Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Healthy Post

L.I - I created a Google Drawing enlisted with vegetables and fruits containing their names in order.

Forest Child

WALHT - use the structure of a narrative to entertain an audience

Image result for creamy owlAdapted to the wild and rejected by her parents, a beast tamer, Foul was abandoned in a forest that had been known by many to have a ferocious nature. Countless explosives, all set by Charles Darling, an infamous animal kidnapper and the culprit of inventing animal skin dealing throughout the black market. With her speck of luck, she had been caught and raised by a creamy brown owl. This owl (who she has renamed to ‘Brownie’) was born weak and has depended her life on herbs and fruits. Even mocked and cooed at, she became an independent, strong bird who thrives to protect her territory and those around her.
  Raised by a strong bird, Brownie was worried with his new founded ‘creature’. Born without wings, claws or sharp canine teeth, this large child was doubted to survive the harsh economy around her. The individual bird worked laborious for the forest child. Fasting parts of her daily meals, the bird was roughly skin and bones before it had collapsed unconscious back in its home.
  With the child gaining encouragement from its momentarily half-dead mother bird. With it having the same diet; crunchy nutrient-filled leaves, herbs and fruit, the child scurried off to scavenge off of other animal’s treasure in its holey trunks. Swinging from branch to branch, the child had been provided with many ripe and mature fruit. Foul’s experience was extraordinarily unaccountable. Alas, poor Foul with its founded mother all bone and feathers.
  Filled with pity and grief, Foul had much sympathy for its rotted stepmother. She was merely a decent child decent who desired something to take care of. Ever since that tragic depression, Foul, born as a herbivore, had no intention to kill animals for food or accessories of trophy.
  It had been 16 years ever since his mother’s death. Who knows what Foul is up to now? Dead or alive, he had a clean and pure soul. Charles Darling though, is still up to date and still selling animal hides, meat and head trophies.  

Introducing the funny but shy Elaine

Do you know Elaine? Well if not I’ll tell you all about her. Wait before you know more about her, know that she can be the best friend ever!!!
Elaine is really funny at times. So funny she makes us all laugh, maybe too much. But some other times she can be shy. Saying speeches in front of the class, meeting new people, being in trouble. I don't blame her at all. She’s got what a friend needs to have. Elaine is also smart, helpful, kind and much much more. Much more.
I've known Elaine all my life at Saint Patrick’s school, from when we were five together in room 1 with Mrs Mannikum - all the way up to today. I remember the first ever day I started here. Elaine helped me out. “Hello”, she said but I was a bit too shy to answer back. Settling in was hard for me but along with Elaine’s help I was fine by the next week. Elaine was quite new too but she wanted to be a true friend and to my opinion she sure was.

5 + a day

L.I  We are learning to identify, name and group a range of vegetables and fruit, as part of our 5+ a day focus.

The Fairy Princess

L.I. - I am learning to use the structure of a narrative to write and entertain my reader audience.

Once upon a time, there was a fairy village, where many fairies lived, there's pretty and loving girl named Blossom, she is the princess of the fairies and King Bob and Queen Bella are very happy for her but they are hiding a big secret to her and they still never told her since she’s a baby.
      But one day something bad happened, King Rat, the king of evil rats and mice kidnapped Blossom and trapped her in a tower in the middle of the cursed forest, the forest is cursed and only rats and mice can go in and the tower is very tall with no stairs but there’s a very small window at the top of the tower that no one can reach it or go in.
      The King ordered to his guards to save Blossom but the guards came back injured and there was no use to save her because the evil rats and mice are very strong and can't be beaten.
       Next the guards said to the King that it's possible that the princess was killed by King Rat and his evil army but the King and Queen didn't believe them.
       Meanwhile at the top of the tower, Blossom is crying at the corner and then a small rat entered carrying a food in a tray but Blossom don't want to eat, all she want to do is go home to her fairy friends and her family.
       Then something strange happened, someone had entered the tower, it's a fairy and it really look like Blossom when the stranger enters the room where Blossom is staying and when Blossom noticed the stranger she was puzzled, then the stranger grabbed Blossom's hand and waved her wand and the small window became wide and the flew off and go back to the village.
        When the stranger and Blossom reached the village, the fairies is shock even the King and Queen are shocked to find their daughter alive and fine but the King and Queen  are more shocked to see that the stranger is their long lost daughter and the long lost sister of Blossom, the name of the girl is Belle, they all cried and hugged each other.
         The King, Queen and the fairies planned to defeat King Rat and his evil army, then the next day they are all ready to defeat King Rat but Blossom will stay at the castle because she not powerful enough to fight them so she stayed with her friends and her mother, then the King and the fairies came back, they were happy to defeat King Rat.
         The Royal family of fairies celebrated a feast for the coming back of the long lost princess, and then the King, Queen, Belle and Blossom lived happily ever after.


