Friday, 25 September 2015

Persuasive writing - Room 8 Speech context: Reading is Important

Reading is Important

People are thinking that, why is reading important?
The reason why reading is important is to build your knowledge and to improve our education. People read everyday to develop their skills to be prepared for the future, because people want to be a scientist, a lawyer and all other jobs that you can think of. People are good at those things because they work hard for it. They keep on practising and they have all the knowledge to do all these things because they read a lot.

When people read novels, fictions and things like, is because they entertain us. They make us feel scared, sad, shocked and happy. The reason why reading entertains us because they have different genres, interesting stories and the message behind. Reading can be interesting if it has a writer or author. Writers and authors make reading interesting. They make us inspired by them and made us want to read more. Believe it or not reading gives more information rather than watching movies and tv. Reading gives more information because the writers and authors extended the story to let people know more all about.

Reading can help us with our education because it can build up our writing and literacy. It can help you understand new vocabulary that you have not learned before. Reading can also help you improve your memory and concentration. That is good for developing the skills from the future. Reading can be everything and everywhere. No matter where we go, there will always be reading.

You must read all the time, cause if you don’t your life will get worst. People at schools or at public will tell you to read a book and try understand it, and understanding is one of the things that got to do will reading. Also if you don’t read you will not have the knowledge to get job and do things in the future. Imagine what will happen without reading.

So that’s why reading is important and I recommend you to read at home!

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  1. Excellent speech writing and delivery, appropriate voice enhanced with effective eye contact and body language. Well done Michael.