Sunday, 20 November 2016


WALHT use the structure of a recount to share an experience

Guy Fawkes - Money up in smoke!

It was round about 6:30 most of the people on my street were doing fireworks except for my family. Why? Because my parents thought it was burning money, really burning money I thought to myself. As soon as the sky turned dark the fireworks began to shoot out into the air.

My sister and I stared out of the curtains with confused faces wondering why our family wasn’t out there celebrating like our neighbours. As we sat in our lounge while other families were outside lighting fireworks and tried to watched the t.v. our viewing was constantly interrupted by the sound of  fireworks,  every time the commercial break was on. My sister moaned out the window as we watched yearning for the  fireworks to stop, so that she could watch the t.v.

Every minute was taken by the loud noises of fireworks shooting into the air. My sister started talking about how when she went  back to school everyone would be talking about about how they were out playing with fireworks. Every now and then we would hear silence.
“It stopped”my sister said. We both looked at each other for a second.Then out of nowhere a huge firework burst out into the air from the neighbours behind us.
“Ahhh”. My sister shouted out in shock, both my older sister and I laughed for a good minute at her.

Hours went by and Mana and I decided it was time to go to bed. And so we did. It was exactly 2:30 in the morning everyone was sound asleep... And out the blue “BOOM” we heard a loud noise that woke the entire household. I heard my dad’s voice,  “Who the heck was doing fireworks this early?”

This final thought floated in my mind and then I was asleep.


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