Friday, 25 September 2015

Persuasive writing - Context - Reading is Important

Speech - Is reading important?

In room 8 we had a task set out for us. We had to persuade our teacher and the class why we think reading is important? We turned or persuasive writing into a speech.

  • Opens doors about information you didn't know.
  • Lets you learn more words.
  • Extends your learning.
  • Makes you get jobs that you need.
  • It makes you interested when you read it.

I believe that reading is important because it is the main thing you have to know in college and the other main subjects that include reading is English, Writing, Reading, Maths and Science,  all five subjects includes reading and also gets you jobs that pays you a lot of money.`

Firstly, reading is important because it extends your learning by adding new words and also opens new doors to information that you didn’t know. Reading helps you get more jobs because in all jobs you have to read because if you want to be a doctor then you have to read a lot of paperwork because there are a lot of people that get injured. When you have nothing else to do you can  get a book and read, as you read along you start to get interested in  the book and makes you want to finish the book but then you have to do something else. It also makes you understand more words that you didn’t know the meanings to.

Secondly, It is important because almost all books have information about animals and surviving, those kind of books are important in case you get lost in the woods. It helps you with your vocabulary and with words that you need to learn how to spell or say. When you need help with something then you can just grab a book and read about the topic that you needed help with.

Thirdly, reading is important because when you need help with your work that the teachers give you then it’ll be okay because you can always get knowledge from a book. Reading books helps you learn more because there  are books that help you learn sign language so you can translate with someone you know that needs help. Reading is important and fun because when you read a book you can get some ideas off it and make up your own.

Thank you for listening. I hope this speech about why reading is important helps you to read more in life and to never throw away a book.

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