Saturday, 28 February 2015


My special Place


The house I want in the future. - Drey

The most special place to me!

My grandma and grandpa’s house was the MOST special place for me. I grew up there,had my best and worst times there and my grandma and grandpa were also one of the special people for me. I lived there since I was born and my grandma was the one who took care of me.My grandma is the person who was always there for me, she was there when I had problems.  She was there when I needed help for my homework and projects for school, she was there when I needed help to make my choices.

That house was quite small but I loved it no matter what. It only had one room, and me and my grandma slept on the bed and my grandad slept on the floor, there was a wall between the kitchen and the living room.  We had an air-conditioner which I really loved and we had a small bathroom.My grandad worked really hard for us, he was a tricycle driver (The tricycle that I’m talking about is motorised, it’s a motorcycle that got like a seat with a roof and it got 3 wheels. It’s like a taxi that takes everyone around) and when I was a kid he always carries me around, he let’s me ride the tricycle with him and he was a hard working person just like my dad.

The house was really special because: That’s where I cried when I didn’t know what to do for the project the next day, that’s where I had all of my birthdays(except last year). And that’s where I have all the memories I have, it is being renovated at the moment and I know when I look at it; it will look quite different, but I will still look at it the way it looked when I left.

I used to stay in the room when I didn’t go to school on the previous year, I was there either using the computer or using the phone or tablet. I’m going to admit it, I was spoiled. I call my grandma ‘Mama’ and I call my grandad ‘Tatay’, I have a dog called ‘Melody’, She was a dachshund but most people call them ‘ Wiener Dog’.

I really loved that place and my grandparents because that was the most special place to me and they were really important to me.

“Don’t forget where you belong, if you always feel alone then go”- One Direction 2013


Waiheke Island
On the holidays my uncle came to New Zealand to come and visit us. One day we went to Waiheke Island for a trip. We had lots of there but the food and ride were really expensive. Later on we went to beach, but except for my brother and I went swimming. After that I had to go back home with my mum and little brother to get ready for my school prize giving.

After our Waiheke Island trip, we planned to go to Hobbiton. It took us a very long time to get there. Once we got there, we walked around the village and took photos of the view. Then we went to Rotorua and stayed in a motel for a night

After we went in Hobbiton we went to Rotorua to see the nice beaches and other beautiful sights.

Pizza Homemade
We made homemade pizza because I love to cook and become a chef. It was very hard making the pizza dough, but when it was cooked. it tasted nicer than I thought it would.

Strawberry picking

We went to Strawberry picking because my mum and likes strawberries so much and they want us to be healthy. It was tiring and hot and I was sweating a lot, but was still worth it. I had fun picking strawberries.

Recounting Morning Break

“AH BOYS, ARE YOU KEEN FOR TOUCH!” one of my friends call out. We were underneath the tree just beside the court having a rest from the hot sun. I didn't really want to play. It was waay too hot. But just chilling under the tree was boring so we decided to play. Walking into the court we chose the captains, did the Rock, Paper, Scissors game to see who gets the first pick and that kind of stuff before the game. Caesar Folau and me where in a team and Johnnie, Isaac and Kolio where in the other team. Then out of nowhere Johnnie started the game.

He ran straight with his team mates on his sides as if they had a plan, but they didn't. As I ran up to Johnnie going for the touch he offloads it to Kolio, Then Kolio kicked the  ball to Isaac and Isaac went for the try. We never saw that coming. After he got the try Caesar immediately grabbed the ball and kicked the ball down their 22 and touched passed their goal line. Now they had to kick it back to us which gave us a huge advantage.

Isaac kicked it to us and Folau caught it. He then ran down the side line waiting for Isaac to come closer then Folau passed it down to me, then waited for Johnnie to come then offloaded it to Caesar then he ran kicked over Kolio and tried. That was the PLAN! But sometimes the PLAN doesn't work. Caesar could kick over Kolio but Kolio could jump and reach the ball and run off, or I would run straight to Johnnie then pass but, Kolio would intercept it and run off, or Folau could run to Isaac step him, step Johnnie but Kolio would touch him, so really Kolio was the problem.

The game was going cool and fun But the fun has to end sooner or later. Sadly the bell rang.


Acoustic Poetry


Special Place

A special place for me.
My special place is Waikumete Cemetery. It is a place where my grandma was buried. Sometimes I like to think that she is here with us still today. It is special because my grandpa made the headstone himself and he chose a place up on a hill facing the Waitakere Rangers. Another reason it is also special is because grandpa’s brother and parents are also buried in the same area where my grandma is.  

My cousin’s baby that died was buried next to my grandma and her headstone was broken in half  to share the headstone with my baby cousin. Now my cousin wants to renew the headstone but my grandpa doesn't want to because he wants the stone to stay the same because he knows, my grandma would have wanted that way too.

