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Religious Education Te Wairua Tapu in Scripture

Te Wairua Tapu

We are learning to use our analysis of advertisements that use ethos, pathos and logos to write a summary.

Advertisement Critique - Best Advertisement

Best Advertisement ever
  The act of giving and generosity has been repeated and lead to changes happening. It changed the old woman, the lady with her trolley, the dog, the woman and her daughter, the lady on the bus, the dying plant and a change in the man himself. It shows the amount of help one person can have.
  A woman has disbelief when the man first shares his bundle of bananas and responded with love from his act of kindness. The dog received generosity and showed him loyalty. The child received money and gave him a bow of thanks. The woman with her trolley received aid and treated him like a family.

  When the last 10 seconds shows all of the change made by the man, it shows life and happiness . The advertisement is trying to encourage viewers to help people out, even though it doesn’t give you fame or popularity, but a feel of emotions.

Persuasive writing - Context - Reading is Important

Speech - Is reading important?

In room 8 we had a task set out for us. We had to persuade our teacher and the class why we think reading is important? We turned or persuasive writing into a speech.

  • Opens doors about information you didn't know.
  • Lets you learn more words.
  • Extends your learning.
  • Makes you get jobs that you need.
  • It makes you interested when you read it.

I believe that reading is important because it is the main thing you have to know in college and the other main subjects that include reading is English, Writing, Reading, Maths and Science,  all five subjects includes reading and also gets you jobs that pays you a lot of money.`

Firstly, reading is important because it extends your learning by adding new words and also opens new doors to information that you didn’t know. Reading helps you get more jobs because in all jobs you have to read because if you want to be a doctor then you have to read a lot of paperwork because there are a lot of people that get injured. When you have nothing else to do you can  get a book and read, as you read along you start to get interested in  the book and makes you want to finish the book but then you have to do something else. It also makes you understand more words that you didn’t know the meanings to.

Secondly, It is important because almost all books have information about animals and surviving, those kind of books are important in case you get lost in the woods. It helps you with your vocabulary and with words that you need to learn how to spell or say. When you need help with something then you can just grab a book and read about the topic that you needed help with.

Thirdly, reading is important because when you need help with your work that the teachers give you then it’ll be okay because you can always get knowledge from a book. Reading books helps you learn more because there  are books that help you learn sign language so you can translate with someone you know that needs help. Reading is important and fun because when you read a book you can get some ideas off it and make up your own.

Thank you for listening. I hope this speech about why reading is important helps you to read more in life and to never throw away a book.

Persuasive writing - Room 8 Speech context: Reading is Important

Reading is Important

People are thinking that, why is reading important?
The reason why reading is important is to build your knowledge and to improve our education. People read everyday to develop their skills to be prepared for the future, because people want to be a scientist, a lawyer and all other jobs that you can think of. People are good at those things because they work hard for it. They keep on practising and they have all the knowledge to do all these things because they read a lot.

When people read novels, fictions and things like, is because they entertain us. They make us feel scared, sad, shocked and happy. The reason why reading entertains us because they have different genres, interesting stories and the message behind. Reading can be interesting if it has a writer or author. Writers and authors make reading interesting. They make us inspired by them and made us want to read more. Believe it or not reading gives more information rather than watching movies and tv. Reading gives more information because the writers and authors extended the story to let people know more all about.

Reading can help us with our education because it can build up our writing and literacy. It can help you understand new vocabulary that you have not learned before. Reading can also help you improve your memory and concentration. That is good for developing the skills from the future. Reading can be everything and everywhere. No matter where we go, there will always be reading.

You must read all the time, cause if you don’t your life will get worst. People at schools or at public will tell you to read a book and try understand it, and understanding is one of the things that got to do will reading. Also if you don’t read you will not have the knowledge to get job and do things in the future. Imagine what will happen without reading.

So that’s why reading is important and I recommend you to read at home!

My first Wevideo - My awesome time at camp.

My time at M.E.R.C. Wevideo

Reading to Learn


Part of our reading programme involves the use of the Kiwikids news resource.  This independent reading task incorporates the application of higher order thinking skills to respond to comprehension tasks about specific articles.

