Tuesday, 20 March 2012

At the One Direction Concert You Can...

See fan's screaming out to their favourite One Direction guy.
Hear their awesome voices singing your favourite songs.
Smell other people's breath as they chant out "One Direction" a million times.
Taste the soft breeze hit your face as you jump up and down to see them.
Almost touch their hands but be pushed away by security guards.
Play with your souvenirs while waiting for the concert to begin.
Watch them sing and dance to their number one songs.
Call up your friends and tell them "Ha ha, your'e not at the concert!"
Enjoy your time and enjoy being with your friends.
Wonder if you could go back stage to meet them.

At Rainbowsend you can..

See all the amazing coloured activities and rides
Smell all the yummy scents from the delightful food stores
Hear all the loud screeching and howlings from different people old and young
Taste delicious candy.

Building Images in your head

At the shopping centre you can...
See people at the food court munching on fast food
Hear people talking with their friends
Smell people testing perfume at a perfume sale
Taste the bitter perfume drifting in the air
Watch the advertisments on the advertising screen
Call your friend to come shoppimg with you
Enjoy the food at the food court
Wonder where the clothes store is.


At home you can see the television portraying comical cartoons
Hear your mother bellowing chores in your poor ears
Smell the delicious smell of dinner wafting towards your nostrils
Taste cold fresh milk run down your throat after a bright school day
Touch the button on the T.V. remote desperately channel surfing
Play with your faithful house pet, stroking it lovingly on its back
Watch as your mother sets the table for the long awaited dinner
Call your fellow friends, desperate to gossip and blurt a secret
Enjoy the finely made dinner .. devouring every piece of it!
Wondering what to do next after a long, slow, painstaking day.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Fake Nightmare

It was a wet and rainy weekend. There were puddles of mud and crashes of thunder and lightning.
The phone started to ring, so I picked it up and answered it. “Hi who is it”I said.
“It’s me Alice” my friend replied “I saw this haunted house on the internet” “Do ya wanna go check it out?

I was scared but I said yes. I went and put on my turquoise feather lined coat and walked to my friends’ place.
When I arrived, I knocked on the door and almost immediately I heard foot steps running towards the me. The door swung open and Alice stood before me ready to go. Together we
walked vigorously to the haunted house.

The house was made out of old rotting timber. Cracked black windows hid the horrors that were lurking inside. Feeling brave Alice and I slowly stepped through the door. Suddenly a huge and hairy black spider fell off my shoulder and dropped to the floor. It took me a while to realise that the piercing scream that echoed off the walls had come out of my own mouth.
The furniture was covered in heavy, fluffy spider webs, there wasn’t a single speck of furniture that wasn’t covered. Like a movie camera on zoom, I closely examined the room. After a minute or two I realised that everything in that house was just a prop!

Alice and I left the house with relief.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Attack of the Electric Blue Spiders

Step by step the hairy 8 legged creature crawled up the hairy leg of my teacher, Mr Styles during history class.

Half of the class was in full shock while the other half jumped around and crawled onto the desks shouting with fear. About five minutes later you could see all the electric blue spiders racing into the class like the zombies in The Walking Dead. They were the weirdest spiders I’d ever seen! They were covered in blue and white stripes, had red eyes and had these two dark brown stripes on their bodies like a pair of suspenders. All of the class went bonkers and you couldn’t even see Mr Styles because he was totally covered from head to foot by the electric blue spiders.

Out of nowhere Superman came to the rescue. He picked up Mr Styles and t flew away out of the open class window. Since that day we’ve had three electric blue spider attacks and Mr Styles never came back.

Monday, 5 March 2012


Can you imagine being stuck at home, grounded by yourself? Well I can. Trying to make up my mind whether to do homework or not I felt like I was in jail! My brain was about to explode!

