Thursday, 2 August 2018

A moment in Time

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

During Morning Tea Time!

Today, at morning tea time, the year sixes from room 7 and 8 (and one year 5 from
room 6) played a thrilling and excellent game of soccer.

We were split in uneven teams and played like crazy cats furiously
chasing mice. We weren’t playing a proper soccer game because some
people were hand balling, others were still kicking the ball
even when it was passed the line (which was very near to the goal),
and they had to switch places with each other, including myself,
for example defender and the goalie.

It was a fun game, though, because everyone was smiling and
laughing and having a good time. Small problems didn’t become
bigger and people weren’t fussing over small things, like we usually
would during the soccer game. Both teams kicked the ball in each
others goal with pride and their team celebrated for a while and
then focused on the game again. My team scored three goals and
the other team scored four.

Before one of my teammates would score a goal, the bell rang
very loudly. People started to run back to their class and slapping
their hands on their classes sign by their classes door. During that
time, people who played at the soccer game congratulated and said
good game to each other. Then we waited patiently for our teacher to come.

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