Wednesday, 2 September 2015

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Chocolate may be addicting, but think of what you would do next!

I have recently read a really interesting article from the Kiwikidsnews site by D Mulhern   

Image result for chocolateThe headline caught my eye as I skimmed and scanned across the page.

Headline: Addiction To Chocolate Lands Man In Jail
Chocolate Junkie, Luis Augusto Mora, was caught red handed thieving two boxes of chocolates from a supermarket in Colombia.

Reason 1: I was surprised that Luis Augusto Mara, who had an addiction to chocolates could face big consequences.

Reason 2: I never knew something sweet and simple could land you in jail if you had so much of it, but in his case, it’s more on the stealing due to his addiction.

Concluding statement: Woah! A man must’ve eaten a whole truck load of chocolates to be having that much of an addiction! I also agree with the Colombian President, that putting him in prison for 5 months just for stealing chocolate isn’t so much of a problem. The police should just worry about the bigger crimes committed by other civilians.

White hat :
Who was involved? - Luis Augusto Mara
Where did this event happen? - Colombia
When did this happen? - June 18 2014
What happened? - A man was arrested for theft
Why did this happen? - Because he was stealing 2 boxes of chocolate to feed his addiction.

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