Saturday, 25 April 2015

Manaiakalani Welcome - Ella Marie

Manaiakalani welcoming
On Wednesday the 25th of March 2015, all the Manaiakalani schools gathered together at Point England beach. People from Hawaii came to educate us about Malama Honua.  2500 children were welcoming and introducing them into our native world, New Zealand.

Saint Patrick’s school was part of this welcome. Two people were chosen from our class as leaders to be part of the welcoming students.  Every Thursday, Natalia and Johnny went to Point England school to learn songs and dance moves. They then come back to our school to teach the rest of our class and eventually the entire school.

We got ready to get on the bus that would take us to Point England beach. The bus stopped next to Point England reserve. The room 7 and 8 people had to take a buddy from room 1 or 2. My buddy’s name was Reneza. Our school had to walk down to the beach. It took a long time. All the Manaiakalani schools attended.
Our school sat down on the grass beside Point England school. A horn blew as the waka sailed and then anchored in the Tamaki River.  Everyone stood up.  The leaders representing each of the Manaiakalani schools, stood waiting for the signal to begin the welcome haka that would then signal to the rest of the students to sing. They looked nervous as they stood  at the front of all the schools. When they started singing ‘E oho’, a song we had to learn,  and dancing also. Everyone else joined in . We all kept on going until the people arrived on shore.

Soon after, all the people from the waka were on shore, I along with the others listened to them talking and I was surprised that even though they came from Hawaii that some of them knew how to speak Maori, When someone spoke from our side, the person responded back to us, talking in Maori. We listened to them just like they listened to us.

Then everyone sat back down on the grass. The people from Hawaii sang a song of their own that they probably had been practising. ONe of them carried on talking in Maori to us. Soon, we heard the word, Etu (stand), as someone played the guitar. I was guessing it was time to sing ‘He Honore’.

It was nearly over. Soon we would be back on the bus, back to school. There were a few more speeches. There was one more song. Everyone at our school knew that song better than any other, so that time our school was extra loud, but not as loud as all the other schools.

Finally, someone  announced that it was all done. For the final touch every single school had to run down onto the shore and hi five each visitor. Then we had to go back and straight up the stairs this time. Instead of going back to the grass, our school walked back to the bus to go back to school.
In the bus the time was 12:30. We were right on time for lunch. I liked meeting new people. It was also fun to go to the beach in the morning. I wonder if perhaps one day I might go to Hawaii?  
Here is the hyperlink to watch the video:

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Another fun time with family - by Celeste

On Saturday my family and I went to bowling. We were all really excited when  we arrived there, to play bowling and later laser strike. We decided to play laser strike because it was right next to bowling.

After we hopped out of the car and I ran inside and waited at a table. When my family finally got in I ran again but this time I ran up to the Arcade. The reason I ran up to the Arcade is because if you win a lot of tickets then you will have enough to buy a toy. But when I asked my mum and dad they said “We can’t because we have to use the money on dinner after bowling” then I said “fine let’s just go and play then”. When we found the space with our names on the board we started to play. It was my turn first because my name was on the board first. Before I threw the bowling ball I tried to aim for the middle pin so I could get all of them down.

When I focused the threw the bowling ball I almost hit the 1st pin but I got the pin on the right side of the first pin. It was 5 pins that I hit down. I concentrated again then I threw the bowling ball I got a spare. But the only reason I got the spare  was because I had the bumper walls. Bumper walls is the thing that covers  both sides so that I won’t get the ball out. I felt really lucky because I was the only one with the bumper walls. My brother said to my mum “how come the ball didn’t go out on Celeste’ turn” and my mum said “because she has the bumper walls” then my brother said “oh”. Then it was my brothers  turn but it was weird because he got a strike straight away.

Next was my sister’s turn she had a spare it was like we were all lucky. My mum went to go throw and she got a all 9 down except for one then she tried to throw again and she got it which means that she got a spare. After was my dad’s turn he was the same as Carlos he got a strike. After we played laser strike. My name was Hornet, my sister’s one was Bumblebee, my brother’s was Flash, my mum’s was Phoenix and my dad’s name was Juggernaut.

My colour was yellow, my sister’s was gold, my brother’s was red, my mum’s colour was maroon and my dad’s colour was grey. My dad was going for my mum, my sister was going for my brother my mum and I was going for everyone. I scored 365 my mum scored 487, my dad scored 978, my sister scored 476 and my brother scored 888. When we got out the T.V in the next room that we went in said that my dad won. So when we waited near the car we were all very sweaty. After we hopped in the car and went home.

I had so much fun, I wish that we could do it again.

Easter Show 2015 - By Ella

Easter show

On Sunday, it was Easter. My family and I were going to celebrate Easter the fun way. We had been planning to visit the Easter show in 2015. Then Easter was there. The show was held at the ASB showgrounds in Greenlane, near One Tree Hill, for three days. I couldn't wait to get to the show.

It took a very long time to get through the traffic and find a car park. Finally, there was one spare car park but it was far away from the shows entrance. Soon we were inside the show. People were walking everywhere and it was like traffic jam with people instead of cars.

