Sunday, 26 March 2017

Chemical Reactions by Tristan


Chemical Reaction of Sodium Bicarbonate and Acetic Acid!

Today at Science, we learnt about the effects of the chemical reaction when we mixed sodium bicarbonate (baking powder) with acetic acid (vinegar). We followed various steps to successfully accomplish our experiment.

First we started of by filling a bottle with 150 ml of acetic acid with the help of our trusty pink funnel. Using the funnel we filled our small balloon with sodium bicarbonate.

Image result for chemical reaction of vinegar and baking sodaAs we finished pouring, we grabbed the neck of the balloon and stretched it on the mouth of the bottle. We were cautious not to tip the balloon because we thought it might trigger the chemical reaction, making a mess. Before we tipped it, we would have to travel to the grass just in case anything went wrong with the experiment.

As we tipped it, the tiny balloon started to fill up with CO₂ (carbon dioxide) coming from the solution of our base (sodium bicarbonate) and acid (acetic acid). Therefore the balloon started to expand like polyester.

Overall, Week 8 of Science was a very remarkable and spectacular day because I personally love doing scientific experiments!

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