I am learning to use the structure and features of a narrative

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jesse he always wanted to be in the contest where they built cool things with red stone to make their inventions work and the opportunity came up.
“Ok  guys let’s do this!” Jesse said.
Steve said “Do what?”
“Go to the contest where you can build staff” Jessie replied. So they started walking they became know  as The Warriors. There was some other people, they were their enemies. They started building a ender man and behind that was red stone and fire works. The enemies were jealous so the guy got a pick axe and started to smash the cobblestone and the lava started to come out to burn their building. Steve, Alex and Jesse stopped it. Then Reuben (their pet pig) ran away.  While Alex and Steve tried to stop the lava coming onto the building Jesse went to go find Reuben.

It was nighttime and Jesse ‘s anxiousness about the pig grew. His voice echoed across the forest as he turned to different directions, calling the pigs name out three times He went through caves where spiders,creepers,skeletons and zombies lived. He went out and there he saw a camp fire.  He thought that possibly his precious pet Reuben may have been cooked in it. A large sly leave his mouth when he looked at the remains of the file, which showed no evidence of pig, including any bits of the costume he was wearing. His eyes caught a movement of a bush so he checked it out. It was 
Reuben. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by zombies,creepers, spiders and one skeleton which had a bow and arrow.

Luckily, a girl, ( he later found out was named Petra) appeared out of nowhere, saved him and his pig. She was well known because she was the founder of the nether land. They ran to her secret hideout she had a lot of things. After she showed everything they went to go and cross the bridge. Jesse saw that  they won the contest he was happy. All of a sudden there came creepers they had no choice but to jump off the bridge!

They  were trying to reach to the Coles village. Jesse and Petra made a nether portal with obsidian and flint and steel. When it was completed, they walked into it. They entered The Nether World where there was blazes,ghast and pig mans. Then they found a mine cart. They went inside of it. While they were in the cart Jesse had to protect it. He used his sword to reflect all the fireballs that were coming to them. They had to find a way out so they had to build another portal “lucky I got some spear obsidian and flint and steel. “Hury” Jesse said. The ghast found them the ghast shot fire out of his mouth. Jesse jumped into the portal and Petra did the same thing. Then they were safe they were very close to where the contest was.

Jesse went back to the contest where Alex and Steve were. When Jesse arrived they went back to their tree house. Alex asked “What took you so long?”
Jesse replied “Sorry it’s to hard to explain” and asked “Where is Steve?”  
Alex replied “I don't know?”
Steve popped out with a creeper costume he said “I got you guys ha that's payback”
Jesse replied back “pay back for what?” He said “ummmm? never mind”

Jesse walked and he went to sleep.

I am learning to use the structure of a narrative to write

 and entertain my reader audience. 

Do you want to change the flag?

As part of our reading-we work independently exploring news items that have a national or international setting.

1. Find a quote from the main person in this news article?
Richie McCaw his support for a new national flag on social media. “This is the moment when I decided a new flag would be great for our country. Running out at Twickenham and seeing the two flags looking so similar. The silver fern has always been the special symbol on the All Black jersey that represents who we are as kiwis, so the new flag with a silver fern as a part of it would be a great option I believe.”

2. In your own words describe what happened in this news article.
In the finals of the rugby world cup the two flags I.e. of Australia and new Zealand flow side by side being so similar it was perhaps confusing to the thousand who had gathered for the game

3. Find out where this event took place and include some information about this place.
The game took place in Twickenham which is the home stadium of English rugby union in south east in England. The stadium of Twickenham can fit up to 82,000 people.  

4. Tell us when this event happened and explain what might happen in the future.  
This event took place in 2015 in the future i think the flag will change when the next rugby world cup start and everyone will know what New Zealand’s flag looks like and it does not look similar like the Australia one.

5. Explain in your own words why this event took place.
This event took place because when it was the rugby world cup the New Zealand flag looked the same as Australia's flag and thousands of people did not know what New Zealand's and Australia’s flag looked like.  

6. Use the Dictionary in the bottom right hand corner to find the meaning of 3 words from the article.
Referendum-When there's a election
Decide-When you think about something
Between-Somewhere in the middle.

Humpty Dumpty was killed by a Fox.... WHAT?

Once upon a time there was an egg named Humpty Dummy that lived in scrambled city where all the eggs live in.

One day a bad Fox named Foxy entered Scrambled City. He only went to egg town to rob the houses but while he was robbing his second house he saw Humpty sitting on top of a big brick wall. Foxy could not control himself so he had to push Humpty off the wall, so he did!

After Humpty fell and splattered into pieces Foxy cooked him and turned it to scrambled eggs and shared it with himself because he was also known as the greedy sneaky Fox. After that day the egg FBI were trying to find the the person who killed Humpty dumpty, they traced the egg stains then scanned some hand prints and footprints. The handprints were fox prints so they had to enter Foxburg to ask every fox in the city questions.

