Monday, 17 August 2015

Red Lights - Persuasive text

Red Lights!!

WALT use ethos, pathos and logos in a persuasive writing.

I truly believe that people that it is  so inconsiderate  when  they run a red light.  They  should think twice about what their doing. Running a red light is very dangerous.
Firstly, when you think it won't get worse it mostly will. You might hit or bump into a car then bump into another and another. You might swerve and crash into a building with an abundance of people in it. The driver might hit or crash into an important structure.
Secondly, if something bad does happen (most likely) the driver isn't the only person involved. Their is a 75% chance that you will hit a car. You could swerve and hit someone or something. The car you hit might have more than one passenger e.g their kid, friend and parent.
Third of all you can get really injured or you could injure someone else. Their is a very high chance you will crash. A very high percent of deaths are caused by car crashes. People do die because of car crashes.

Running a red light is very dangerous. Many, many things can go wrong.

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