Thursday, 23 August 2018

Where would you Go?

Point of View - Where do you stand?

My voice about Plastic Bags!

The Assumption of Mary

We need to look after the Earth!

Stating a point of view.

Remembering Mary on the day of Assumption

Natural Resources - Nature cares for Us ...How do we care for Nature?

Stating a Point of View

The Four spheres of the Earth

Going a a pilgrimage...

Term 3 - looking forward

Wow it is already Term 3

It is so fast it's Term 3 Week 5 2018 !!
Malo e lelei
I am a Year 8 student in Saint Patrick's School, next year I am going to evolve and step up on becoming a year 9 student. I am a road petrol for Saint Patrick's School and it is my responsibility to keep our school children's safe crossing the road. As a year 8 student this year is so fast I am nervous but excited to step up to year 9. My favorite sports is rugby, soccer, NFL and basketball.

Please follow my learning Journey

The water cycle

First Post

Kumusta ! Ni hao! Kia ora Hello my name is Antonio, it is 2018 and it is term 3 and I come from the Philippines and I use to study in Xavier School Nuvali Laguna where I was taught Chinese, English, and Filipino. I am a new student here at Saint Patrick's School.It was hard leaving my friends in the Philippines but I am happy that I have found new friends. I am happy that my family moved here. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Learning about the Fencibles

Will I ever get tagged? By Uinisieti

Will I ever get tagged?

Learning Intention:  I am learning to add greater detail and interest in ,u writing by using adjectives.

Will I ever get tag?

Today was sunny and bright,  At morning tea, the intermediate students raced to the top of the playground to see who would be the last person to reach the highest point !  The last person would be the tagger , we all raced like wild animals - because no one wanted to be the tagger.

We played a game of ball tiggy, it was girls versus boys. Boys were in first, they passed the ball to each other so fast and quickly moving as if they were the DC Flash, so that it will be easier for them to catch the girls. I screamed so loud like a girl from a horror movie, and ran so fast using my skills from rugby that I have learnt, so that the boys wouldn’t tag me with the soccer ball.  The girls helped each other passing the ball round and round in circle to make it easier to catch the boys enabling us to tag them faster.

We used different kinds of strategies to catch the boys like, all the girls running round in circles passing the ball to each other, side stepping the boys, pretending that we are invisible and more other things. We also acted like animals in the jungle to distract the boys and even dancing !!!

I had a lot of fun playing with my classmates and other students, it was funny and enjoyable too.

A moment in Time

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

During Morning Tea Time!

Today, at morning tea time, the year sixes from room 7 and 8 (and one year 5 from
room 6) played a thrilling and excellent game of soccer.

We were split in uneven teams and played like crazy cats furiously
chasing mice. We weren’t playing a proper soccer game because some
people were hand balling, others were still kicking the ball
even when it was passed the line (which was very near to the goal),
and they had to switch places with each other, including myself,
for example defender and the goalie.

It was a fun game, though, because everyone was smiling and
laughing and having a good time. Small problems didn’t become
bigger and people weren’t fussing over small things, like we usually
would during the soccer game. Both teams kicked the ball in each
others goal with pride and their team celebrated for a while and
then focused on the game again. My team scored three goals and
the other team scored four.

Before one of my teammates would score a goal, the bell rang
very loudly. People started to run back to their class and slapping
their hands on their classes sign by their classes door. During that
time, people who played at the soccer game congratulated and said
good game to each other. Then we waited patiently for our teacher to come.

I wish I could be in hard materials class again! - By Fulila

I wish I could be in hard materials class again!

Today at Technicraft  the year sevens went to the Hard materials
class, our teacher was Mr Nair.

Our first instruction was to select a picture of a character from
the computer to trace using carbon paper to transfer the image
onto wood. My character was a robot.

Following this, I used the burner to burn the lines I had traced
onto the wood. It took a while to burn it. When I finally finished
burning, I went ahead and painted my picture with dark colours.
Next I began shaping the wood with sandpaper, then when I was
finished Mr Nair sprayed my project with a polisher.

At the end of tech we cleaned up the classroom and headed to
bus. I was very proud of what I made, I learned heaps of skills
that I could use in the future.

Accidental Plastics

Reaching Out to Help Others -

I created a DLO to show one of the things that God desires from us as children and family.

Scripture Reference!

Scripture Reference!

Scripture Reference
Teaching Characteristic
Matthew 5:1-11
On a mountain
Clear message for people to think about.
Matthew 1:3:54
A song of the future of the Glory of Zion.
Mark 2:1-2
Jesus heals the Paralyzed man.
Mark 4: 1-2
By the Lake
He taught people about the parables.
Mark 1:21-28
He taught authority
Luke 7:36-50
Anointed by a sinful woman
Luke 24: 13 - 35
The road to Emmaus
Followers of Jesus preached to him.

Learning Intention: We are learning to Identify the teaching characteristics Jesus used in his role as teacher.