Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Virtuous by Nature

Rosa Parks 🙏

Rosa Parks 🙏
Rosa Parks was an activist in the Civil Rights movements. She was known for refusing to give up her seat to a white man. This took place on the Montgomery city bus in Alabama in 1955. She also helped commence the civil rights movement in the United States and she became part of the large African-American Community. During this time the black and white people were separated and the blacks were treated very differently and were only told to do specific things, for example they could only attend certain schools, could only drink from certain water fountains and they could only borrow books from the "black" library, among their restrictions. It was a Thursday when Parks was coming home from a long day of work, on the Montgomery bus. The law was that the front seats on the bus were always reserved for the white people and the seats behind were for the black citizens. A white man had no seat to take in the bus at because the white section because was all taken. The driver told the four riders in the front row of the "coloured" section to move for the white man to sit there. Three of the passengers obeyed, but Rosa didn't. Eventually two police officers approached her and placed her in custody.  In her biography she recalled that people said she was tired. Her reply was that she wasn't tired physically but she the only tired she was, was tired of giving in to others. She is a virtuous leader because she was thoughtful, courageous and most importantly she stood up for her rights and the rights of others.

WALT: Identify the qualities of a virtuous person that they've done in their life.


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    Wow I really Like This Post It really Sends A Story And That It Is ok Doing Anything As Long As It Is Right