Sunday, 20 November 2016


WALHT use the structure of a recount to share an experience

Guy Fawkes - Money up in smoke!

It was round about 6:30 most of the people on my street were doing fireworks except for my family. Why? Because my parents thought it was burning money, really burning money I thought to myself. As soon as the sky turned dark the fireworks began to shoot out into the air.

My sister and I stared out of the curtains with confused faces wondering why our family wasn’t out there celebrating like our neighbours. As we sat in our lounge while other families were outside lighting fireworks and tried to watched the t.v. our viewing was constantly interrupted by the sound of  fireworks,  every time the commercial break was on. My sister moaned out the window as we watched yearning for the  fireworks to stop, so that she could watch the t.v.

Every minute was taken by the loud noises of fireworks shooting into the air. My sister started talking about how when she went  back to school everyone would be talking about about how they were out playing with fireworks. Every now and then we would hear silence.
“It stopped”my sister said. We both looked at each other for a second.Then out of nowhere a huge firework burst out into the air from the neighbours behind us.
“Ahhh”. My sister shouted out in shock, both my older sister and I laughed for a good minute at her.

Hours went by and Mana and I decided it was time to go to bed. And so we did. It was exactly 2:30 in the morning everyone was sound asleep... And out the blue “BOOM” we heard a loud noise that woke the entire household. I heard my dad’s voice,  “Who the heck was doing fireworks this early?”

This final thought floated in my mind and then I was asleep.

Monday, 7 November 2016

The Cloud of Judgement

                 WALHT-Recognise what is meant by judgement the words in this cloud is linked directly to the word judgement.

A simple message


Walht - recognise what is meant by judgement
This wordle is compiled of words that link directly to the word judgement

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Invisible forces in action

Invisible Forces

Walht: create static force created by vigorously rubbing our arms with a ruler.

All Saints Day

All Saint's Day

St. Mother Teresa
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Problem solving with fractions

Spider Fraction
Wahlt: solve word fraction word problems.

Piano Fraction

Wahlt: solve word fraction word problems.

Thinking of Saint on All Saints Day


All Saint's Day

All Saint's Day

download (1).jpg

If I could choose a saint, I would choose St. Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of God.

I chose her because she is the Mother of Jesus, she is a very caring Mother who loves and cares for all of us and especially, Jesus. We are all important to her so, we all love her in our heart and in our mind. For this, it means that she is also important for us  and for all people in the world. She is also the Patron Saint of humanity, which means us and all the people who lived or who are still living in this world.

Invisible Forces at work!

Invisible Forces (Day 1)

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Reading to Learn - Satellites

In reading I have been reading to learn about satellites. I read two different articles and then compared and contrasted the information.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Reading to Learn: Satellites

I have been learning to combine close reading skills as I read across the text to find key information and then used this to write a summary about what I have read. Next I read another article and compared and contrasted that information with the one that I read first. The I write a synthesis.

Reading to Learn: Satellites

I have been learning about Satellites;

Reading to Learn: Satellites

In reading, we have been developing knowledge about Satellites.

Natural Satellites:

Combining my close reading skills, and using knowledge I had developed across our reading, I completed this independent inquiry based on questions I had to extend my knowledge targeting Natural Satellites in this independent inquiry.

Kevin Durant -

I have combined my reading skills and the inquiry process to complete this independent inquiry on Kevin Durant, someone I consider to be an inspiration to all athletes.

Electromagnetic Energy

This presentation is the result of my independent inquiry focused on Electromagnet Energy. This was the basis of my reading and was presented to my class peers.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Comparing and Contrasting information

Waka Ama & High Bars

WALT compare and contrast information from 2 articles to identify similarities and differences.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 at 12.08.19.png

Courage is just one of many values, these girls showed doing the sports they love. With differences in genre, sport and no. of people playing there are major relations between their behavior and attitude to sports. It's their competitive spirit and perseverance that help them drive themselves to complete their goals. Dedication and determination are a few more values shown as they work to be one of “the best of the best”.

