Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Critique of an Advertisement - Kolio

The Best Advertisement In 2014: Critique


The Writer of this Advertisement gave a special message to the audience through this ad. The message behind this advertisement was to encourage people to give back to the less fortunate people, animal and creations of the community and all around the world. Through out the advertisement there subtitles translating the words of the narrator's so we can understand the message of the ad is giving but even though without the subtitles we could still figure out the message and carry that message on to the world.
This Award winning advertisement has mentioned Thai life insurance and gives away messages that famous people would use to help the world with problems it has.

There are six actors including a dog and four adults that help carry the message in the advertisement.  In the Ad the Main character is giving away all he has. When he does his good deeds there are people watching him and disagreeing about what he has done to help the creations of God grow. Building up to the end of the ad he is still continuing his good deeds and makes the people who disagreed agree with him when they saw the changes of what was once  weak made strong. The background music brings the whole  ad together in one and made you feel the pain and happiness of the actors.

Many emotions come upon you when you watch this touching advertisement. Feelings of happiness and sadness take over you. The words and actions of the actors tell the story that makes you feel what you feel when watching this ad. Relating to this video is very easy. Knowing the world is actually is like this makes you even more sorry for the actors even though this is just an advertisement. 
Facts used in this ad makes you more engaged to the message of what the advertisement is giving. The ad uses facts that relates to the ‘Real World’.

The writers and directors of the advertisement are making the audience see that there is people who are less fortunate than us, and that this man is giving away all he has but it makes him we should give back to make the world a better place….e.g. ‘He doesn't get anything for doing what he those everyday, He gets nothing, He won’t be richer, He won’t appear on TV......’
This advertisement did not use any research but used the ‘Truth’. The truth about what is going on around the world. The truth about what you could do to help people. The truth about the world itself.

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