Minecraft was introduced to me by Clark (my older brother) a month ago, I got addicted like a drug addict but instead of drugs it was a game. ‘Once you have finished your homework, you can play minecraft all you want’ my conscience kept on saying ‘No, no, no!’ My evil conscience demanded. 'Once you’ve started doing your homework, there’s no backing out’. Both of them were right, so I decided to play minecraft for 10 minutes since it was already 10.30, “Creeper!” I shouted, hypnotized by the game. “Mission Accomplished, I have finally found a diamond! I better do homework now” I said to myself. I checked the time, and then my eyes went wide open “It’s 12!” I shouted “Aaaah! I’ve been playing for 1 hour and 30 minutes”.
I felt a cold breeze touch my skin as I shivered; I took one step at a time trying not to faint. “Saint Vincent De Paul, who was he?” I asked myself “I should stick to my evil conscience I'll play all day long” By that, you should know how lazy I am to do things especially doing homework, who knows maybe in the future I would do my homework all day even though it would bore me.

A weekend to remember

Overjoyed is the word to express my feelings on Friday as a hot humid day ended. My joy was reinforced by the arrival of my older brother Kasi who had flown up from Christchurch, where he worked on Waitangi weekend. Earlier in the day room 8, my class played softball. While I was enjoying the game, I did not enjoy the feeling of the sweat that trickled slowly like a slug from my head down my spine. Later that day mum dropped me off at the YMCA swimming pools where my overheated body was cooled immediately by the waters as it wrapped around me like a blanket in the cold night. I wished everyday was pool day.

A day at home

A day at home
As the sun came out after a night of sleeping, I knew somehow that today was not going to be as fun as I would like. There was nothing to do; it was definitely going to be a day at home.

“Where’s the remote mum?” I shouted as if I had a megaphone.
“Look for it!” I felt anger like Aries, the Greek God of War. I felt like a guard dog too, sitting there in an uncomfortable chair as I stared outside waiting for a family member to arrive and drop me off to my destination.

A fun land would be awesome, like Rainbows End, or Chipmunks, (jokes I’m too old for that). As I approached the kitchen, the noise of a machine caught my ears, like a whisker that whips cream. I was right. Mum was making a Banana cake, the smell of which caught my nose and it tingled with excitement. “I can’t wait to eat that cake,” I exclaimed with joy. It’s not for you lazy, it’s for aunty, she asked if I could make a cake for a thing that they’re having and I said yes. But.... if you help me whip this cream then I will make an extra one for us.” Mum said as she glared in my direction. That was not expected, I wasn’t signed up for this, but if I wanted my mum to make an extra one then I had to do what she asked. The way I saw it I had two choices, yes or no. “Ok yes!” the words left my mouth and rolled over my lips as I seemed to move into automatic mode and started whipping the cream. I felt vibration invasion like a juicer when you start it or a call or a message received on your cell phone. “Stop now!” I shouted anxiously, “keep on going.” My arms were getting weak as a Skeleton. There we go, now can you make it. As soon as the banana cake arrived I knew that this is gonna be yummy like taste of perfection. “Wow.”

The only exciting thing that has happened all day was eating the banana cake.

Hot Summer's day

Boiling is an excellent word to describe how I felt when I came out of the car.

An hour’s drive, packed like sardines in a car could be exhausting but I had enjoyed the trip as the air conditioner was on full blast! When my family and I arrived at our destination, Port Waikato as eager as a beaver I opened the door and that is when the heat hit me. Quickly I closed the door again.

Near the car we found a grass area and we had lunch. Half an hour later, footprints left a path on the sand as we sank gently as we made our way up and down the sand dunes to the water’s edge.

While my family and friends were starting to fish in the burning weather I was lying on the sand under an umbrella trying not to get sun burnt. It took at least half an hour until someone reeled in a fish, but it was a small fish though. They took hours and hours that eventually I got uninterested that I begged my mum to take me somewhere less scorching. We went back to the car and stayed there basically for the whole day. I started to gobble up food again because there was nothing else to do.

Hours went by and it was getting late that I went back to the water’s edge.
“Can we go soon? Please!!!” I asked my dad
“Later” he replied
It was hopeless we were probably going to stay there for at least another hour.

So another hour went by and they were finished fishing for the day. The car smelt like fish from the fishing gear which wasn’t a pleasant smell.

Even though an hour’s drive doesn’t seem so long I kept on complaining until we finally arrived home. When we got home I ran inside to my bedroom because I knew that the weather in my room wasn’t as bad as it was in Port Waikato.

