Monday, 17 February 2014

                                                             Henry and the Flea
                                                                              Written by Brian Falkner

Pages                  Focus: Predict

I was absolutely amazed by the determination of the key character 'Henry' right from the outset of the novel, I became very aware of this.  Being able to confidently talk with a adult and not backing down but remaining polite the whole time and not loosing you cool, that really says something about a person. Henry wants to be a 'Warrior' - not the ones you read about in adventure books, but a genuine team player of the Warriors NRL team!
 I guess many boys who are 12 like Henry  might have that as their goal for the future  however, Henry doesn't have any intention of waiting till he's older.... He wants to be a 'Warrior' now!
While I can understand his enthusiasm, I think that going to see their coach  is a pretty big thing to do.  Henry thinks he's got what it takes and more a special something.  At this stage I predict that Frank (the coach) is going to give him a pep talk something like come back in a few years and then show him the door.