon we had a Duffy Show which was very entertaining and enjoyed by everyone.  

 It's all on at St Patrick's School. Follow us and see the excitement unfold.