Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Going For First Prize


  1. What a great movie and I love the initiative of each class making their own garden. We are doing this too at Glenbrae School this term.

    What a great movie and I like that you show your own skills and team work. I hope you tried hard of making this film for other schools to watch.

  3. Hi, I am Josh from Panmure Bridge School. I really enjoyed watching your movie. I also learnt something new from this movie. I learnt that you can put eggshells to prevent snails from coming to a plant. What a fantastic movie.

  4. Hi my name is Champion like your video cause you show how to plant the funny part was that some of the kids was thinking of Mcdonalds.

  5. Hi my Name is Kane. I Really enjoyed your film it's awesome. Keep up the good work and encourage others. Did you enjoy creating your film?

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  7. Hello Room 8 It's Brielle In Room 6 I like how you did gardening and fixing your garden I like your film Keep it up

  8. Hi Rm 8 I am Aleenah from St. Patrick's school. I loved watching your movie. It was so funny, I also learnt that if I put a line between the plants they will grow straight. Keep it up. Please watch our movie.

  9. Hi I am Angelina and I like your video and it is really funny and I hope you guys had fun making your video it is nice to watch and fun too.

  10. Hey,my name is Paul from room 6 at St Patrick's school this movie was very funny when Te Raiona was thinking of junk food I really like it.Keep it up!!

  11. KIA Ora room 8! I like how you guys aimed to win the garden competition because it helped you get motivated to work as a team. You are showing a good example to guys are our hero all the time.And Mrs. Dines is the best teacher ever.Loved Ana stacia.

  12. Kia Ora Room 8! I am Simon from PES. I'm a year 5! I really love this movie, I even saw my old friend in this movie! I really like how creative you're movie was. It was like bout winning a Gold medal by gardening! I bet you're topic is about eating healthy right? If you wanna check the movies I was in I will give you it in the end. By the way, I don't really under stand this movie. Is the boy thinking that junk food will grow out of soil? Please answer that question.

    These are the movies I was in!
    Juman-GI (Extension)
    Tired eyes (Class)
    Life (Class)

    Blog ya' Later :-) Click on my name to check out my blog!

  13. Fakaalofa Lahi Atu Room 8,
    My name is Lini and I’m a Year 8 attending St Pius X School.
    I was really interested in the part when Te Raiona was thinking of the junk food. I also like how well your gardening went!

    Blessed Weekend,

  14. Kia ora Room 8!

    We are from Room 11 at Point England School.

    We thoroughly enjoyed your movie because you used great camera shots and the actors were very confident.
    Something we learnt from your film was to plant vegetables so that we can keep healthy. Bringing a healthy lunch to school is what Point England encourages. It is also a way that we can save money because fruit and vegetables are getting very expensive!

    Looking forward to the next film!

    Ka kite ano.

  15. Kia ora Room 8,
    I can tell this is going to be a super tough competition! All of your gardens looked amazing and I can tell you have all learnt so much through the process. Thanks for creating your movie to teach us all about planting a garden and how you can maintain it. I also learnt that egg shells keep snails away. I like how you have used the thought bubbles in your movie - very clever. It's been over a week since you posted this video so I am wondering if the winner has been announced?? What was the prize? Healthy or Pizza?
    Ngā mihi