Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Room 8 Film 2017 - It's Our World.

Contamination, Pollution and Climate Change are some key issues impacting on our world today.
We are the children of today and that makes us the adults of the future.
We have a definite role to play in this world.
It's my world, it's your world, its OUR WORLD .. Keep it Safe.


  1. male lo Le I love the way how you did it and how it was not fake I love how you put Samoan in t only and I hope you Enjoyed it so yeah.

  2. Hello Room 8 I really enjoyed how girls and boys were dancing in the film, it was very creative. Mary-Ruth Room 10 Ruapotaka

  3. Hello Room 8 I really enjoyed how girls and boys were dancing in the film, it was very creative.

  4. Hi Room 8,
    Great way of showing Pollution and Climate Change in a way we can understand. Awesome creativity your class is showing!
    Keep it up.

    Kind Regards,

  5. Hey Room 8,
    I like the way you connected your dance to the world that we live in.
    I think that it was a great way to show people how you feel about the world. Also maybe next time you can add more detail to your dance.


  6. Hello Room 8, Nice dancing, good job but next time maybe yous could make your dancing look nice and do it at the same time but other than that good video.

  7. Great artistic talent shown by all the people in your movie. It's great also that you had a message for the rest of us to Care for Our WOrld.

  8. Hello room 8,
    My name is Viva and I go to Panmure Bridge School. I really enjoyed watching your video and how you managed to put together a dance for the beginning. I think that the video was a great of showing the world how you feel about living in the environment. Great job room 8!

  9. hi saint Patrick school i'm from tamaki primary school i really like your guys cool as film good job yay.

  10. Kia Ora , My name is Aja I am from Tamaki Primary School , I really enjoy the video it was very fun . I like how you guys were very confident with the moves you used and it was very entertaining . Keep up the good work ! And thank you so much !

  11. HI my name is Fe'ao I really like this video you guys are really good at dancing!

  12. Hello room 8
    Your class film was the best I like the part when those 5 boys dance and when the front boy falls back and get back up that was good. good work keep up the hard work it up. good bye

  13. Hi Room 8
    Your classes film is amazing. I really liked your guys dancing especially the boys. Keep up the good work and great filming skills.

  14. Nice work guys,
    This is a nice video the dances and music were good especially the boys. How long did it take to learn the dance maybe the girls should practice more.

  15. Hello Room 8,
    Your dance moves looks wonderful. The music is great too. Your clothes is very beautiful. Did you use your own or did your borrow it from teachers.
    Keep it up!

  16. Hello room 8. I am afatia and and I am a year 4 and from panmure bridge school.I like your movie because I like your danceing and your music

  17. Kia ora Room 8

    I really liked your movie and nice dancing. This reminds me of when I was playing with friends and I was dancing too. Did you know that the more you dance the more you become a pro at it I think. So what movie are you guys doing next year?

  18. Hi Room 8,
    My name is Aaliyah, a year 6 student currently attending St Pius X Catholic School. I really liked how you portrayed your message through dance and your work. Now, I'll make sure to keep my school clean, for the kids of the future.
    Keep up the great work!

  19. Hi Guys,
    Its Alessandra here I just want to say good job and that I miss you guys so much!
    I hope I see you guys next year!
    Keep working hard and good luck in the future!
    Love you guys!

  20. Hello, Room 8! I'm Gabrielle R, a student of SCA, currently a junior high school student of Grade 9/Year 10. I'd just like to say; greetings from overseas! What I absolutely admire about the video is the creative passion of expressing your intentions through this meaningful dance goes as to display your way of capturing the attention of your audience. A topic regarding any form of global concern are particularly serious, and I'd like to send you my thanks for spreading awareness of such a critical issue! I also just love the dedication and concentrated movement on Shivay!

    What variety of different methods can you bring to mind that can be as effective as the method used in this video? I'd love to see more of your works, but until next year!