Monday, 6 November 2017

A definite event on our calendar at Saint Patrick's School

  • Annual Event
  • Beginning of Term 4
  • Reaching out to help people
  • Raise money for the people in need
  • Creating games and activity to raise money
  • For Holy Angels in India
  • Every year on the same day and the same time

Saint Patrick’s School is a Mission School.  We have a direct link with the Sisters of the Missions and we learn across our time at Saint Patrick’s about the Mission Charism which is Prayer Community and Service.

Mission Day is an annual event held at Saint Patrick’s School Panmure every year in the beginning of Term 4. It is held on the same day and starts on the same time every year, it is always fun and functioning due to the creativity of the children who create games, activities and more to help raise over one thousand dollars for the Holy angels orphanage in India that is run by the Mission Sisters.

Mission Day is an exciting event not only for the customers but the children who put their effort into arranging the activities as it is a great time to test the creativity side of the brain. Not only do people from Saint Patrick’s come to participate in the event but the outside people like the librarians in the libraries and other people who get interested by the posters and advertisements come and enjoy their time.

It is a really great way of raising money for Holy Angels orphanage and also helping those at home here in our community by donating food to the local food bank. It is fun and there are in fact prizes that are won every year from the raffle as there are cool prizes which have included:lego, and one year even  bikes.  All this makes the whole day very exciting  to spend your money  and hope to win.

The interest of everyone drags them to have respect for others in need and to help them have a better life which makes Mission Day a very special event where no one is left out.

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