Waikumete Cemetery, is special to my whole family.

Special Place

Special Place

My special place My special place is at home because it has all my family
 there and I never run out of things to do. It also is my special place because
 i'm always happy because we do such cool things like playing with the ball
 outside. When I come back from school I always feel welcomed, they
sometimes ask me how my day was and I would say yes.


When I stayed home with the Chicken Pox!

When I had to stay home with chicken pox I didn't have fun because I wasn’t allowed to play outside, I didn’t have anyone to play with me and I had to miss school days for a week.

Chicken pox really hurts and it’s itchy and my mum does not allow me to scratch it because I will stay and when my brother and sister came from school they always talk to me about what they did at school.

I didn’t listen to what they say because I’m not confident to talk to them because I feel like going to the hospital and drink some fizzy drinks and I didn’t want to eat because I feel like it needed to be cold, that was all I feel when I got the chicken pox.

That was my first time that all of my family got chicken pox except for my parents but when we were in Samoa I never got sick. I was always strong and never missed my school in Samoa and that all about when I got chicken pox.

And I will never like chicken pox ever in my whole life and I  only like to eat apple when I got chicken pox and chicken pox makes me always keep awake early in the morning and it also makes me feel bad on the day that I got this sick.

The Cinemas

During the holidays I went to watch a movie with my cousin Nicholas and my brother at Hoyts Sylvia Park. The movie we were watching was Naruto The Final Movie. Saturday and Sunday were the only days you could watch the movie. And all the movies were at 4:00 and took up every single cinema room so no other movie could be watched. Here is a little something about the movie, it started of as a popular manga.

When we got there, the cinemas were packed with fans of the Naruto series. We were lucky to even get any seats, but our seats were at the very front. We entered the cinema and found our seat. We waited and waited for the movie to start. Everyone eager to watch the movie, was getting frustrated with how long it took for the adverts to finish.... After the long wait the movie started.

The movie was set in fictional setting in a world of ninjas with Naruto as the main character- if your unsure of the background, Naruto is an orphan whose parents died during his birth sacrificing themselves to seal a wild beast. His parents sealed the monster in Naruto.  As he grew up he had no friends and everyone kept their distance because of the beast residing in him.  As his life went on an ancient race of crazy moon people attacked and kidnapped a citizen from his village and took her eyes for the moon peoples leader who had none.

Naruto was sent with some other ninjas to find out the plans of the enemy and bring the byakugan back home. Naruto and the others set off immediately. They were told that they were last seen heading towards the moon. As they touched down on the surface of the moon, they saw in front of them a massive palace. They went inside and found no security so they split up into two groups. The 1st group went to find the byakugan and the 2nd went to locate and destroy their enemy plans.

The 1st group found the one that was being held captive very fast, they all felt sad for the girl who had her eyes gouged out. The 2nd group went and snuck up on the enemy that was in a secret hideout deep underground. In that place was a weapon of mass destruction that was used to destroy other countries that waged war against them. There plan was to use it to destroy the world of the living. Naruto attacked the leader while the others attacked his subordinates. The battle between Naruto and the powerful moon human was big there was a big boom here and there and then it was over. The one who came on top of course was Naruto.

Naruto ran over to the weapon and attacked the machine,  but he could not destroy it. He looked around and saw something in big letters. Self Destruction button. He pressed the button then Boom! The explosion sent Naruto flying into the remaining bad guys breaking his fall.  Then they went back to their country and lived without any crazy moon people trying to destroy them.

The movie was good fun and I enjoyed it very much. Avishek

Creative way of displaying you work

WALHT use word it out or Wordle.
Room 8 has been taught how to use Wordle to finish of our work. Some of us used word it out instead because on some of our chrome books, Wordle won't work.
                                                                                                               Vine's creative work!

Favourite Place

My favourite place to go to is  Mount Eden Stadium because I like watching all the rugby teams play. The cool thing about it is that you can take photos of yourself and the rugby player and have opportunities to shake hands with all the rugby stars.You meet new people and make a few new friends there if you're cheering for the same team.You see cool as tackles and bump offs.
A bump off happens when a player with the ball is running and then another player can hit them with their shoulder to make them lose focus and maybe fall down -  it is legal!

I like it when the crowd is cheering for the other team and how the crowd sometimes gets angry when their team is losing.  When this happens the teams play harder.

The teams I follow are the Warriors,Roosters and Rabbitohs.


A New Year

Welcome to 2015
Room 8 is buzzing with the desire to continue learning.  
The year 7 are back as year 8’s - Mrs Dines is back,and we welcome the new year 7 together with old friends and new students who this year join us on our learning journey.
To tatou e haere tahi haere tonu
Our journey together continues