Friday, 14 August 2015

Don't Get Caught!

Advertising Critique

Cadbury Caramel Eggs:

LI: Write an advertising critique about an advertisement using ethos,pathos and logos.

The writer very cleverly gains the audience’s attention by using the phrase ‘Don’t get caught’ and repeats it throughout the whole ad. This phrase miraculously grabs our attention.

The advertisement had the big name Cadbury which is New Zealand's famous worlds renounced chocolate company.

The director also used the phrase ‘little angel’ to make the audience think that she is sweet and innocent.  

When the writer says in the clip that it is ‘irresistibly tasty’ it persuades you to go out and buy it because once you go in it’s going to be too late.  

The phrase ‘Can’t resist them’ was mentioned in written form. The smooth double coated chocolate with creamy caramel was said as irresistibly tasty and good.  

The writer added that everybody should go and buy a caramel egg because once you go to get one it’s suddenly gone!

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