Saturday, 4 March 2017

Technicraft Thursday!

Making Raspberry Jam!


Today at technicraft, everyone made something in a jar, some people made apple sauce, some
made strawberry jam and the others made raspberry jam. I made raspberry jam, my partner was
Eugene. First I got a pack of frozen raspberries and emptied it into the preserving pan.
After that, my partner Eugene boiled the raspberries on a stove with the heat on 100 degrees and we enabled it on fan forced. Next, we put the jar that we are going to use for the jam into the oven on 100 degrees so that it wouldn't crack when we put the boiling hot jam into it. Following that, we added two cups of sugar and ¾ of a teaspoon of tartaric acid with the sugar and the raspberries. We continued boiling it for 3 - 5 minutes and it started
to look like runny jam. Eugene and I agreed to take it out of the stove and put the preserving pan on a pot stand to let it cool down, after two minutes we gently poured the jam into the jars.
It was another new experience in cooking class. it was really fun making the jam and it was
also fun to decorate the jars.
Image result for raspberry jamScreenshot 2017-02-16 at 12.43.21.png


  1. Kia Ora i'm Tabby from St Patrick's School Greymouth. I like how you told the instructions and what you did so that other people could have a chance at testing it out, I also liked how you used your punctuation correctly but overall the writing and instructions were great. :)

  2. Hello st Patrick's school this experience must have been very fun. I would like to do something like that too. How long did it take you to make this jam? and did it taste good? also if you got to do this again what would you do differently?

  3. Hi St Patrick's school in Auckland My Name is Maya Briggs
    I really like how you make a strawberry and raspberry jam i think it's really delicious I think you should make a video of how you make it.

  4. hi st patrick from Auckland
    I really like the way how you explain to others what you did in your cooking class I would like to see more pictures I really love how you tell us about your experience ...

    From : Tiara St Patrick Greymouth

  5. Kia ora Shivay & Eugene
    That raspberry jam looks like it will be very yummy to have on my toast. I think next time your the method for the jam could of been in a different paragraph.
    Yours sincerly

  6. Kia ora Room 8
    That Looks like so much fun to make! In year 7 and 8 We do cooking with the high school and we make lots of things like this too. Was there anything that you had trouble doing? I would love to see more posts about what your doing at technicraft. I would love it if you checked out my blog by clicking my name on this comment. Amazing Job Shivay (and Eugene)

    From Samantha
    St Patrick's School,Greymouth

  7. Hi I like strawberry jam it sound like a lot of fun making the jam but it doesn't sound easy to make

  8. Hi guys! My name is Anthony and I go to Tautoro School. I liked how clear your instructions were and how easy they are to follow. But next time maybe you could add some more photos? I would of loved to see some photos on the step by step process. But other than that, I really enjoyed reading your work.
    Bye for now,

  9. Kia Ora St Patrick's school,
    my name is tumanako and I go to Tautoro school, Me and my friend sheyahni love that you have been cooking in your class and hope that you had a lot of fun. It looks yummy and easy to make,but if you made a mistake and it look's like you had forgotten something what will you do and how will you solve the problem to make it all better?. If you can will you please enplane a little more to this sentence(everyone made something in a jar) for example "everyone put their home made jam into their jar's".
    other than that We think that you did very well,we also hope that you keep up the good work. KEEP ON MAKING GREAT EFFORT INTO YOUR BLOGS.

    BY Tumanako and Sheyahni