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

At the Botanic Gardens, we expanded our knowledge about companion planting and learnt about  friends and foes, organic sprays, and the possibilities of using nature to help our garden.  After categorizing, we were surprised what kind of insects could be grouped under the headings ‘Friends and Foes’.

Recommended reading

Book Review

 WALT- Write a review for a target audience.

I highly recommend Infinity Ring Divide and Conquer to 11 - 13-year-olds. It’s a time travel, sci -fi and adventure book. About three kids going through time to fix breaks in the past to save the future.

Statistical Investigation

Statistical Investigation

WALHT: write a survey using google form, use the feedback to create and display that date in pie graph and analyse the results.
Screenshot 2016-09-05 at 10.39.05 AM.png

This data tells me that  62.5% (⅝) preferred to have an iphone rather than using a telephone or an ipad as neither of the responses has voted for them.
Screenshot 2016-09-05 at 10.38.59 AM.png
From my survey I have found out that half of the responses favoured to have their meal in Macas other than the other fast food restaurants as neither of the responses like to eat in KFC and 3 of the responses likes to eat in Nandos.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 at 10.38.49 AM.png
The data tells me 62.5% ⅝ like other breeds of dogs, 12.5% ⅛ like Chow chows and a quarter prefer German Shepherds.

Information report

Spider Information Report

In fact, spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. Arachnids are a group of eight-legged (all joined to the body) species and have separated body parts, the head and the abdomen. These species have been on earth for more than 500 million years. That is a very long time. There are known to be 4000, of 500 million spiders.

Spiders were designed with very long, skinny legs. In fact, so long that they are measured to be 8 cm in length. This is the maximum length. Their used are used to move quicker when in trouble or to escape their enemies. As a phrase I would say, ‘the longer, the faster’. Then there’s their fangs located just beneath their eyes. Sometimes they are used as a weapon to bite their enemies, but not all the time. Us humans think of spiders as being harmful species but spiders have the same thought. Everyday spiders will look up at us and think of us as giants, don't you think?

There are 4000 different types of spiders, from small to big. Some of these involve tarantulas, alopecosa, arctosa, pirata, lycosa and pardosa. All these spiders may have different diets. Its really depending on the size I suggest. Smaller spiders prey on wood lice, small lizards, frogs and baby birds, while larger spiders eat fish, small  snakes, frogs and lizards.One of the most interesting facts I recommend is that spiders have 1000 babys. Just think about those who struggle with 5 children, imagine having 1000.

Having a spider for a pet is very unusual to have but at the same time okay. It really just depends on your behaviour with spiders. Just don't let them think of you as their enemy.


Recommended reading


Statistical Investigation

Statistical investigation.

WALHT write a survey using google form

66.7 % of the people would eat Pizza
the other 33.3 % of people would eat Churros

in the fast food graph 66.7 % prefer to eat at McDonald

33.3 % would eat at Burger King

33.3 % of the people preferred to have chocolate ice cream and another 33.3 % preferred to have Hokey Pokey and also another 33.3 % like cookies and cream

Interpreting information in data displays

Weather Graph

This graph shows the rainfall throughout the week.
On Monday there was no rainfall.
On Tuesday the height was 7mm of rain.
On Wednesday, no rain.
On Thursday it was 5mm of rain.
On Friday it was 4mm of rain.
On Saturday it was 2mm of rain.
On Sunday it was 6mm of rain.

Wahlt: create a graph using spreadsheet and to analyse data in those displays.

Compare and Contrast

The way of Waka ama and Kendo!

Statistical Investigation -

Survey Response


  • Write a survey using google forms.
  • Use the feedback to create and display that data in a pie graph
  • Analyse the results.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 at 08.35.48.png
The above data display shows that  more than half of the participants choose Cookies n Cream. The same amount of people choose chocolate and other. And that none of them chose vanilla.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 at 08.35.57.png
The above data display proves that 5 out of 14 people prefer spaghetti more than chicken and rice. The graph shows that 6 out of 14 of the participants choose to go with different responses.

