Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Astria Prompt 3

On a scale of 1-5, how successfully did you problem solve with your partner today?

On a scale of 1-5, I would rate a 5 because I was communicating very well with my partner and it was very easy to work with her. I would prefer that it would be better that we worked alone because it was very easy to work with a partner and it would be better to work alone so that it can be a bit more challenging. My partner and I managed to complete two of our missions and we had had a lot of fun problem solving together.

Astria Reflection - Christian


A Frozen Asteroid is In The Space Coming to Earth!!

I agree that this game does help us to learn because this game is trying to use your brain to try and stop a frozen asteroid. In the second photo you could see the number 81 that how many more days the Astria scientists and the Alpha leader (me) to pick one great solution. The Alpha leader has to go through each room to get some evidence to pick the greatest solution

Astria Countdown to Impact Argument

Astria - Countdown to Impact Argument

A student in another school has recently blogged that:
“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria –
Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing
other things”.
Do you agree, disagree or partly agree/disagree?
Blog about what you think using evidence from the game to
backup your views.

I disagree, the game teaches students how to identify
how biased or truthful the game is. Through the rating
system, students can rate the in-game's website's/link's
biasedness, source and factuality. The skill can help
students make better choices when finding facts online.

Astria Student Prompts


Astria Student Prompts

With increasing online and digital content, it is difficult to know real information
from 'fake news'. Using evidence from the game you played (Astria: Countdown
to Impact) write a blog to list the top 5 things you think people should watch out
for to help identify fake news.
Many people are posting fake news to grab other people attention. These
are five things people can do to help them identify fake news:
1. If something sounds sketchy, unbelievable or suspicious, search the
internet and check various website before confirming its truthfulness.
2. Check the sources the author/publisher has gotten his
information/news from. If it isn't well known or he/she hasn't put one
in, it may be fake.
3. Check the story's sentence structure, if its too dramatic or any spelling
mistakes are visible then it may be fake as well.
4. Check other news reports, if there aren't at least two news reports that
say the same perspective or news, then it may be fake.
5. Try to remember if you've heard of a similar news in the past. People
try to recycle old news but taking old news and changing the stories and
people involved.

On a scale of 1-5, how successfully did you problem solve with your partner today?
Please include any ways you would collaborate differently with them next time
you play.

On a scale of 1-5, I think that my performance and teamwork with my
partner is a 4. In my opinion, I interacted with her but I think it was
enough. Our environment distracted either of us delaying in us in our
work. We could've also worked and work together better. Next time I
would collaborate with my partner even more to get the most ideas of
both of us.

A Real Challenge

Thursday, 29 November 2018

This game was a real challenge to get through!!

“Students don’t learn much playing this
game called Astria – Countdown to Impact:
Their time could be better spent doing other things”.
After playing the 'Astria - Countdown to Impact' game,
My partner and I learned to stay focus and concentrate
on the important information in the text we read in the 
game. It was really challenging for my partner and I, 
but we managed to get through it and finish the game.
We had some struggles on what the text was trying to
say, but we had to read it again, and again and again
until the sentence sounded right to us. I disagree on how
students don't learn much by playing this Astria - Countdown
to Impact and that their time should be spent on better things.

Critical thinking - Astria


I partly disagree!

A student in another school has recently blogged that:
“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria –
Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing other things”.

Do you agree, disagree or partly agree/disagree?
I partly disagree their time definitely could of have been spent doing other things
but this is a learning tool as well, and you might not realize that because it looks
like a game but its actually just an enjoyable learning activity. I feel as if the child
from the different school thinks just cause it looks like a game
that it can't be a good learning activity.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Duffy Assembly -

Today Saint Patrick’s School went to the school hall and we had some visitors from the
Duffy books. They were the people that buys  books and give them to us .
There were two gentlemen and one of the men stood up and talked about how books
changed his life.

His story was about how he went to the shopping mall with his mum one day.
Every time he would go there, his mum would see a friend in one of the shops. She
would tell him to wait for 5 seconds while she talked to her friend.  The 5 seconds
actually meant 5 hours.

The next time it happened again and mom would say the same thing to me. Then it
happened again and again and again that he became sick of waiting.

He decided to go to a place that had a lot of shelves with  CD covers. He picked one
of the CD covers and looked at it and he said to him self, this looks cool and then when
he opened it there was nothing so he became upset. He walked up to the front desk and
asked the lady where is the CD . The lady said to him , “ It is a book not a CD. After
that he read the book in the library but then  someone distracted him by talking very
loudly in the library.

Henry got up and was ready to tell the person off but, when he got there he tapped the
person on their back and the person turned around. Henry looked at the person and the
person looked back at him and he saw her beautiful brown long hair and her brown
eyes and big juju lips.  She asked him , “What do you want?” in a posh way,
When it was Henry’s turn to talk he had no words coming out of his mouth so she
told him to Get lost!

After a few days Henry got up because he was sick of crying because he cried for 7
days and 14 hours 10 minutes and 10 seconds. He felt devastated because he liked
the girl and she rejected him.