1. Find a quote from the main person in this news article?
The news journalist quoted  “The All Blacks have started their defence of the World Cup with a hard fought 26-16 victory over Argentina” to  inform their reader audience of the outcome of the game.

2. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
The first half saw the All Blacks not up to the standard that people expected and this resulted in the Puma’s leading 13-12. Partially this score was also the result of two key players on the All Blacks team being sin binned. The second the tables were turned and All Black fought back to win the game 26 -16.
3. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.
The game was held at the Wembley Stadium in London, England.

4. Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.
This first game for the All Black was on the 21st of September in NZ time. New Zealander's hope to see the All Blacks bring home the World Cup again at the end of the Competition

5. Explain in your own words why this event took place.
Every four years the RWC is held, They first start off playing in pool stages to compete to higher stages like quarter, semi finals etc.

Thinking and learning about our role in protecting our world now and in the future

Antarctic Map

We have been learning all about Sir Peter Blake and his mission to sustain Antarctica.
I have made an Antarctic map. This map has all the places of Antarctica, including stations.

We are learning to use Te Reo Maori in our everyday lives


Te Reo

WALHT : To use Te Reo in our everyday lives

Religious Education - Te Wairua Tapu

The Holy Spirit - Te Wairua Tpu In Scripture

Room 8 Speech - using persuasive writing.

Why is Reading Important?

Reading. People love it and people don’t. But the most important thing is that we all need it!
   First of all we do it every day and it’s everywhere. We wake up, read the newspaper or cereal and go to work or school there we read papers, books, charts and worksheets. People read road signs to drive safely and to know which way to go. There is always something to read if it's on the wall, in a book, on a building or by the road.
   Second reading gives us important skills. Reading helps you increase your vocabulary. Sitting down reading a  book takes long periods of focus and concentration. Being engaged to your book requires you to close out the outside world. Reading also helps people improve their imagination because reading a writing that is describing a place or event creates an image in your head instead of having the image in front of you. It increases your writing skills because in your memory you have an example of a writing.
   Third, without reading there would be no schools. Reading is a ginormous part of education, reading is in every subject. Especially in high school going over what you have written making sure you didn’t miss anything. Even though in maths there a mostly numbers and symbols you still have to read. Especially in writing it might take you more than 5 times to read it to make it almost perfect.
   Fourth, where would we be without reading? No one would know how to drive because they wouldn’t know what the road signs meant. Everything people would ever write will make no sense because they can’t go over it. There would be no buildings or they might have a fault. Blueprints might be just drawings with numbers, but they are actually how construction builders know what to do, without it buildings would be crumbling and tilting.
   I 100% believe that reading is important. Do you want to be someone then start reading? Do you think successful people go to where they are without education and reading is a very big part of that! Think about it.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Kiwikids news - articles that capture your interest!

Chocolate may be addicting, but think of what you would do next!

I have recently read a really interesting article from the Kiwikidsnews site by D Mulhern   

Image result for chocolateThe headline caught my eye as I skimmed and scanned across the page.

Headline: Addiction To Chocolate Lands Man In Jail
Chocolate Junkie, Luis Augusto Mora, was caught red handed thieving two boxes of chocolates from a supermarket in Colombia.

Reason 1: I was surprised that Luis Augusto Mara, who had an addiction to chocolates could face big consequences.

Reason 2: I never knew something sweet and simple could land you in jail if you had so much of it, but in his case, it’s more on the stealing due to his addiction.

Concluding statement: Woah! A man must’ve eaten a whole truck load of chocolates to be having that much of an addiction! I also agree with the Colombian President, that putting him in prison for 5 months just for stealing chocolate isn’t so much of a problem. The police should just worry about the bigger crimes committed by other civilians.

White hat :
Who was involved? - Luis Augusto Mara
Where did this event happen? - Colombia
When did this happen? - June 18 2014
What happened? - A man was arrested for theft
Why did this happen? - Because he was stealing 2 boxes of chocolate to feed his addiction.

LI:write a persuasive piece of writing using ethos. pathos, and logos.

Repeating Ads and Programs

LI:write a persuasive piece of writing using ethos. pathos, and logos.

Repeating Ads and Programs

Watching the same program over and over is sick. Instead of watching that I’m very sure you can change each program to a new one every single day. It’s always on when I come back home from school.

