Saturday, 4 March 2017

Volleyball Explanation by Athea


Volleyball is a team sport that contains six or more players in each team. Each team tries to score points by passing or serving the ball to the other team which is on the other side of the net, the net is located in the middle of the court. Each team should have teamwork in keeping the ball in the air and try to pass it to the opponent successfully.

Each team should only have three tries on passing the ball, and each player should only have one try on serving or passing the ball. There are 3 sets in each game, and the first team who gets 25 is the winner. There is a formation that goes around every time each team has their turn, it looks like a badge and it rotates clockwise.

There are many rules in playing volleyball. When the opponent tries to pass the ball, they should only aim it within the line or the court, when it exceeds, it is counted as the other team’s score. The player that is going to serve the ball (which is located in the back right corner of the court) is not allowed to let the ball hit the net when he/she is serving. If he does, it is also counted as the other team’s point. When you are serving you should be out of the court or else it will be counted as a violation.There is a rule that is called in or out, this indicates where the ball landed. If it’s inside, the court, it is considered as in, if it’s outside, it is considered as out. The player is not allowed to correct the referee, but in some cases, they can if the referee misconfigured something.

Matches in volleyball have a  time limit. The competitive volleyball contains a 60-minute time limit, while the social volleyball has a 45-minute time limit. Each player should be wearing their jersey, especially when they’re having a competitive match. Despite the coach who leads the team, there’s another person who does too, he/she is called a captain ball. He/she also leads the team, by telling them what to do during the game.

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