While the egg FBI were asking innocent fox’s questions Foxy was telling his best friend Phoebe what he had done, then foxy said “don't tell anyone”. but when the egg FBI came to Phoebe’s house Phoebe was getting nervous and started sweating and scratching and then…. “OK FOXY THAT LIVES DOWN THE STREET DID IT AND TOLD ME NOT TO TELL BUT I'M SCARED, PLEASE DON'T TAKE ME TO JAIL”. Then the FBI said “calm your tail we won't take you to jail you did nothing so i'm just going to take your friend Foxy to jail, now where does he live again”?

When the FBI went to Foxy’s house they smashed the door open and tackled foxy the put him in handcuffs. While they were taking foxy in to the police car egg reporters were trying to interview him, So he turned to a camera and said “I'll return.”


I am learning to use the structure of a narrative to write and entertain my reader/Audience

There goes the Billy Ra - by Kevin

Boom, Bang, Bop There Goes The Billy-Ba

In a magical world of twisty, roads, and loopy hills lived 2 Wiggies. Wiggies were the name of the people that lived in Willy Land. The first Wiggy were named Wiggy 1 & Wiggy 2.
Both shared one truck filled with all their favourite things, but the one thing that  they loved most was the Billy-Ba. The Billy-Ba, is a trophy that they both worked together to win. in the Willy Olympics. They won it by eating the most hot dogs in 1 minute. They ate 999 hot dogs, the recent record was 997, they were so fortunate to win just by 2 hot dogs.

One same magical day, the 2 Wiggies went on a road trip over the loopy hills and on the twisty road. Where they're going will be a place you’ll never believe. A place full of...
laughter, fun, joy and all the positive things you could think of. Wiggy 1 and Wiggy 2 were so happy they’d reached their place of cuddles. Both had so much fun playing, on the wiggity swings, and the bangity sea saws. Night was hovering in, it was time to go home. They packed their possessions and belongings up and jumped into their truck.

On their way home they went face to face with bumpy bridge. They heard legends about this bridge. Wiggy 1 said to Wiggy 2 “Legends say that whoever puts a single step on the bridge will be launched into the air and fall to the Zigzag river”. They were so scared that they wanted to cross the bridge in a hurry, so Wiggy 1 pushed on the accelerator and went on full speed. A split second later they didn’t see a big, tall, steel pole, so they headed straight for it. Boom, Bang, Bop there goes the Billy-Ba.

The Wiggie’s trophy flew out of the window and fell into the river. “Noooooooo” said the wiggies. Wiggy 1 and 2 were so heartbroken and went home with tears flooding their truck.

When they got to their house, their faces were so red from crying and inside their feelings were so blue. Wiggy 1 and Wiggy 2 couldn’t get over it. The Billy-Ba again was never found again.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Alien Invasion by Isaac

Alien Invasion

This Writing was influenced by the movie “Robot Overlords”!
The Survival 
 Humankind as we knew it was gone. It has been five years, since the aliens of Glomatron has taken over our world. The resistance of our’s are dying of hunger and thirst. We have no food to feed our young ones and our hunter’s haven’t been back for one week. Run!!! The Aliens ran and destroyed the camp site and cornered all our people, than random shots came from the forest “ BA BA BA” the shots came and went, we looked around to see that the aliens were dead on the ground.
 The Separation 

 We had found a new place to stay it's a big big warehouse, we drew our weapons as we walked into the warehouse, Next thing we know we were tied down onto poles bigger than a whole mini cooper. Guns to our heads and shouting “Who are you” we told them who we were and asked who they were, I call them “ THE RESISTANCE” we joined them because a team always wins. The shakes started, the ground shaked and the building that we were in broke down then I looked around to see myself separated.
 By Myself

 Day by Day I tried to find to a way to get to the other side it was too hard, I left to the police station which had been abandoned after the first attack from the Aliens.On the way there I saw a alien that was waiting for something to eat. At first I thought it was dead until it grabbed my leg, I kicked it off ran to the gun stack got the first gun that I saw and shot it. I found a big bag which I put rifles, shotguns and snipers into.
 The Alliance 

 I found an car which had been abandoned in a car park with food and drinks drove it until I found our group again, they hopped into the van we left into the forest where we found another camp with other people. They decided that we should make an alliance so we did. They were making a plan to enter the mothership of the alien’s so it would be over.
 Our freedom 

The plan was finalized, we chose the people who were going into the ship.We were inside when we saw people captured, locked behind bar, asking and shouting to be set free.We took the people with us to help. We left into the centre of the mothership with a bomb that tyreese( A Resistor) had built. Once the bomb was timed we noticed it had only one minute to until it exploded. we jump off the ship falling into water from high ground. We saw smoke as we came up, the ship had exploded and the people that were left were free.

Chimera - Mythical creature - byGabby

Chimera - Mythical creature

In Room 8, we made a presentation about mythical creatures and their appearances. Our presentation is linked to the mysterious eel that lived in the lake near Mt.Darius in the book; 'Lake of the Dead'.

Do you like Fruit and Vegetables - By Launoa

We are learning to identify, name and group a range of vegetables and fruit, as part of our 5 + a day focus.