Saturday, 4 March 2017

Skateboarding - by Ace


Friday was surely an interesting day. It was time to do our weekly Physical Education (P.E) which occurs every Friday and our current subject was skateboarding. My class and I and room 5L headed to the bottom court. On the way to the bottom court, when the sun’s ray touched my physical body, I immediately knew it was going to be one of those days. The sun was grinning and its searing scorching ray of death burnt my skin and it also made my blood boil from the inside. “Ahh, this is going to be great! I said in my head sarcastically. Once we arrived on the bottom court. We were introduced to our two tutors Aiden and Andy, they were blonde haired professional skaters.

We sat down on concrete as all kids from room 8 and room 5L slowly burnt into Kentucky fried chicken. Both classes were assigned to get our gears, the gear pack included a helmet, knee pads, shoulder pads and a special glove especially made for extreme sports with vehicles. The tutors, unfortunately, didn’t have enough gear for everyone so Room 5L had to bail and wait for another time preferably after lunch. Thus room 8 took all the gear and learnt how to wear it and the importance of each item. Once we learned the purpose of each gear and learnt how to wear each and every safety gear.

They taught us how to ride a skateboard like radical Tony Hawks! Nah, I’m just kidding we learnt how to ride it the basic way. It was basically like skateboarding 101, we had to place the most comfortable foot on top of the 2 bolts located on the front and back of the skateboard then use the other foot to push yourself and move around. We went back and forth onto the court with the knowledge we had, there were crashes here and there. But we got used to it very quickly then we became skateboards fanatics! Well, most of us that is. After a few laps of going back and forth with our skateboard, it was finally time to pack up the gear.

These two coaches showed us how to prepare the gear for the following class. Year 8 and 7s had to merge the hand wrists together, the same rule goes to every gear with the exception of the helmet and knee pads. Once the hand wrists and shoulder pads are merged. Each individual placed it on a knee pad and folded it with the merged items, then we placed the fused gear on top of the helmet and closed it.

I look forward to next week’s lesson.

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  1. Hi Ace, it's Maddy. I love this recount you've written. You really know how to describe the heat (I can tell it must of been really hot). Doing that activity sounds like a whole heap of fun. Hopefully one day I get to do this too. Next time you could work on where you put your punctuation (I spotted a few mistakes).