Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Different Points of View

Changing the time we start school - where do you stand?

As an Intermediate student I disagree to the statement being said about starting school for at 8:30 which would start difficulties for not only parents but for my siblings and even myself.

Firstly In my family I am not an only child which means my parents would have to take two trips for my siblings and I. Unfortunately that would make life harder for my parents and also for the cost of petrol they wouldn't want to go to the gas station every now and then to get petrol.

My siblings are only 8 and 3 they would have to be super fast to get ready and it takes them almost half and hour to get ready which would mean them getting up 30 minutes earlier than before. Also they wouldn't be awake they would be sleepy which could make them fall asleep during class.

If my siblings work out then my parents would have to wake up even earlier because like everyone knows lunch doesn't make itself. My parents are used to a routine leaving at 8:30 because its best to be at school with other people than yourself.

So I disagree to starting school at 8:30 because my younger siblings won't be up for a tough challenge (they won’t handle it) and my parents wouldn't want to wake up earlier than they use to wake up.

In room 8 we are learning about the features and structure associated with 'Persuasive Writing'. Persuasive writing is a form of writing that allows the writer to express how they feel about a specific topic or focus but, it also involves justifying how you feel with evidence. One of the ideas that we have responded to is an idea that our teacher had about changing the starting time of school. We had varying views about this!

Monday, 19 August 2013