Monday, 31 August 2015

Don't Get Caught! Yummmmm

LI: Write an advertising critique using ethos, pathos and logos

The ad writer uses the phrase “Don’t get caught”
to really grab the attention and repeatedly used
their phrase throughout the ad.

The writer mentioned the phrase about the
little girl “this little angel has a secret love”.
And used the phrase “this little devious boy” for the boy in the ad.

Because the creme eggs look delicious on
the ad it makes people watching want to buy it.

In the advertisement at the end it says
“can’t resist ‘em, double chocolate coated creme
egg or in other words their irresistible.  Using adjectives like this
makes your mouth water, because it was double coated eggs
with creme on the inside with

caramel in the middle.

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