Saturday, 4 March 2017

A busy but fantastic day with family

Recounting a busy but great day with family - By Alessandra

On the 5th of February, my family and I decided to have a barbecue at my grandma's house. We travelled there in my dad’s car. I was really excited to eat the yummy food with my family. My niece and nephew came with us too.

When we arrived at my grandma's house we started cooking. We made potato salad and vegetable salad. I peeled the fresh brown potatoes with my dad and aunt.  It was very boring because it was the same movement over and over again. While  I was peeling the potatoes I kept thinking why can't go and play?

My mum and I had to wait for the food to cook in the oven. We played with a deck of cards, to prevent us becoming bored while we  waited  for the food. We played a game called speed. It was really fun. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards and then say "Speed!" It was really hard to teach my mum the rules of the game because she didn’t know how to play. While we were playing, my mum and I smelt the food from the kitchen and thought that the food was ready.

After a while, we took the food out of the oven and my brother I, went outside to play touch and I really enjoyed that.  Soon after we went to enjoy the food we had prepared for the family. The food was phenomenal. We had different types of food like chicken, sausage, patties, potato salad and vegetables. Mmmmm! We also had sauce as a dip for the food.

When we’d  all finished eating the adults were having a meeting so the kids had to keep quiet and look after the little ones. We played tag and we tried hard not to scream like little kids.

When the sun started to fade, I looked through a book full of word finds. We had a challenge to see who will complete their word find first.

Finally we had to go home and have a rest because it 9:00pm already and I was exhausted.  I had so much fun at my grandma's house and my favourite part was eating the yummy food. Next time I hope that we could stay for longer so that we could watch some t.v. together.

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  1. Hello Alessandra My name is Erika and I'm from Saint Patrick's School in Greymouth. I really enjoyed reading your recount. It just made my mouth water as you talked about the food, I too really enjoy potato saled. It sounded like you had alot of fun at your grandmas house, I also really like the way you describe how you were feeling at the time and you used some interesting words.

    Sincerely Erika.