Rainbow Spinner

For our first science experiment Room 8 created a Rainbow Spinner. If you are interested in doing this experiment, you will need the following materials.

Colouring Pencils/Pastels
Cardboard Ruler
Scissors Pencil
1 metre of thread/string
Compass/Hole Punch (Optional)

Step1. You will need two identical cardboard circles [I suggest that you do this before hand] and divide them into equal segments/parts

Step2. Once divided into segments/parts, decide what colours you are willing to use e.g. Pastels or Colouring Pencils.

Step3. Colour in both of your circles exactly the same or else the result will be different.

Step4. When coloured, glue the two circles together and punch in two holes that are approximately 1or 2 centimetres apart in the centre of the circles

Step5. Now the tricky part – certainly und this tricky, insert the string through the holes and tie a knot at the end.
(It will be doubled)

Step6. Now the fun part! Spin the spinner until the string is fully twisted then pull your hand apart to see the colours merge into one!

When the spinner spins really fast you will see light reflected from all the colours, but your brain cannot separate them. So you see a mixture of all colours, which is white. Your spinner may look grey to you because the colours are not pure.


The big golf game

The big golf game, The Oldies (which was what I called my dad’s group) vs. the youngsters. I looked up in the sky. “Quite cloudy, this game is MINE!!!” I thought to myself. Bring it on!!!

I placed my tee in the grass with the ball on top. The tee seemed to pierce deep into the soil. I stood behind the ball and measured the wind, which blew through my hair. I stood behind the ball, waiting for the wind to calm down so I can take a nice straight shot. I went into my position, aimed my club head straight ahead and got ready to hit the ball. I took my first swing. The club dropped and took out a small patch of grass, but as I took my second shot, my club smacked the ball so hard that it shot the ball up in the air like a jet. As the ball soared through the air, it seemed to grow a propeller, engine and exhaust pipes. Finally it landed on the ground started rolling forward. It stopped just at the top of the hill with an excellent view of the hole and the fairway. This was my chance to start he youngsters with a temporary advantage. After a few more holes the Oldies got rid of our advantage and ran away with a one stroke lead

Finally I arrived at the last hole of the course, the 18th hole. It isn’t the longest hole in the course but as silly as it may sound, this is where most golfers like us crumble with pressure like pastry. I took my drive which just rolled up the hill with an exceptional view of the hole. I peered into my golf bag, deciding what club to use next. I picked out my seven iron so it will balance between height and distance. I took my shot, which floated in the air perfectly. A few more shots similar to the previous and I have arrived on the green. I shouted to my dad “let’s see if you can hit a par to win”
“I bet you 5 bucks I will!!” he replied. I had to get a par or bogey to conquer this game.

I took a putt. Just rolled past the edge of the hole. My last putt to win. I measured the break of the green and the direction of the wind. I took a putt and the ball s l o w l y approached the hole and cup ponk!!!! It slipped into the hole. I had pulled in a victory for my group and I was named MVP (most valuable player) but I couldn’t have done it myself. The day passed and I had so much fun that I forgot to play any computer games.

Glow Worm Caves

As my family and I entered the darkness of the Kawiti Glow Worm Cave the temperature dropped sufficiently and Goosebumps appeared on my bare hands and legs. A cold damp soft breeze brushed over me, anxiety caused adrenaline to race. Slowly, I followed my family in a single line formation; I was the safety person at the back - the sentry!

As we strode along the 200m trail inside the Kawiti glow worm cave the sight got better and better every time we took a step.

The cave led us into this narrow path and we had to configure ourselves to get through really tight spaces. Satisfaction led us to believe that we had conquered the challenging task that seemed like a real adventure. After approximately 15 minutes walk in the darkness, our eyes were struck and drawn by a gleaming light. We left the cave and had to take another 15 minutes of walking, but now in a forest. Beautiful sounds surrounded us as we walked and stared to get a glance at whatever made the walk so peaceful and relaxing. All too soon our journey came to an end. The exit sign made me feel a bit disappointed.

It was a great tour. Kawiti Glow worm Caves is a spectacular place I had a wonderful and exciting time.