Some time later when he went back to the library,  he went to look for a book. He was
surprised that the girl was there. He walked up to her and  said to her can you go
somewhere else? (because she was talking to loud) and then she ran off out of the
library. And she cried for 7 days and 14 hours and 11 minute and 11 seconds.

The audience including me,  said to him you are sad and some kids just laughed .
He was very entertaining.

Thinking about playing safe.

How can you play safe? but firstly What is playing safe?

Playing safe is taking a risk or being responsible whenever you play.

How can we play safe if we are just playing rough with each other? Playing rough such as pushing or punching
is not playing safe. If you’re just playing roughly, don’t you care about yourself? You can get injured or hurt if
you are playing in a place that is not safe to play at.  

To play safe is to play in a suitable place. Like a game of tag, a field is the best place to play. Playing on the
concrete is not the best place to play tag.

Playing with a adult or parent guiding you can make you keep safe if you are playing in a public playground.
For example you might get kidnapped and no one is there to save you. It very dangerous if you are alone and
you are very young so it is a very safe if your parents are there guiding you.

Avoiding children who are older than you  - sometimes they don’t realise their own strength and if you are
smaller you could get unintentionally hurt!

The Ozone Layer

What is the ozone layer?
The Ozone layer is a layer or a shield that protects planet Earth
from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Why Is The Ozone Layer Important?
The ozone layer in the atmosphere give us important protection
from the rays of the sun. The ozone layer absorbs the ultraviolet
rays that can cause sunburn and cancer.
How is the ozone layer getting
The ozone layer gets damaged by types of molecules, which is
making chemical reactions, also making contact with the ozone
layer. It causes the ozone layer to break down and makes it unable
to absorb the ultraviolet light. The main molecules that are
damaging the ozone layer are called chlorofluorocarbons.

What effects does the ozone layer
does to the Forest?
The ozone layer protects the entire Earth from the ultraviolet rays
of the sun also including the animals, the humans and the plants.
But the chlorofluorocarbons damages parts of the ozone layer.
Now the ozone layer are harming the plants and animals, including

Kauri Dieback Argument

It comes to our attention that the infectious disease that is killing the native
giants of New Zealand  - the Kauri trees.

These trees are suffering from a disease that perhaps could limit the
growth of the future Kauri, this disease has been gravely affected our native
giants because of the contamination of footwear that is passed on the
minuscule spores, it is spreads wherever people walk and infect the tree at \
the root level and the disease doesn’t stop!

The Department of Conservation has created an awareness campaign by
using a range of media to inform a promote awareness that not  only informs
the people of NZ but for the hundreds of tourists that visit our beautiful land.

It is our right and responsibility to care for our trees, our land and to teach
others to also care for it.

Argument Explanation - By Christopher

Today I participated in an online discussion based around how I felt about the view a
group of people known as: Nature Watcher’s, who believed that ‘ Animals that are
called ‘pests’ by the Predator Free groups should be treated with more respect.’

I disagree on nature  watcher because respecting the predators and not the
native birds will mean that  were betraying our native birds of NZ and if we
can't take care of our native birds the predators will be able to roam around
and will kill all the birds of NZ until there is no more. Also predators who has
diseases such as possums  , rats , and stoats , can spread their disease on
our food supply. So when we want to order say like Pizza or McDonald's and
when our food is delivered and you don't know that the food is already been
infected by the disease that possums, rats, and stoats carry. We need to ban
the possums, rats, and stoats because if they keep on infecting our food supply
we won't have any more food or worse we might get infected and die in 7 days
or next week. Also possums,rats,and stoats give birth to a lot of babies and the
predator population will grow and will kill all the native birds instantly and

The number of birds that have been killed by introduced predators of NZ is
approximately 25 Million a year and it’s the most animal extinction in the  world.

The predators of NZ they don’t eat the mama bird and the daddy bird but it just
scares the mama and the daddy bird away until when the birds are far away
the predators eat all the eggs.

Where do your Stand?

The task we did independently after some discussion based around the idea that
Other groups including the Department of conservation (DOC) are working to take
action that will see NZ predator-free by 2050.

Today, I participated in an online discussing based around how I felt about the view
of a group of people known as: Nature Watchers who believe that “animals that are
called ‘pests’ by the Predator Free groups should be treated with more respect.”

I was asked to agree, disagree or express my ideas based around the information
provided and supporting information I found online.

What I wrote:
The task that we did independently was based around the idea that other groups,
including the Department of Conversation are working to take action that NZ is
predator-free by 2050.

I partly agree with the Nature Watchers group because feral cats eat the rats and mice.
It is not their fault that they kill some of NZ native birds. It is because they do not have
an owner to care for it, feed it, or train it in any other way. I think cats should get more
respect because some of the cat owners around here do not fix their cats because it is
too much money, so they start to multiply, causing most of them to make themselves
feral cats, who roam around the neighbourhood.