Before we were able to do anything, my dad wanted to buy tickets for the circus show at night. As soon as my dad was ready we went to have fun on the scary rides. My sister and I got given 50 tickets each because the rides were worth tickets. The very first ride that we choose was the Ghost train. “4 tickets please” announced the owner. I shivered when I saw the sign on the front of the carriage. ‘Do you dare to ride the ghost train?’. “I'm not sure anymore!” I said to my sister as we hopped in one of the carriages, but then it was too late. The ride started to move, and in the door we went. In side was pitch black and shrieks were all around us. Lights flickered on and off. We screamed and I blocked my ears. In a second, we were back outside, scared but safe.

After a couple more rides, my uncle and cousin arrived. My dad said that, that was enough rides for now, so we went into the animals farm inside. There were pigs, goats and all sorts of different animals. I even got to feed them some hay from the ground. As you stepped on the hay, you had to be very careful of the poop from the animals. Back outside, everyone sat under the stadium. My dad took off and bought some hot food for us like, chips and hot dogs, but my cousin was eager and couldn't wait to go back to all the fun.   

Not so long after, the food had disappeared into everyone's stomachs. “I hope I don't vomit on one of the rides”, my cousin said as his stomach rumbled. Before we could ride, my sister and I had to wait for my cousin to buy his tickets too. It wouldn't be fair if we left him there. All of us still had a lot of tickets left to use. I looked at the ride Scream machine and thought  ‘why do you have to be so tall to ride?’. Luckily I was just the right height. For my cousin, he was under the line. He had to wait off the ride.

The man came around to check we were locked in our belts, safely. Once the ride started, I knew straight away why it was called the Scream machine. I started to scream as loud as a trumpet. The ride went around and around just like the food in stomach was. Suddenly I felt dizzy as the ride just came to a stop. “I think I need to rest my stomach”, I said, but I didn’t want to miss out on any fun.        

Fia Fia night at Sacred Heart - By Celeste

On Friday I went to the Sacred Heart College (SHC) to watch my brother in the Fiafia night. My brother was in the Samoan group. It took forever for the Samoan group to come on stage because the Samoan group was the last group to perform and plus the Tongan group was so long even though they were doing the same thing. But that was only their first one they had one more to go. Sacred Heart College only had three groups though, they were Samoan, Maori and Tongan. I don’t know why they only have three groups its weird, because primary schools have more than 3 groups. I think that perhaps Sacred Heart only chooses the main cultures.

Morning Break with my mates -By Caesar

It was a very nice sunny day and it was Morning Tea time (our snack break) and I decided to play a game of  Touch with Isaac, Kolio, Johnnie, Giovanni and Folau. Us boys played 3 against 3, Me, Folau and Giovanni against Johnnie, Kolio and Isaac.

It was a pretty close game until the second half of Morning Tea when they started to demolish us. It was pretty embarrassing but we caught up with them with our tries that we scored. Then we were all tied up.

Johnnie was by himself because Isaac and Kolio were taking a break. It was 3 on 1, Johnnie took a step up to our defensive line we prepared for his attack to try and score a try on our try line. Johnnie was stepping the air left to right, forward and back until Johnnie ran to the side of the court where room 8 is and kicked the yellow and black rugby ball to the fence, which rebounded off the fence and Johnnie caught the rugby ball and scored a try against our defensive line. I felt quite depressed and sad but then the Morning Tea bell rang to warn us to get back to class and It was all over.
We couldn't score a last minute try or do anything  to tie the game, and Now that it was all over we all rushed to the water fountain took a drink and then we walked back to class like a big group of friends.

Now That is my story about my very amazing Morning Tea.

Special Family outing -

On Saturday the 28th of February, we went to the North Shore, to pick up our new Puppy Oscar ! Oscar is a Siberian Husky with a little bit of Labrador in him. We were picking him up from a local breeder. It was my Brother (Erastus), my Dad and I going to pick up Oscar sadly my Mum couldn't come with us due to her work.

When we got to the place we saw two big dogs in their front yard it was the mother of the Puppies (A Husky) and another dog that belonged to the Breeder. We knocked on the door and the person who lived there opened the door, behind her ran our little dog Oscar with his short stubby legs.  We were given the several things that was about the dog, a weeks supply of food and two brand new toys. After the breeder said goodbye we left carrying Oscar to the van.

When we were driving he was sitting on me then started moving towards the window and sat on my brother. It was quite amusing watching him. Our next destination was the Animates pet shop at Lunn Ave.  We got to our destination and put Oscar on His Leash. My dad walked him into the shop to look for a new bed. We found a bed that Oscar liked it was a colourful and it was a big bed. The big bed was for one reason Oscar was going to get very big.

After we found the bed the nice woman who was petting Oscar took the bed to the counter. She came back and then we moved onto the dog bowls we got two large bowls one for water and one for food. We were going to buy clay bowls because steel bowls move around too much. Moving on from the bowls we grabbed a massive 15 Kg bag of puppy biscuits. At the counter we payed for everything we put all our items in the back of our van and drove to our home.

The first two living things to get out was Oscar and my dad and then we all went exploring with our new family member. While we were exploring my Dad left us to go and make a gate because there was a place where he could escape and run away. My mum came home and She was excited to meet Oscar. She was having cuddle with him and then I looked at the time and thought it was time for Oscars dinner and my Dad was thinking the same thing.

We opened the bag of biscuits and put one cup of the biscuits and 1/4 of can of meat for him to eat. After he ate he went to sleep. That was a special day for all of my family.