Gloomy Waitangi Day

Waking up in the dread of the frosty morning was the least of my problems. But getting out of bed was something different. My muscles barely mobile, I strained to get myself up on a gloomy Waitangi Monday.
My hopes were completely crushed as I spied through the blinds of my bedroom window wishing for my life that it was going to be a spectacular day for the beach. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t raining but I knew that it was going to soon. I could tell by the sombre look of the clouds and how the sun hid itself beneath a group of cumulus clouds so extraordinarily that not a speck of light showed itself. Not a single speck.
Although it was obvious that we were not going, it was odd to see that my sisters Agnes and Rosary were wearing their bathing suits and fashioning unbelievably broad smiles.
“What are you smiling for, I snorted, and we can’t be still going to the beach, can we?”
“We are, aren’t we Rosary,” Agnes said.
“Fat chance,” I muttered to myself.
“Bet you we are going Ben,” Agnes said. I laughed hysterically and poured milk into my cereal. I watched as the milk frothed around and around inside.
It was ten minutes later, and we were all piled inside our car heading in a northerly direction towards Browns Bay. I had no idea how this had happened, what had occurred to my parents minds? But it wasn’t like I didn’t want to go and it wasn’t raining either. So there really was no reason to complain. Reluctantly I had admitted defeat to Agnes and she curved her lips into a smirk and muttered something like “told you so.” I ignored her. The way to Browns Bay was going to be long and boring, but I couldn’t sleep because my brother was snoring so loudly that anyone within a five metre radius would lose their ears. Jokes!
Approximately forty five minutes later our car had pulled up into an available car park, and we were emptying it of our luggage. I shook my brother awake.
“Yo Joe, wake up.” He squinted at me through his baggy eyes, and closed them again saying nothing at all. I got the warning that if I tried again he would throw a tantrum. On one occasion he was almost close to punching me in the face. So I left him there, “Don’t come running to me if dad chucks you in the water,” I thought.
At exiting the car my feet collided with smoothness of the sand mixed with fresh grass. I glanced towards the grass hoping to find our picnic site. I saw it near a patch of sand, and the wind was blowing towards it. I thought this was one of the worst places to set site, and I think you’ll know why. My first and as always foremost option once arriving at the beach was to swim and I’m sure more than half the population of children there are in our world agree with me. But my parents (of course) didn’t let me, and more than half the parents that live on our world would have done the same thing. Lunch always came first on their list, and realising how hungry I was, it just wouldn’t make sense to wail and groan and plead as were the kids around me doing now. And the next thing I knew I was piling mounds of food onto a plastic plate and devouring every bit of it: corned beef, taro, chicken, and all that traditional Polynesian stuff. After about five minutes of pleading, my mum finally agreed that I could swim.
Splash! A face full of icy, brackish water crashed onto my face. It felt like I had been slapped in the face with a brand new thick sandal. I swam towards bigger waves to dive through. But an urging voice in my head told me to stay where I was. It was boring frolicking around in the water, doing nothing but well, bouncing around. It was getting windier and windier by the second, and I couldn’t help thinking about staying any longer. Nah! I should just stay, I thought to myself. Another gust of wind met my face, and I was suddenly under the water again, darting towards the sea bed. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t cold. It was probably because my body was getting used to the water. Seaweed clung onto my face and I brushed it off with my hand. Suddenly realising I couldn’t hold my breath any longer; I shot myself up to the surface, another cold gust of wind meeting my face. I noticed that I was alone because earlier my sisters were accompanying me, and now they were walking on the sand heading back towards the site. Coming to my senses I realised that everyone that I knew who was with me were gone. Kicking myself up from the water I followed them.
Arriving at the site I saw that there were mounds of leftover food on the mat. And before I could even reach out my hand my mum snapped at me telling me to get changed.
“You’ll eat after,” she said. I grinned and ran along to the changing rooms hurrying along in my wake.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A sporting start!

This year we have a Futsal team. We played our first game against another school last week. We played an excellent game as did our opponents Remuera Intermediate. The game ended in a draw. It was an excellent game. Many thanks to our Coach Mrs Manickum, her son Dylan and her nephew Callan. Can't wait for the next game!

Greetings from Room 8 2012

Nga tahi tatou e tu - We stand together as one....

looking forward to another great year of learning.