Saturday, 4 March 2017

Religious Education: Reflecting on the message from Scripture - by Justice

Religious Education

Religious Education began with thinking about the message from scripture
Sirach 17:20-28:
"The scripture today is telling us to call for repenting which means for us to forgive and confess the things that we have done wrong. Repentance is about telling God what you have done wrong and how you are going to fix it. Turn back to God and reannounce your sins".

LentL A time of reflection, a time for thinking about our journey towards Easter and Jesus.

Ideas for fasting (Fasting is when we give up something.)
Penance is about your
  • Action
  • It is spiritual
  • Confessing  your sins
  • Forgiving for the things you've done wrong
  • Praying to God for what you have done wrong
  • Faith
  • To ask God to forgive what you have done wrong
  • Turning back to God for what you have done wrong
  • To look inside himself, Reflect
  • Strength
  • Fasted 40 days 40 nights
  • We intern and look inside ourselves.
  • Lent is a time is based on a time Jesus went to the dessert it was a test for and fasted and was tempted by the devil.
  • To grow closer to Jesus.
  • To look deeply inside ourselves or reflect on our life.
  • Reconciliation
  • Reflect on our action or words bring us closer to God.
  • If you help someone in need you are welcoming Jesus in your
  • Act of Contrition we are opening ourselves towards God
  • Are we thinking ofothers?
  • Are we reaching out?
  • Lent is a very special season in the Liturgical year

Lent is about...
  • Penance
  • Growing closer to God
  • Give up something for 40 day and nights just like what Jesus had done
  • Campaign for holiness
  • To take away the distractions that we have made in our lives
  • A preparation for Easter where there is a big feast
Ideas for fasting:
  • Fast from impatience today
  • No pushing and shoving
  • No put downs
  • Fast from unkindness today - no put downs
  • Fast from laziness - no shirking
  • Fast from snacks between meal today
  • Fast from bully and talking about other people

Ideas for almsgiving:
  • Give some time to help your mum or dad tonight
  • Right to your grandparents today
  • Learn about the Caritas  appeal today
  • Share your time with someone that is lonely today

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