Thursday, 2 March 2017

What do you think?

Do you think rubbish is a problem?


  1. Kia ora Alessandra! Great Drawing Showing Why Rubbish Is A Problem!
    I Like How You Have Multiple Reasons Why Rubbish Was A Problem.
    P.S. Could You Maybe Check Out My Blog?

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  3. Hello I really liked all of the different ways of explaining how rubbish is a problem if you litter, but maybe next time you could name it something different because rubbish isn't a problem its only a problem if you litter then its a problem.

  4. Nǐ hǎo Alessandra awesome drawing of why rubbish is a problem!
    I like the way you set the whole thing up and all the reasons why rubbish is a problem but next time you could make the writing bigger but other than that it was good.

  5. Bula (Hello in Fijian), I understand this problem in the world although this is a cool drawing explaining about it. I love the way you added in the characters saying about what they ate, and threw away. I remember awhile ago that I participated in a community clean up on the beach. Perhaps you could persuade your teacher to let your class pick a bit of rubbish in the local area.