Screenshot 2016-09-07 at 08.36.04.png
The above data shows 5 out of 13 people choose other.  4 out of 13 people choose Burger King. And the same amount of people choose KFC and Nando’s.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Can you compare and contrast two articles?

Values are important!

 WALHT: Compare and Contrast information from 2 articles to identify similarities and differences.

Training, pace, dedication and perseverance are the most significant values that help those olympians to face their goals and achieve them. For example, Violet used training, dedication and perseverance to face the olympic challenges that Violet Walrond faced and still shows people around the world the inspiration she has given.

Bringing understanding together - compare contrast sythesize

Compare and contrasting 2

Compare and contrast info from different readings that we have done includes key evidence for those ideas with reference or discussion.



Comparing and Contrasting text

Compare and Contrast

WALHT: compare and contrast information from 2 articles to identify similarities use key ideas to use ideas to synthesize.   

Synthesis:  Within these two articles I found three values that were similar to each other. These values included confidence, bravery and strength. In both these sports the girl / girls are very high in confidence to compete at their best standard, bravery to achieve what they need to and strength to get to finish with pride. I also believe that upper body strength is a part of the similarities because in both sports your upper body is used to compete in the sport.

Compare and Contrast

Venn Diagram

Commitment,Perseverance, Excellence, Respect and friendship is what the players of each of these sports have. Their commitment is shown when they put in  years of training to complete their goal.

Walht:compare and contrast information from two articles to identify similarities and differences and then using that information to synthesize the key ideas that link to the values and skills of their sport codes.

Waka Ama and High Bar

Waka Ama & High Bars

WALT compare and contrast information from 2 articles to identify similarities and differences.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 at 12.08.19.png

Courage is just one of many values, these girls showed doing the sports they love. With differences in genre, sport and no. of people playing there are major relations between their behavior and attitude to sports. It's their competitive spirit and perseverance that help them drive themselves to complete their goals. Dedication and determination are a few more values shown as they work to be one of “the best of the best”.

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Assumption of Mary

Feast of the Assumption

Religious Education

The Feast of the Assumption

Today, this morning, The students of room 8 learnt about The Feast of the Assumption. It is a day that Christians celebrate and remember the importance of Mary when she was assumed  into heaven. Here is an example of what we learnt today.

Creating statistical data displays

Spelling graph

WALHT: Analyse and discuss data and displays.

This graph shows me this person began with a record of 13 words. Then scored high to a score of 100%. The following weeks there was a bit of a mess up as this student has dropped down on her scores.This shows that he/she didn't really learn his/her's words.

An explanation by Cameron

Why do we don’t play rugby on Saturdays?

WALHT: Use the correct structure of an explanation writing

Why do we don’t play rugby on Saturdays!
Have you ever wondered why there might not be rugby games on Saturday’s?

Not having Rugby on Saturday’s may mean that the field might be wet or too muddy to play because it could have been raining. Not playing may also be because teams sometimes has a bye game.This is when there may not be enough teams to play and so a team will have a rest. To play on Saturday, each team needs to have at least 15 players on the field.

Team players may have to travel far away for example, from the eastern suburbs to Papakura which is where all the rugby tournaments are held.Team players have to pay their fare to go to Waiheke Island to verse their opposing team. Transportation to games often is reliant on parents, but this can also be a problem because they may be working on Saturdays or they may not have a licence to drive.

Waking up late for rugby is also a problem. Traffic is another issue, that can make players late and could result in arriving late and worse case arriving to see gear being packed away and cars leaving the car park.

These are some of the many issues that can affect a rugby team’s ability to play on Saturdays.


The Poetry Store

The poetry store!