Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mission Day

Mission Day 2017

Mission Day is an event that is held at St Patrick’s School Panmure.  It   is celebrated by parish members, parents,  teachers and children. Mission Day is a special day for all students and teachers to help fundraise for the orphanage in India known as the Holy Angels which is run by the Mission Sisters.  It is part of reaching out, not only for those in need but for those who are suffering for thirst, shelter, food and warmth and also those who may not get the opportunity to go to school and have education that will give them better opportunities in the future.

Our Mission Day, includes fun activities suggested by students in each class, raffles by teachers and food. It’s a significant day because Mission Day is part of our Mission Charism, which includes Prayer, Community and Service. Every student have the opportunity to  wear mufti. At the end of the day there are prizes to win and to take home which makes it much more interesting.  It is a day that draws people’s attention into Mission Day.

The key reason behind having Mission Day is that it is a way of reaching out to help others. The event was always a memorial day that reminds most of us that the importance of this day was to reach others because no matter what their belief is, age and their culture they will always be loved. Which indeed links to the golden rule “Love thy neighbour as you love yourself!”

Mission Day to St Patrick’s students has always been  a special part of them and been going on for years now. It was less than an event and more of a lifetime which helps us reach out to those in need.  

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