Friday, 25 September 2015

We are learning to use our analysis of advertisements that use ethos, pathos and logos to write a summary.

Advertisement Critique - Best Advertisement

Best Advertisement ever
  The act of giving and generosity has been repeated and lead to changes happening. It changed the old woman, the lady with her trolley, the dog, the woman and her daughter, the lady on the bus, the dying plant and a change in the man himself. It shows the amount of help one person can have.
  A woman has disbelief when the man first shares his bundle of bananas and responded with love from his act of kindness. The dog received generosity and showed him loyalty. The child received money and gave him a bow of thanks. The woman with her trolley received aid and treated him like a family.

  When the last 10 seconds shows all of the change made by the man, it shows life and happiness . The advertisement is trying to encourage viewers to help people out, even though it doesn’t give you fame or popularity, but a feel of emotions.

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