I partly agree with the Nature Watcher group because rabbits, who are so called ‘pests’,
can be fixed at the pet store so they can stop multiplying. It’s a lot of money, but you
can start saving. If you still don’t have enough money, you could start being generous
and give away some of the young rabbits to your friends and neighbours. If they don’t
want them, you could give them up to the pet store. Rabbits also have predators
themselves, such as eagles, hawks, owls, falcons and kestrels. It’s surprising that birds
can also be a predator to those who people call ‘pests’.

Where do you stand on this issue?

Friday, 28 September 2018

Do this in memory of me! - By Eti

Do this in memory of me!

Learning Intention: to recognise that people join themselves with Christ’s offering to God in the Eucharist. Explain the two meanings of “Do this in memory of me”.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Argumentation - By Iliana


Today I took part in an online argumentation about predators attacking other wild animals like rabbits, cats, birds, rats,Mouse and little creatures, to sell and for other animals to eat. Pests are animals who attack other animals like birds and tiny creatures . We talked about predator free groups upset New Zealanders by animals not being treated well by predators who try to harm them. We had to explain if we agreed , disagreed or partly agreed .We were set on a task to write a briefly argument about Animals that are called ‘pests’ by the Predator Free groups should be treated with more respect . Pests need to be be treated well with care and respect like us humans. We were also tasked to explain why we agreed ,disagreed of partly agreed . We were also recommended to give some good reasons why pests should be with care at all times. We had to give main purposes about why should pests should be under care with animal keepers.In my argumentation. One News announced 7 cows on a farm had died on a farm for 7 days which leads for a week. Department of conservation spoke about ]I agree on pests that should be under care because people who go to public bush walks,forest and kill animals to sell should stop at all times. pests should be predator free by not being endangered . The reason why people need to stop predating pests because NZ herald and Auckland council took action that they announced around Auckland saying that they are taking big support for Auckland's pest free mission, 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Where would you Go?

Point of View - Where do you stand?

My voice about Plastic Bags!

The Assumption of Mary

We need to look after the Earth!

Stating a point of view.

Remembering Mary on the day of Assumption

Natural Resources - Nature cares for Us ...How do we care for Nature?

Stating a Point of View

The Four spheres of the Earth

Going a a pilgrimage...

Term 3 - looking forward

Wow it is already Term 3

It is so fast it's Term 3 Week 5 2018 !!
Malo e lelei
I am a Year 8 student in Saint Patrick's School, next year I am going to evolve and step up on becoming a year 9 student. I am a road petrol for Saint Patrick's School and it is my responsibility to keep our school children's safe crossing the road. As a year 8 student this year is so fast I am nervous but excited to step up to year 9. My favorite sports is rugby, soccer, NFL and basketball.

Please follow my learning Journey

The water cycle

First Post

Kumusta ! Ni hao! Kia ora Hello my name is Antonio, it is 2018 and it is term 3 and I come from the Philippines and I use to study in Xavier School Nuvali Laguna where I was taught Chinese, English, and Filipino. I am a new student here at Saint Patrick's School.It was hard leaving my friends in the Philippines but I am happy that I have found new friends. I am happy that my family moved here. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Learning about the Fencibles

Will I ever get tagged? By Uinisieti

Will I ever get tagged?

Learning Intention:  I am learning to add greater detail and interest in ,u writing by using adjectives.

Will I ever get tag?

Today was sunny and bright,  At morning tea, the intermediate students raced to the top of the playground to see who would be the last person to reach the highest point !  The last person would be the tagger , we all raced like wild animals - because no one wanted to be the tagger.

We played a game of ball tiggy, it was girls versus boys. Boys were in first, they passed the ball to each other so fast and quickly moving as if they were the DC Flash, so that it will be easier for them to catch the girls. I screamed so loud like a girl from a horror movie, and ran so fast using my skills from rugby that I have learnt, so that the boys wouldn’t tag me with the soccer ball.  The girls helped each other passing the ball round and round in circle to make it easier to catch the boys enabling us to tag them faster.

We used different kinds of strategies to catch the boys like, all the girls running round in circles passing the ball to each other, side stepping the boys, pretending that we are invisible and more other things. We also acted like animals in the jungle to distract the boys and even dancing !!!

I had a lot of fun playing with my classmates and other students, it was funny and enjoyable too.

A moment in Time

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

During Morning Tea Time!

Today, at morning tea time, the year sixes from room 7 and 8 (and one year 5 from
room 6) played a thrilling and excellent game of soccer.

We were split in uneven teams and played like crazy cats furiously
chasing mice. We weren’t playing a proper soccer game because some
people were hand balling, others were still kicking the ball
even when it was passed the line (which was very near to the goal),
and they had to switch places with each other, including myself,
for example defender and the goalie.

It was a fun game, though, because everyone was smiling and
laughing and having a good time. Small problems didn’t become
bigger and people weren’t fussing over small things, like we usually
would during the soccer game. Both teams kicked the ball in each
others goal with pride and their team celebrated for a while and
then focused on the game again. My team scored three goals and
the other team scored four.

Before one of my teammates would score a goal, the bell rang
very loudly. People started to run back to their class and slapping
their hands on their classes sign by their classes door. During that
time, people who played at the soccer game congratulated and said
good game to each other. Then we waited patiently for our teacher to come.