Firstly,  we never have a break from seeing the same faces on television, watching ads on tv makes me bored because it’s always about dishwashers,  hand soap, best houses, and conditioners. The program that should be on every time is the news. So everybody can see what’s happening around the world. It should show the sick people so it can have everybody's attention to raise money up for the people in need. To help the sick, the poor, and everybody out there needs help.

Secondly, it should show everything that's important in our lives.
It should show schools that needs help with their education, their uniform, programs in school, and about their learning. So all schools can see what’s happening so they could fundraise for those schools.

Lastly, Some ads are unbelievable over the limit using unacceptable languages and using violence in their acting. Ads should show participation of people finding new lives.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Critique of an Advertisement - Kolio

The Best Advertisement In 2014: Critique


The Writer of this Advertisement gave a special message to the audience through this ad. The message behind this advertisement was to encourage people to give back to the less fortunate people, animal and creations of the community and all around the world. Through out the advertisement there subtitles translating the words of the narrator's so we can understand the message of the ad is giving but even though without the subtitles we could still figure out the message and carry that message on to the world.
This Award winning advertisement has mentioned Thai life insurance and gives away messages that famous people would use to help the world with problems it has.

There are six actors including a dog and four adults that help carry the message in the advertisement.  In the Ad the Main character is giving away all he has. When he does his good deeds there are people watching him and disagreeing about what he has done to help the creations of God grow. Building up to the end of the ad he is still continuing his good deeds and makes the people who disagreed agree with him when they saw the changes of what was once  weak made strong. The background music brings the whole  ad together in one and made you feel the pain and happiness of the actors.

Many emotions come upon you when you watch this touching advertisement. Feelings of happiness and sadness take over you. The words and actions of the actors tell the story that makes you feel what you feel when watching this ad. Relating to this video is very easy. Knowing the world is actually is like this makes you even more sorry for the actors even though this is just an advertisement. 
Facts used in this ad makes you more engaged to the message of what the advertisement is giving. The ad uses facts that relates to the ‘Real World’.

The writers and directors of the advertisement are making the audience see that there is people who are less fortunate than us, and that this man is giving away all he has but it makes him we should give back to make the world a better place….e.g. ‘He doesn't get anything for doing what he those everyday, He gets nothing, He won’t be richer, He won’t appear on TV......’
This advertisement did not use any research but used the ‘Truth’. The truth about what is going on around the world. The truth about what you could do to help people. The truth about the world itself.

Learning Journal - Melayka

Learning Journal

While we were making plans for our designs, we were also assigned to make a journal and place the things that we did while we were in room 3. This is my finished presentation.

My experience at Merc - Ingrid

Me At MERC!!

I made a video about what I did at MERC using WeVideo.

Creating an endless ripple... Ella Marie

Creating an endless ripple....

LI: Analyse a video clip and answer the questions. 
If you would like to watch the video clip, here is the link to it: Brought tears to my eyes

What's happening in Aotearoa? Tajai

All Blacks team named

What’s happening in the Aotearoa?

The All Blacks 31 man squad has been announced for the upcoming Rugby World Cup.The All Blacks named their thirty one players to compete in the rugby World Cup next month.
This event took place at the Beehive in Wellington.

The Beehive is the common name for the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings, located at the corner of Molesworth Street and Lambton Quay, Wellington. It is so-called because of its shape is reminiscent of that of a traditional woven form of beehive known as a "skep". It is registered as a Category I heritage building by Heritage New Zealand.

This event took place on the 30Th of August 2015.It was held to see who would represent New Zealand for the Rugby world cup in September.These players will play during the world cup against the other rugby teams in New Zealand’s Pool.Their are 4 pools and five teams in each pool.The event was held because they needed the best players around New Zealand to Participate in this years world cup,only 31 players were named.

Discovering Antarctica - Michael

LI: As part of the immersion stage of our inquiry, we are developing knowledge and understanding about Antarctica.

Te Wairua Tapu in Scripture - Caesar

Te Wairua Tapu

Brought Tears To My Eyes - Folau

Brought Tears To My Eyes

We analysed a video clip and targeted a quote, aiming too make a connection between it and advertisement. This Advertisement is a emotional one which gives you that feeling of wanting to cry.