Saturday, 4 March 2017

An explanation about Pets, specifically dogs - By Ace

Pets are animals that can accompany people and are loved by their families. Some pets are either adopted or rescued from an organisation. Most pets are not adopted for their cuteness. Most of them can be beneficial and actually help people by protecting them, guiding them, catch pesky intruders and even some cases save people.

Dogs are a common household pet. There are lots of types of dogs categorised by their strength, agility and intelligence. Most dogs are bred depending on their qualities to make them helpful to society or hunting certain animals, they do this by using their brute bite strength, their keen sense of smell and their primal instinct which descended from wolves. Some dogs are used for military and safety purposes, they can detect explosives and illegal weapons. It is extremely crucial to take care of your dogs, which may cost you a lot of money and can be tiring. Due to excessive cleaning and grooming depending on the dog’s breed, exercising to keep them fit and training them so they can become obedient. But all this exhausting work will be worth it at the end.Image result for gabe the dog

Image result for cute cats

Cats, the rival enemy of dogs. Also known as felines. These cute, fluffy and chubby pets are mostly known for their reputation of making viral videos and cute photos on the internet. These felines are more capable than making a popular video and being fat. Cats can hunt pesky rats or mice lurking beneath the floor or in the darkness. All cats land on their feet upon landing which is an essential feature for them because they mostly climb in trees or ascend into tall buildings usually looking for food.

These two common pets are an advantage to humanity in lots of ways.  From being a wonderful companion to being used for military purposes. Such as locating explosives or pinpoint illegal items during transport. Pets are truly valuable and crucial family members to every house in the world.  

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