Friday, 19 August 2016

The Assumption of Mary

Feast of the Assumption

Religious Education

The Feast of the Assumption

Today, this morning, The students of room 8 learnt about The Feast of the Assumption. It is a day that Christians celebrate and remember the importance of Mary when she was assumed  into heaven. Here is an example of what we learnt today.

Creating statistical data displays

Spelling graph

WALHT: Analyse and discuss data and displays.

This graph shows me this person began with a record of 13 words. Then scored high to a score of 100%. The following weeks there was a bit of a mess up as this student has dropped down on her scores.This shows that he/she didn't really learn his/her's words.

An explanation by Cameron

Why do we don’t play rugby on Saturdays?

WALHT: Use the correct structure of an explanation writing

Why do we don’t play rugby on Saturdays!
Have you ever wondered why there might not be rugby games on Saturday’s?

Not having Rugby on Saturday’s may mean that the field might be wet or too muddy to play because it could have been raining. Not playing may also be because teams sometimes has a bye game.This is when there may not be enough teams to play and so a team will have a rest. To play on Saturday, each team needs to have at least 15 players on the field.

Team players may have to travel far away for example, from the eastern suburbs to Papakura which is where all the rugby tournaments are held.Team players have to pay their fare to go to Waiheke Island to verse their opposing team. Transportation to games often is reliant on parents, but this can also be a problem because they may be working on Saturdays or they may not have a licence to drive.

Waking up late for rugby is also a problem. Traffic is another issue, that can make players late and could result in arriving late and worse case arriving to see gear being packed away and cars leaving the car park.

These are some of the many issues that can affect a rugby team’s ability to play on Saturdays.


The Poetry Store

The poetry store!

The Dumpster Saga

The Dumpster Saga!