Friday, 29 September 2017

Agriculture Planting procedure

Agriculture/Plants Procedure

Agriculture is the process of reproducing resources that supports human life. For example, plants, fungi and different animals like chickens and cows. However plants seem to be one of the most well recognised agriculture.

You will need
  • A yoghurt pot
  • Small rocks
  • A seed
  • Soil
  • Water

List of steps

  1. Poke 4 to 6 small holes into the yoghurt pot using a compass or pen.
  2. Pour water into the pot to make sure water can pass through the holes.
  3. Find small rocks and place them into the pot and repeat step 2 with the rocks.
  4. Dig up some soil and place them into the pot.
  5. Push a finger into the middle of the soil in the pot and place a seed.
  6. Cover the Seed up
  7. Water it Daily

Computer programming at Technicraft

Scary Maze Game - Last Day Of Tech Term 3

Scary Maze Game!
The last day of technicraft was the best day as it was the day of making games, the game I focused on making for the day was ‘The Scary Maze Game’, I was inspired by the original scary maze game created by ‘Micro Worlds’ but mine however  was a little different. The game includes three maze levels and one jumpscare level. Red needs to get to all the green squares in order to move on to the next level but there is something horrific following him! This game was created using scratch and will be public soon for all to play! But sadly this was the last lesson of coding but not the end of my interest in making games.

The Game Is Now Out:
Scary Maze Game

Screenshots of the game:

Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 12.29.54.pngScreenshot 2017-09-28 at 10.13.45.png

Friday, 8 September 2017

The day my teacher was away...

The day my teacher was away, a student died, his name was Connor. This student was loved by everyone in his school. The news of his untimely death flashed through the school like lightning. The whole school was saddened by this death..

A student in room 8 suddenly said,"he's not dead, he's right there, in good health. See", other students suddenly followed,"he's not dead", even the teacher agreed, so did the principal, the principal said,"Connor is not dead, he's in good health and you should continue to work as a team and enjoy the rest of your days at school until the summer break."

As the day went on students still went on, pretending that Connor was still alive, the school's gates closed by themselves and the day seemed to freeze in time, the clocks stayed frozen, showing the same time, 12:26. Then suddenly books were flying everywhere, one book hit a student's head, that student was Eugene. Unfortunately, he fell unconscious, the books still flew everywhere and the pupils ducked under their tables for some form of protection.

Many people were scared, four students managed to get out of the classroom. Another event of hysteria began.  The doors shut and were locked tight and all of the students of room 8 were trapped in their room, along with students with them. This chaos didn't stop. People in the classroom tried to figure out methods to stop this, countermeasures to be exact.

The events started to get worse.  Outside the classroom, the ground was shaking and the playground suddenly fell apart. The fields started to open. Then a person soon shouted out,"WE NEED TO STOP PRETENDING THAT CONNOR  IS ALIVE." His name was Tristan. The idea struck through everyone that they had to accept the cruel reality that he really was dead. So, that stopped the pretending. There was a bright light, everyone's vision went white and couldn't see anything.

The thing with this light was that it changed the entire atmosphere of the students, it made everyone, not scared, instead, they seemed very relaxed, the light somehow was soothing. As everyone's vision returned to normal, the classroom, field, and playground looked new, it was like nothing had happened. The gates were open and books were back on the shelf and time went back to normal.

Students were dumbfounded as to what had occurred. They carried on with the day. As the school day came to an end, students went home with mixed emotions, 'What happened' they thought and then life returned to normal as if the event and anxiety had never happened.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Green house effect

The Greenhouse effect

We are learning how to identify key information in text and use that understanding to inform others.